Letter 3/6/1853
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Letter No. 4
Gold Springs March 6th, 1853
Dear Mother, It is with affection that I feel myself gratified to let you know that I am well at present hoping that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessings. I have not yet rec'd another letter from home but I expect one this next mail. I have nothing particular to write this time only that Cousin Lewis Martin has started for Australia two weeks ago. I believe he leaves San Fransisco tomorrow. He is going to write me a letter, but I have not yet received it. I understand that W. M. Murich is sick with a disease called Erysepelas. I have not heard from him for some time. I am now left alone about 15 miles from any acquaintances but I feel very well contented for I am doing pretty well, I could have taken $250.00 for my claim, but I refused it. Cousin Lewis did pretty well, better than I think he will in Australia, with the selling his claim & all he made about $625. At one time he took about $150.00 out in a week clear of all expenses. He thought at one time that his claim was not worth much and wanted to bug a share in mine, but in a few days he struck it rich. If I have luck I can work a year on my claim and make $100.00 and probably more per month, where there is one doing better than I am, there is 5 not more than making expenses. Last night I was at a Serenade in Columbia. The man that I worked for when I came to Calif. was married to an old Maid about 30 years of age. We had a great time of it. We got wine and some of the most delicious wedding cake that I ever ate. In my next letter I am going to send Caroline a beautiful breast pin worth about $7.50. It is what we call a specimen pin, it is just as it was taken out of the ground, You must excuse my bad writing for I tell you, I done it in a hurry.

Joseph Barton