Letter 8/15/1897 Seattle Washington
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Seattle Washington

Mrs Geo Barton
Mineola Mo

Dear Georgie:
Don't be angry with me for failing to write you every day as I promised. was too busy buying outfit. We arrived at Seattle Friday after a long tiresome & dirty but enjoyable trip. Have been out looking at the boats. There is two large ones in port. The Monteray it is a battle ship used for coast defence then one from Japan dont remember the name and many little sail boats. Seattle is a nice town the streets are kept nice & clean. Dont know when we will get off frome here. there is two boats leaving from here in a few days the Al Ki & Seattle. Dont know yet which we will go on we have a good outfit to stand the cold with consisting of (to each) 1 Fur robe (cost 35.00) 1 cap, 2 pr gloves, 2 pr moccasins, 2 suits heavy underwear 2 overshirts 1 leather & corduroy coat 1 heavy pair pants 2 pr overalls 1 pr blankets 1 pr wading gum boots 2 pr heavy german socks 1 pr heavy mining shoes & many other small articles but the above are the principle ones the fur robes are made of china dog hides & are very pretty. Have not seen any very pretty girls here. well I have not been looking for any of them probibly is the reason. I do wish I could heare from you and little Jo but will have to wait I guess. I will write when I get to Deya (the end of our boat journey). We are all feeling good. I am feeling fine after taking a rest, but continually keep think of my little girl & boy. Have inquired for John Bibb but no one as yet knows him. There is a great many going to the gold regions yet dont know if we are going through or not but will write you if we winter on the coast. This is all I can think of at presint
Hoping my dear little girl & boy are well
From Everett