Letter 11/8/1897 Stewart River
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Stewart River 11/8th 97
Dr. W. A. Crockett Montgomery City. Mo.
Dear Friend:-

As you see we have reached our destination. arrived Nov 5th 97. As I wrote you before we left Linderman at 2 P.M. Oct 19- crossed in 1.30 hours portaged & camped on Bennet. Oct 20- Camp in 2 or 3 miles of foot of Bennet wind against us a hard days row sore & tired. Oct 21-97 Camp on first windy arm off Tagish Lake the wind and white caps run us in we experience our first high waves from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet high but not choppy like the small Lake Oct 22-97 Make the Custom house after being run in by a gale on second arm of Tagish Oct 23- After having to pay 97.00 duty to the dam robbers we continue our journey facing a strong wind camp 14 miles down on Marsh Lake. Oct 24- Camp 7 miles from the Canon. Oct 25- Camp at foot of Canon. we shot the Canon with all our provisions Lee & I got partly baptized one spray struck me on my shoulder and all over my lap. Lee got it all over the back with the exception of a half barrell of water getting in boat we went through OK. Oct 26- Row to White horse rapids take a look at same, portage about 1200# and take balance through OK only a few gallons of water come overboard. The White Horse rapids are far worse then the Canon the ripple rolls from 7- top 10 feet high but by litening our boat it went through them better then the Canon. Camp about 7 miles down river
Oct 27- Camp 12 miles down Lake Lebarge
Oct 28- Camp 10 miles from foot of Lake bad rowing all day Oct 29- Camp 50 miles down the river (we travel fast now but keeps us busy looking for rocks & bars which would jam us to pieces. We see several boats recked on the way. Oct 30- Make a good run pass 9 boats & camp early for a rest & boats to catch up Oct 31- Pass trading post we make three good trades for moose meat with Indians for one leg we gave 10# flour for another 4 cups coffee, 4 cups sugar & 5 cups raisins for another piece in all a little over 100# of meat- it is tenderer then beef we like it very much. Camp in a few miles of Five finger rapids. Nov 1- Shoot Five finger & Rink rapids they did not amount to much that is nothing what we are already use to. Camp 20 miles from Pelley river Nov 2- Camp on Youcon river, spend my 29 birthday piloting down river. Nov 3- Camp about 40 miles above Stewart. Conciderable ice in river. Nov 4- Camp a few miles above Stewart. Ice getting bad. weather about zero. dam cold to be sleeping on snow & floating along in ice it is too thick to row fast. Nov 5- After a hard time landing we reach Stewart & go in camp. Nov 6- Taken one days rest Nov 7- unWent up to look at Henderson creek [ed. Jack London's cabin was located on Henderson Creek about this timeframe] Now I will give you a discription of the Youcon. Klondyke & etc. as we see & hear every day. The people are crazy here the Henderson creek is staked for 25 miles up & is about 30 long. There is about 24 Good claims in the whole Klondyke cotry. The news papers have magnified this country & robbed many a poor man out of his money. There is dozzens selling out their outfits and going back thourly disgusted with the country. Those big strikes usually represent several mens mines & hundreds of other tricks they are playing to get men here for the benefit of the Transportation companies & big mine owners to get work down all kinds of sharpers are in Dawson after your grub stake. (We are only 62 miles from Dawson by land) How ever dont think that we are the least discouraged we are going to build our cabin & look further. Will go up Stewart & down to Dawson to try & get any information that may come our way. We may be the lucky ones but there are hundreds of claims that are not worth mining. You send this letter to Georgie & address us at Dawson. North West Teritory There is no office nearer. I have not heard a word from my folks, only one letter from you. Tom See is back near Deya, about 14 miles from where the Steamer landed us hope he is prospecting with good results. Now Dr. the above is as we find the country at present we have been here only a short time & can only write you as above. I am inclined to think that it is true but things may develop different. I can only hope they will. I would like very much to see the Little woman & boy but is impossible. Hope the company will not be down in the mouth if we should not be successfull for God knows we have we have worked harder then the devil & have paid nearly as much to get in here as the company as you will see by the statement I sent you. Here I am not making any thing for my family which pains me more than any thing.
We have a chance to send this by a man going out from Dawson. Hope you will get same also the one I wrote you at Lake Linderman Hope to write more favorably next time
Yours very truly
Everett Barton

[On back of last page of this letter to Dr. Crockett----]
Georgie- you send word to Lee's & Franks folks that we are here safe & in best of health & give them a description of our trip. Write me lots of news give your & Joe's weight I would like to have your & Joe's picture I look at the little one everyday but as it dont look much like you it does not give me much satisfaction if you have one of you taken dont try & smile as it make your mouth look unnatural as you will see in your pictures at home Dont forget my life insurance I will try & send you some money by that time but if should not get there in time borry it from someone till I can send it
I hope to see you next summer but if we get to making any thing probibly will stay longer. will write you & Dr every month EB