Letter (ca.February) 1898 Stewart River
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Stewart River N.W.T. Can

My dear little girl, only a few days ago I run down to Dawson to take Lee's & Franks boots & shoes to them, when behold, I found a letter from my girl, also one from Dr Crockett. Yours dated Jany 5th his the 15th. the first I received from you. Well I walked down to the hotel one half mile and yet could not make out who your letter was from. your writing was not a bit natural. however when I got to the hotel squared myself in a big chair I was most agreeably surprised. I hope to get a part of your other letters soon as the river breaks up. now dont fail to write me every week it costs me nothing to get your letters but we have to pay 1.00 a piece to send letters out by extra carriers and then half of them never get out. after they get your dollar, there has been hundreds of letters throwen away. Was very sorry to hear of your illness, it looks like our life is to be one of sadness and darkness. however all the hardships that I have gone through would only be a pleasure if I can only come home with a stake, if ever so small. Lee & I have claims 37 & 36 on Tenmile & 24 & 23 on Rosebud creek. I have been to Dawson twice this winter the last time I taken the boys boots & shoes to them, was 2 1/2 days going down & 3 days coming back just think 80 miles or 160 there and back twice 160 = 320 then much other traveling prospecting etc but Dear you would not know me really you will think I am telling you a story when tell you my weight? on my first trip down Lee & I weighed. I 166 1/2# he 184#. the last time down I weighed 167 3/4 my face is full and I feel strong & healthy. packing over the trail & pass made a mule out of me. Lee & I came up from D-- when it was 60 below zero I froze my cheeks & nose but they are OK now in fact if I was not so dark from tanning believe I would be very good looking. however none of the D- girls have made me feel bad for they can nearly always tell when a fellow has a long gold sack. I am a little afraid of the warm weather of the fever and----well you know it has a bad affect on me. I am anxiously waiting for the river to break up so can take the boat to D--