Letter 12/7/1897 Stewart River
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Stewart River
Dawson Dec 7 -97
Dear Geo:-- I failed to send this letter out by man mentioned but today have one more chance. We are making sleds to go to Dawson two of us will go down. do hope I will find a letter from you. have not heard from you yet. You cannot immagine how anxious I am to hear from you. We have four claims staked out but have not worked any of them yet. has been too cold. the weather run to 60 below zero & the thermometor burst suppose about 65 was the coldest. we have a good cabin & dont suffer at all. the weather has moderated to zero now. I dont know of much to write as have written several times & received nothing. Would give any thing to be at home a week. I am much heavier then I was, must be fully 160#. am in the best of health. Write me lots of news of every kind. you can send this on tell Dr. C-- that you heard from me. We take a turn in working. I am cook now (for two weeks) well it is funny but I have had no desire to make a mash on any of the Indian squaws. Hope you will only be as good as I have been (be a good girl) Good buy
From Your Everett