Letter 7/17/1898 Dawson City, Canada
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Dawson N.W.T. CAnada July 17--98
Dr W A Crockett, Montgomery City Mo.
Dear friend:-- Mr John James of Clinton Mo. is going to start out to day so though write you a few lines. Lee is in hi fand fare prospects on his Dominion claim 25 to the pan and thinks probibly there is still better. I sent you a paper telling of the stampeed to that creek they staked all of the reserved claims Lees included but he will hold his all right as he had a permit and had filed on same his knee gone out on him coming over like mine did last winter coming to Dawson but is get all right again Frank is at Fortymile creek. have not heard from him since he went down but hope to soon Lee and I will probibly go over to the Eldorado bench in a few days and prospect same it is 15 miles we will have to pack our grub on back as the sun is trying its self now and the snow has long disappearid. Purcell arrived here with 19 out of 118 that started. he and nearly all are going to start back in a few days probibly all--Nelson may stay and maybe one or two others. I met Dr Holley of Calaway County yesterday and dont think he is going to stay as he came more for a rest than any thing else, so he said, well it is a good trip in here but a dam poor place to rest. There are hundreds of people going out but far too many here yet. wages are down to 6.00 and 7.00 per day less than half and 100 men to every job--well the last letters I had from you and Georgia were of May the 5th and 11th. Lee had one from home June the 1st telling of Geo-- being at Americus I wish she would not bother those Americus people very much as I have dam little use for them. but suppose she wants to get out some where for a change. well it makes me want to come home to see so many poeple leaving especially Mo boys but am going to stay awhile longer any way unless I see it useless, this country will be far better in a couple of years from now then at present as many claims by that time held now by the Govt will be opened for prospecting so I think I will close for this time regards to all from Everett