Joseph Barton's California Gold Rush Journey
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Many thanks to my Aunt Margaret Wells Becker who saved the transcribed letters and shared them with me. This site is for the enjoyment of all the many "cousins" in the family and all those interested in the California Gold Rush.

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This page last edited on 11/29/2009

Joseph Barton and his cousin Lewis Martin left for the California gold fields in August 1852. The trip is documented in a series of six letters that Joseph sent home and which his son Everett Barton saved and transcribed.

**August 30, 1852 Philadelphia, Pa. Saw ships at wharf
**August 31, 1852 Philadelphia, Pa.Walnut St. Theater on Tuesday evening.
**September 1, 1852 Philadelphis, Pa. Left for New York at 8 am.
September 5, 1852 New York Letter to Mother (Catherine Umberger Barton). Info preceeded with ** is information from this letter.
**September 6, 1852 New York Board the ship Great Ohio at 2 o'clock.
*September 20, 1852 Left Panama
*September 27, 1852 Arrived Acapulco *October 6, 1852 Arrived in San Francisco
October 7, 1852 San Fransisco Letter home. Info preceeded by * indicates info in this letter.
February 6, 1853 Columbia, California
March 6, 1853 Gold Springs, California
June 12, 1853 Gold Springs, California February 10, 1854 Empire Ranch

1856 - Joseph remained in the Tuolumne Co. area as late as 1856 as evidenced by his name appearing in the General Directory of the Citizens of Tuolumne.  Entry is as follows "Barton, J., Miner, Pennsylvania".

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