Letter (ca. fall 1898)
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[Incomplete letter..begins in mid-sentence...Written in ink rather than pencil...]

if Frank will let me look at it.
When you write tell me something that Jo does you hardly ever say any thing about him just any thing so I can try and form some idea how he acts and looks. What is Lester Reiff and Charley doing? So uncle John talks of coming back to Mo? well he had better not come till I get home. What is Bart doing. guess Forest is off for school by this time. tell Susie I would get me a squaw but they cannot cook any thing but fish and Moose but if she wants a little buck indian I will try and bring her one. would you like for me to bring you a big buck if so I will bring a whole family with a nice young Kluche (an indian girl) that is if can get the grease off of them. So Ed Bush is still living? would have thought that Blanche would have consumed him by this time, he holds his own better than I thought however, well how are you standing the racket or probibly you once in a while lay down to it? Well it doesent bother me one bit in this country. Have just returned from an evening with some Missouri boys from Pleasant hill one is a great bird hunter and knows several St Louis people that I do. well we just had a great time telling of our hunts. he is going to give me a fine puppy when he goes home and wants me to take part in their ten day hunt. well dear if I will only be able to do so. I know it would be great to take a hunt of that kind and with such a fellow after being in this country so long. dont you think so?? They take a hunt at Sedalia some times and some times at Pleasant Hill. A Mr Krenning of Krenning Glass and Queenswon Co hunts with him. (John Irving) probibly Dr. Crockett will know Krenning. I think Albert is his name. my pen is so sharp on point I can hardly write. I missed Curtis and James on sending these letters out so cant say when they will get out. only hope when I write again will have several letters to answer. Oh! yes i got two letters out of the office for Lee today July 23rd and Aug 6th were the postmarks on same but none for me since June 28th. Frank also received one from his father. dont remember the date (is was Aug 1st) Lee is up the creek and we are in Dawson trying to get a couple of claims recorded only hope there will be something in them when we get them.
With love to all, especially to my Girl and Boy. Your devoted boy Everett