Letter (ca. spring 1899) Dawson City, Canada
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[Incomplete letter...single page, written in ink rather than pencil. The sheet is written upon both sides, first side numbered (5), reverse side (6). Page (5) begins in mid-sentence...]

crowd has returned. Nelson, McCain, Kimble and several others of the crew. those that stayed have taken a lay on Sulphur creek. We will probibly not get that lay on Himken as the old man has sold it. So you have not gotten any letter from me since December. well I have written you at least a dozzen since the river has opened. I just got some ink and pens, as you see. I have been writing out some bills of sales so was forced to buy same, probibly you will get some of my letters now as I had formily written with a pencil, writing with a pen comes unhandy for me as have not written much with a pen since leaving home. There are lots of people going out on the boats the fare is down to 150.00 first class 100.00 second class and probibly will go lower in a few days as there are a good many boats on the river running up and down. about 20 large boats have come up river there is plenty of provisions here now. but there is a lot of people here yet but many are going out over the ice on account of not having money enough. it might be our case if I have to walk 600 miles out over the ice dont know if I will be able to attend to family duty immediately after reaching home. So you think of becoming a music teacher well all I will say do as you think best but be carefull if you leave home and dont forget to care for my boy. we have some very fine musicians here several of Gillmore's band men. and one of Patti's former leaders so you see we have some of the best. but the best of music does not cheer me any more every thing is different in my life in fact I fell like a terrible old man. but really am stronger then I ever was my cheeks are not sunk in as they use to be and am much heavier but there is no enjoyment that I care to take part in. Hoping that there will be joy in a little camp in Mo. some time in the future. Frank says he is going to write to you and tell some stories on me. suppose I cant do the same on him? Have received twenty two letters up to date so you see not all of your letters are lost you should get or have a dozzen from me by this time written since the river has opened.
Hoping to hear from you and my boy every week. (I only write when there is a chance to send one out) From your ever devoted husband
Everett Barton