Letter 11/22/1897 Stewart River
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November 22, 1897
Dr. WA Crockett
Montomery City Mo.

As I did not get this letter off by the person I expected. We have just moved into our Cabin. Will commence to build sleighs & then start out. It is pretty cold to go prospecting the snow is several feet deep & hard traveling cannot go very far in a day yet. There is conciderable prospecting on Henderson Creek but not much good as yet probibly will prove better better later on the weather is running from 30 to 42 below zero and getting colder. We will stake off some claims on Henderson in a few days & if they are no good will try & get something out of the bars in the Stewart river. You can find gold most any where here but either impossible to mine or not in paying quantities. When you write me send a recommendation for me. if we cannot make any thing mining I probibily can get work with the Transportation co. I am still hoping that we will make something at mining we will do our best any way. We all are getting fleshy. I will weigh about 160# my waist is 35 in formely 33. There are plenty of moose up the river but the snow makes it to hard working to hunt much & is to cold to go far from camp. (that is to stay all night the days are about 6 hours long & getting shorter all the time. We have just heard that Spain has sunk three of our ships & has declared war against us. write us some news as we hear nothing here. How is Mr. Purcell getting along & what does he think of our getting through. Tom said it would be impossible to get here. if you write him you can tell him that we made it OK.
I have a chance to send this to Dawson to mail guess it will go this time
Your etc.