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1 John DEUNCH/DENSCH was born about 1 January 1800 in Hesse Dars, (1870 census), Hesse Cassel, (1860 census).  He married Genovefa Steppe 5 March 1846 in Cumberland, Maryland, in the presence of John Hershberger and Mich Keach. Priest B. Leonard Obermeyer. According to Genovefa's homestead record, they were married 1839, which was a date error. Johnís name on the record was John Danch. The marriage was found in "Western Maryland Catholics" 1819-1851 compiled by Richard Koch & Phyllis Davidson. It is records from St. Ignasius (now St Patricks in Mt. Savage) and also records from St. Mary's (now St. Patricks in Cumberland) His naturalization record was not found in Cumberland nor in Minnesota. John died 29 December 1879 in Pierz, Minnesota, and was buried in Pierz, Minnesota.

11 F 
Genovefa Steppe
  was born 3 March 1815 in Busenbach, Baden Germany, daughter of George STEPPE and Agatha KOHLER.  Genovefa was naturalized in Pierz, Minnesota 18 October 1882, witnessed by Henry GASSERT, her son-in-law. This was unusual for a woman of this time and place to do. In 1894 Genofeva homesteaded 160 acres, as registered at St. Cloud, Minnesota. This was finalized and signed 30 December 1884. Genofeva died 9 February 1894 in Pierz, Minnesota, at the age of 84, and was buried in Pierz, Minnesota, St. Joseph Cemetery.

The family was catholic.

Additional information about John:

He was a farmer in the U.S. He had two farms north of Pierz. There was no grave stone in 1995 in the Pierz Old Cemetery. The grave had been moved. In the book HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN HOKAH it states: There were also some Catholic settlers on the south side of the Root River towards Brownsville, namely Valentin Bierden, John DENSCH, Anton Bichel, John (Anton?) Arenz, George Hartman and William James. They had intended on building a log church on Hokah Ridge about the same time that St. Joseph's Church was built. on the Joseph Pfeffer farm. They had the logs cut but never got to log them as some began attending St. Joseph's Church and others joined the Brownsville church. John DENSCH was identified as among some of the pioneers belonging to St. Joseph's Church and were charter members of the Convent Church Parish.

It is supposed that the 1st settler on the "Ridge" was John Densch, who arrived in the spring of 1854 - His log cabin had a sail for a roof. which be brought from the east - He, along with others, was found on the south side of Root River toward Brownsville in the early 1850's. 

Source: This was found in the History of the Catholic Church of Hokah and also from the Houston County History.

He married Genovefa (Eva) STEPPE


This is St. Joseph's Catholic Church in 1889, 10 years after John's death.












Pictures are at  German Ridge and downtown Hokah, Minnesota in July, 2002.

The following indicates the name spellings and birth locations as they changed on various records.

Other spellings may be Doench, according to Hessen located searchers

Sources: Minnesota census, Pierz, Minnesota death records, Pierz, Minnesota tax records, Homesteading Record.

+111 F     Mary Elizabeth DENCH was born 10 December 1845/1848, died 19 November 1922 

112 M      Joseph DENCH was  born about 1848 perhaps in Virginia

+113 M    George DENCH was born May 1852 

+114   William A. DENCH, born 14 December 1846 died 23 August 1929 

His birth was found in "Western Maryland Catholics" 1819-1851 compiled by Richard Koch & Phyllis Davidson. These are  records from St. Ignasius  (now St Patricks in Mt. Savage) and also records from St. Marys (now St. Patricks in Cumberland.) William's name on his birth record was William DRISH or DEISH. He had one godparent, Charles STEPPE, whom I believe to be Genovefaís brother Karl, with whom she came to the US from Baden, Germany in 1844.

+115 F      Louise DENCH/DUSCHEN was born 24 November 1857/1858. She  died 23 February 1926. 

+116 F          Margaret DENCH was born 1854/1855 

117 M         Edmond DENCH  died before 1870 in Minnesota. He was on the 1865 Hokah, Minnesota census

118 F           Catherine DENCH. She was on the 1865 Hokah, Minnesota census only.

Generation 2
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Generation 4

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Generation 6

Steppe Family


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