Photographic Memories of  Phi Kappa Tau

and Lafayette College


December 2005 - Just the other evening I got a phone call from Art Goldsmith who was looking for ammunition for his regular class of '71 alumni column.  God bless you Art, you've been dedicated to keeping that column going for all these years!  To be honest the call was a surprise, having not kept in touch with many from those days and we had a nice chat.  It prompted me to go through some of the collection of items that have piled up through the years, a few "bits and bobs" as our British friends like to say and I came across a few photos that others might enjoy seeing.  Hope you enjoy these memories as I have.
Cheers, Bob Coraor

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Swoyer and Cook Icefishing    Art Goldsmith   Dick Bondy   Jerry Wein   Jim Tishler   Rob Natelson   Sid Pomper    
Bruce Swoyer Art Goldsmith       Dick Bondy    Jerry Wein       Jim Tischler     Rob Natelson  Sid Pomper
Larry Cook

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Tim Church   PKT House  Ray Beauvais   Roger Weinreb   Tishler-Beauvais-Hard-Christy   Sharp and Coraor   Pledges
Tim Church    House                  Ray          Roger      Tischler, Beauvais, Hard,    Steve Sharp     Pledges
                                                  Beauvais   Weinreb         and Christy                Bob Coraor
1971 Strike   Strike2   Strike3  
and then there was the Strike!                                                                                         
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