Letter 7/17/1898 Dawson City, Canada
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Dawson City N.W.T. July 17--98
Dear little wife:--

No doubt you will be surprised to get an other letter from me so soon but Mr James is going out. (of Clinton Mo) and Lee and I are going to write what we can think of. I have written so often here of Late that news are terrible scarce. Well Lee got in from Dominion his claim was jumped in the night but the parties will not get it as he had filed on same and the commissioner will hold it for him. we will probibly go to Eldorado and prospect the claim there it is about 15 miles to same we will have to pack and grub on our back but it will not take us long to find out if it is any good. Purcell and his crowd will start back soon. some of them may stay. but nearly all are going back well it makes me want to go to. but poor me come to make something if possible. there is a possible chance for us I think. but I might surprise you this fall yet. Lee got a letter from home dated June the 1st telling of you being at Americus etc I have inquired the last two mails in but no mail from my little girl. suppose she has forgotten me. the last letter from you, was dated May 11th and one from Dr May 5th. I have received 20 letters to date and every one was a piece of good news. that is I was glad to get them but sorry that my little girl is so blue. but suppose she has gotten over that now as you sent me a nice muffler for winter and has stopped writing? The sun is shining down terrible hot to day. the warmist day yet. Hundreds of people are leaving and I am glad of it as there was enough people in here last winter for this country. Frank is at Fortymile creek have not heard from him since he has gone. but expect to in a few days. Mrs Gregory wrote that Jo was growing fast. she never said that you were growing--but be carefull that your stomache dont start to grow as that makes you look like I had been at home and I know you cant grow from imagination. Purcell is going out down the river. Mr John James is going up. if I can git some nugets will send you some but nugets are a little scarce now. or hard to get as so many are wanting to send nugets home or take them out. but I can get some before I come home any way. then I will be sure they are delivered. Dawson is pretty dead some of the saloons and gambling houses had to stop. Well dear I dont know of any thing else to write so will close. Dr Crockett said he would pay my life insurance you had better let him know when it is due. I think the 27th Inst is the time.
With Love to my girl and boy
From your boy