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11362 M John  DENCH  (William2, John1)  was born 18 September 1874 in Pierce, Minnesota. He was the son   of  William A. DENCH and Theresa WAGNER.     John died 2 November 1948 in Redondo Beach, California,  Pacific Crest, at the age of 74.
Additional information about John:
He lived 40 years at 1227 Stanford Lanem Redondo and  died of a stroke and hard work and walking pneumonia. He worked for Redondo School District for 18 years, mostly at Grant School. He came to California when he was 17 ? about 1891.
He married (1) Marguerita Cecelia SCHUMACHER before 1909. 
John married (2) Margaret [?] before 1909.


JOHN DENCH and  MARGUERITA SCHUMACHER did not get divorced. JOHN DENCH, When he was mining, married and divorced from what my grandmother told me.

No children have yet been identified.

113621   F  Marguerita Cecelia SCHUMACHER. 
Marguerita was born 4 June 1890 in Pataluma, California. She was the daughter of Peter J SCHUMACHER and Martha DAHLMANN. Marguerita died 7 March 1975 in Hemet, California, at the age of 84, and was buried 14 March 1975 in Pacific Crest, Redondo Beach, California.

Additional information about Marguerita:

She had 4 grandchildren and 8 grandchildren in 1975. She spent from 1907?-1971 at South Bay (64 years). Lived at 743 La Regal Drive, Hemet, California 92545-1112 (909-?925-0968). She worked 17 years for Mettox Corp. She was the third of five generations born in California. Five generations were living at one time in California.

113622 Margaret 
Known children of John DENCH and Marguerita Cecelia SCHUMACHER are:
113623  Frederick Albert DENCH  (John3,  William2, John1)  born 23 January 1909, died 27 August 1926, at the age of 17, and was buried 30 August 1926 in Inglewood, Cemetery, California. 
Died of Sleeping Sickness, Lock Jaw, Paralysis, Encephalitus.
113624 Eugene LaMar DENCH  (John3 , William2, John1)  born 15 March 1913, died 25 July 1968 .
+113625 Marguerite Helen DENCH, born 19 June 1915 .

Known children of George DENSCH/DENCH and Theresa  are:

1132  M   Henry DENSCH/DENCH(George2, John1)  born March 1882 in Minnesota.
1133  F Catherine DENSCH/DENCH, (George2, John1)  born November 1886 in North Dakota.
1134  F Ida DENCH, (George2, John1)      born May 1892 in Minnesota
1135 M Joseph DENSCH/DENCH  (George2, John1)       born December 1879 in Minnesota
1143 M George Joseph DENCH   (William2, John1)   was born 24 December 1875/1876 in Pierre, South Dakota.   He was the son of  William  A. DENCH and Theresa WAGNER. George died 6 January 1953 in Redondo   Beach,  California, Pacific Crest, at the  age of  77.

Additional information about George:

He was raised in Minnesota, He spoke German. In 1897 he lived at 814 N St Louis, Los Angeles with William; in 1904 he lived at 542 Colton; in 1907 he lived at 651 Ruth Ave. He also lived at 1923 Belmont Lane, Redondo Beach. He built that house by himself. In 1922 they lived at Redondo Villa Tract. He died of walking pneumonia at the home of his daughter Bernice E. Beard at 2248 Lime Ave in Long Beach, California. He was a farmer, a merchant and a building contractor. He built many homes in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Palos Verdes, Pasadena, Oakland, Russian River and Laguna Beach, in the San Francisco area of California. He was very talented.

He married Katherine DEVLIN
11431  F Katherine was born 10 April 1883 in San Francisco, California. She was the daughter of John DEVLIN and Ellen MARTIN. Katherine died 6 March 1935 in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 51, and was buried 9 March 1935 in Pacific Crest, Redondo Beach, California.
Child of George Joseph DENCH and Katherine DEVLIN is:
+11432  F  Bernice Eleanor DENCH, (George Joseph3,  William2, John1)     born 22 May 1913 .
1144 M William Henry "Bill" DENCH, Jr,  (William2, John1)  born 5 May 1877/1878, died 26 May 1942.
+1145 F  Mary DENCH    (William2, John1)    born 1 January 1880, died 1943
+1146 M Michael DENCH  (William2, John1)    born 26 July 1882/1883, died 18 February 1931
1147 M Joe DENCH (William2, John1)    born 1 September 1884.
+1148  F  Clara DENCH  (William2, John1)   born 20 August 1885, died 7 August 1953
1149  M Frank DENCH  (William2, John1)    born 16 October 1887 in California, died 2 October 1913 in Inglewood, California, at the age of 26, and was buried in Inglewood, Cemetery, California. He was killed in a  motorcycle  accident. He may have died Oct 18, 1913.
1150 M William Frank DENCH, (William2, John1)      born 1888 perhaps in Minnesota or the Dakota's, died 18  October 1913 in Inglewood, California, at the age of 25, killed in a car wreck.
M William married (2) Angie Annie [?] after 1917. She was born 1858. Annie died 1936, at the age of 78.
No children have yet been identified.
1151  M Freddie DENCH (William2, John1)    born 27 May 1889, died 27 August 1927 in California, at the age of 38.   He may have died crossing the plains to California.
11372 F Louise DENCH/DUSCHEN  (John1)     was born 24 November 1857/1858 in Caldonia, MinnesotaShe was the daughter of John DEUNCH/DENSCH and "Eva" Genovefa STEPPE. Louise died 23 February 1926 in Pierz, Minnesota,at the age of 68, and was buried in Pierz, Minnesota. She married   Henry J GASSERT 24 April 1877 in Pierz, Minnesota. He was born 24 July 1858 in Davenport, Iowa. He was the son of MARTIN GASSERT and Christina MISHLEY. Henry died 13 February 1926 in  Pierz, Minnesota,at the age of 67.
116   F Margaret DENCH   (John1)     was born 1854/1855 in Minnesota. She was the daughter of John
and "Eva" Genovefa STEPPE.
Additional information about Margaret:

Not certain of husband's name nor of children. information found on 1900 Morrison County census.

She married perhaps Henry VOGEL perhaps in Minnesota.

1161   M  Henry VOGEL
Known children of Margaret DENCH and Henry? VOGEL are:
116  M   Frederick VOGEL (Margaret2 John1)  
1163  F   Kathy VOGEL           (Margaret2 John1)  
1164   John VOGEL         (Margaret2 John1)  
1165   Henry VOGEL      (Margaret2 John1)  


 F Frauquake VOGEL            (Margaret2 John1)  
116  F Louis J. VOGEL           (Margaret2 John1)  
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