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1 M Henry J GASSERT was married 24 April 1877 to
Louisa DENCH/DENSCH (John1) in Pierz, Minnesota.
Henry was born 24 July 1858 in Davenport, Iowa. He was
the son of
Christina MISHLEY. Henry
died 13 February 1926
in Pierz, Minnesota,at the age of 67.

Included here are Henry Gassert and Louisa Dench
Below came from Linda Gassert Everett
, grand daughter

Additional information about Henry:

Had a brother Louis/Lud, born 4/14/1861 in Hokah, Minnesota and living with Henry Gassert and Louise Dench in 1880. Henry's parents were both born in Baden, Germany. His father died in the Civil War. He and his wife had 12 children. He had something to do with the Pierz Bank. Denches also worked at that bank.

Sources: Dorothy Ruhr and Megan Buse

From the book " Morrison and Todd Counties, Minnesota"
I know that Martin was born in Baden on the Rhine, Germany. He was educated in Germany and came to America with his parents when he was a young man, I am assuming when he was finished with his schooling. They settled in Davenport, Iowa. He worked as a cook on the lumber rafts running between Minneapolis and St. Louis, Missouri. When the Civil War broke out, he enlisted in Company H, second Wisconsin Cavalry. He served until he became ill with a fever and died in 1863. His wife Christina was also born in Baden, Germany and came to America with her sister. They settled in Illinois and then moved to Davenport, Iowa. Christina worked in Davenport for about a year and a half and then married. Martin and Christina had two children, Henry and Louis. After Martin's death, Christina married John C. Hinder and they immigrated to Minnesota. Henry Gassert attended school in Hokah, Houston County, Minnesota. He attended school only about 3 months out of the year. Henry remained in the county with his family until seventeen years old. On December 9, 1875, he moved to Pierz, MN. Henry worked by the month on a farm for two years. He was then married to Louisa Dench and they took up a homestead of forty acres in section 24, of Buh township. Because of hard times he lost the farm ten years later, but in disposing of the farm was able to pay off his debts and save a yoke of steers and twenty-five dollars and it required six years to pay off the indebtedness. About this time, he purchased forty acres of state land in section 12, of Buh township, for which he paid five dollars an acre. In 1890 Henry bought forty acres adjoining his original farm, later added eighty acres and still later forty acres. He then bought one hundred and twenty acres in Buh township. He engaged in general stock raising, making a specialty of Durham cattle and Poland China hogs, draft horses, including Belgians and Percherons. In November of 1912, Mr. Gassert sold out and purchased one hundred and seventy acres in Granite township, moving to Pierz in 1913. On April 25, 1878, Henry Gassert married Louisa Dench, the daughter of John and Eva Dench, both of whom were natives to Germany. Louisa was one of five children and was born in Houston County, MN, on November 24, 1858, where she lived until she was a young woman. She and her parents settled near Pierz, MN on a farm where she lived until marriage. Henry and Louisa had twelve children at the time of the book being published: Margaret, Mary (My great great grandmother), Frederick, John, Henry, Francis, Louie, Anna, Edward, Katherine, and two who died early in life. Mary (my great great grandmother) married George L. Boser, a farmer of Buh township. They had 9 children at the time but eventually had 14. ( Henry, Katy, Clara [(died age 13)], Alex, Bernard, Albert[( Bernard and Albert were twins)] Agnes, Sophia, Lucille, Helen, Philomena, Lorena [(changed name to Loraine)] Hildegarde, and Marietta) All except Clara lived into adulthood. Henry Gassert was elected treasurer of the school district No. 36 in 1880, a position he held for 9 years. When he resigned he was elected township supervisor, a position which he held for fifteen yeras. in 1910 he was elected county commissioner to fill a vacancy caused by the death of the incumbent, Peter Virnig. In 1912 he was a candidate for election and had no opposition on his ticket. Henry was a director in the Pierz State Bank. The Gassert family was members of the Catholic church. Henry and Louisa are members of the St. Joseph Society. Henry was treasurer of the congregation of St., John's church and served in that position for 6+ years. I know this is a lot of info, I tried to sum up the excerpt from the book as much as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions. Over the weekend I visited St. Joseph's cemetery in Pierz Minnesota where Genofeva Dench is believed to be buried, I did not find her grave but I did not search the entire cemetery on account of it started to rain. I did however, find some other relatives related to George Boser, which was rather neat. If I do get a chance to get back up to Pierz I will be sure to stop by the cemetery and look again. Let me know if you need any more information
Source Megan Buse

11 F Louise DENCH/DENSCH (John1)

Known children of and Henry J GASSERT and Louise

12 F  Margrethe Theresa GASSERT (Henry J1) born 19 June 1877 in Pierz,
Minnesota. She married Bernard FAUST 18 October 1898.

Margrethe died 21 September 1967, at the age of 90, Little Falls, Morrison County, Minnesota

121 M Bernard FAUST

13 F Mary E GASSERT (Henry J1) born 1 September 1878 in Pierz,
Minnesota. She married George BOSER 15 November 1896 in Pierz, Minnesota. Mary died 04 October, 1957 in Little Falls, Minnesota.

In the wedding picture it is Christina (Boser) Hapke and John L Boser was his step-brother not half-brother.

Mary Gassert
on left and on bottom in 1944
(picture on lef  50th wedding anniversary in 1948, Mary and George

Fred Gassert,behind George Boser, seated (the groom) Christine Boser-Hoopke (George'scousin), John L. Boser (George's step-brother, and Mary Premisberger (John L.'s wife)

131 M George BOSER. George was born 4 April 1890 in Pierz, Minnesota
to Lorenz Boser, born 1840 Koettweinsdorf, Bavaria, Germany, died 28 May 1923, Pierz, Minnesota and Katherine Sendelbeck, born 1842 Bayern, Germany, died 9 Mar 1890, Pierz, Minnesota
and died 06 July, 1954 in Rochester, Olmsted Countyy, Minnesota. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in November 1948.

George in 1980

Children of Mary E and George Boser:

(1) Henry Ludwig -
B. 08-26-1899 little falls, MN.
D. 03-29-1976
(2) Katherine Mary (Katy)-
B. 02-11-1901
D. 05-31-1971
(3) Clara-
B. 10-21-1902
D. 07-20-1916
(4) Alex-
B. 07-16-1905
D. 03-07-1940
(5) Bernard Edward. (Ben)-
B. 03-14-1907 Buh, Morrison County, Minnesota
D. 10- 14 -1969 Little Falls, Minnesota
(6) Albert (Bert)-
B. 03-14-1907 born in Buh, Minnesota
D. 27 Dec 1966, New London Wisconsin
(7) Agnes Francine -
B. 04-16-1909
D. 12-15-1995 Spokane, Washington
(8) Sophia-
B. 15 April 1911, Morrison County, Minnesota
D. 19 Nov 1987?, Pierz, Minnesota
(9) Lucille Celia-
B. 12-31-1912
D. 08-26-1985 Pierz, MN
(10) Helen-
B. 26 June 1914, Pierz, Minnesota
D. 22 April 2005, Las Vegas,, Nevada
(11) Philomena Clara (Phyllis)-
B. 10-02-1916
D. 03-18-1948 Little Falls, MN
(12) Loraine Theresa- (Megan Buse's Great Grandmother)
B. 05/13/1918
(13) Hildegarde Philomine
B. 10 August 1919, Buckman, Minnesota
D. 2 Jan 2004, Vancouver, Washington
Hildegarde married an Arthur Apitz 1 June 1946 Minnesota. Arthur was born 20 September 1919 Henerdson, Sible County, Minnesota and died 21 February 1973 Vancouver, Clark County, Washington.
Grandaughter is Jean Collins Tony and Jean Collins <[email protected]>
(14) Marietta (Mertie)-
B.April 12, 1922 in Buckman, Morrison County, Minnesota
D. -

Source Megan Buse <busex004<[email protected]> and Jean Collins

14 M Frederick GASSERT (Henry J1) born 3 May 1881 in Pierz, Minnesota,
died 20 October 1902, at the age of 21.

15 M John GASSERT (Henry J1) died 14 May 1881.

16 M Henry GASSERT (Henry J1)    born 11 April 1883, died in infancy 11 April

17 M Joseph GASSERT (Henry J1)  born 21 July 1884 in Pierz, Minnesota, died 20
October 1902, at the age of 18, and was buried in Lastrup, Minnesota

18 F Anna F GASSERT (Henry J1) born July 1884 in Pierz, Minnesota, died in
childhood 10 February 1887, at the age of 2.

+19 M John GASSERT (Henry J1) ,born 3 March 1887, died 24 August 1941.

20 F Katie Kathryn GASSERT (Henry J1)  born 6 August 1890 in Pierz,
She married John VIRNIG 8 May 1912. John was born 17 August, 1890,
died June 1968, Pierz.

201 M John VIRNIG 8 May 1912. John was born 17 August, 1890, died June
1968, Pierz.

Kathryn died February 1982, at the age of 91, Pierz, Morrison County, Minnesota.

+21 M Henry Joseph GASSERT (Henry J1) born 13 August 1891, died 6 February
1982 at 30278 Snellville, Georgia..

22 M  William GASSERT, (Henry J1) born 20 November 1893, died in infancy 23
November 1893.

23 F Sophia Franziska GASSERT, (Henry J1) born 5 December 1894 in Pierz,
Minnesota. She married Nick MEYER 15 November 1916.

231 M Nick MEYER

Franziska died 1986, at the age of 91. There was a Franziska MEYER born 1 May 1901, February 1981 at Glencoe, McLeod County, Minnesota. It is unknown if this is the same person.

There was a Nick MEYER, born 6 January, 1900, died October 1969, Pierz, Morrison County, Minnesota. This is not the same person as this one married Lorretta Faust.

24 M Ludwig Louis or Louis George GASSERT, (Henry J1) born 19 October
1896, perhaps in Lastrup,
Minnesota. He married Barbara ALTRICHTER 1923.

241 F Barbara ALTRICHTER

Louis died 27 January 1986, at the age of 89.

There were three ALTRICHTER in Morrison County: Frank, born 30 July, 1893, died August 1963, Frank, born 19 July 1909, died 11 September 1994, Randall, Minnesota; Gertrude, born 1 August 1899, died April 1987, Little Falls, Minnesota and Mary, born 19 August 1900, died March 1988, Randall, Minnesota.

25 F Anna Lizzie GASSERT, (Henry J1) born 3 September 1898 in Pierz,
Minnesota. She married Joseph BRAUSEN 28 August 1917.

26 F Louisa GASSERT (Henry J1) born 3 February 1900 in Pierz, Minnesota,
died in infancy 6 February 1900 in Pierz, Minnesota.

27 M Edward GASSERT (Henry J1) born 11 March 1901 in Pierz, Minnesota,
died Decembe 1963. He married Ann[?] .

28 M Henry GASSERT (Henry J1) born 20 October 1902 in Pierz, Minnesota,
died in infancy 21 October 1902.

Sources: Social Security Death Index

Generation No. Two

19 M . John GASSERT (Henry J1)  was born 3 March 1887 in Lastrup,
Minnesota,and was christened in Pierz, Minnesota. He was the son of
and Louise DENCH/DUSCHEN. John died 24
August 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota,at the age of 54, and was buried in Pierz,
Minnesota. He married
Anna Christine SCHMIDT 16
November 1921 in Pierz, Minnesota. She was born 24 July 1899 in Pierz,
Minnesota. She was the daughter of
John SCHMIDT and Barbara
died 30 May 1958 in Moose Lake, Minnesota, at the
age of 58, and was buried in Pierz, Minnesota.

A later descendent, Dorothy Ann Ruhr (#1924), when in her 70's, said that her dad's sister said their mother (Anna?) had black hair like hers and her older brother.

191 F Anna Christine SCHMIDT

Additional information about Anna:

Name was aka SMITH, SCHMITT.

Known children of John GASSERT and Anna Christine SCHMIDT are:

192 M. Porkey Howard J GASSERT (John2 Henry J1) born 12 September 1922 in
Moose Lake, Minnesota. He married Ida CRIPPEN 26 August 1948 in
Moose Lake, Minnesota.

1921 F Ida CRIPPEN

Howard died 8 March 1980 in Duluth, Minnesota, at the age of 57, and was
buried in Moose Lake, Minnesota.

Additional information about Howard:

Porkey and Ida had nine children.

+1922 M Dick Donald H GASSERT (Porkey3 John2 Henry J1) born 12 January

1923 M Roger W GASSERT (Porkey3 John2 Henry J1) born 4 November 1928 in
Moose Lake,
Minnesota, died 16 January 1953 in Florida, at the age of 24, and was buried
in Pierz, Minnesota.

He was a jet pilot.

+1924 F  Dorothy Ann GASSERT, born 28 September 1930 .

212 M Henry Joseph GASSERT (Porkey3 John2 Henry J1) was born 13 August
1891 in Pierz, Minnesota. He was the son of Henry J GASSERT and
Henry died 6 February 1982 in Laurinceville, GEORGIA, at the age of 90.
He married Anna C. DUSCHER.

2121 F Anna C. DUSCHER.

Additional information about Anna:

In 1987 lived at 190A Grady Holt Apts, Laurinceville, Georgia 30245.

2122 M. Glen DeWayne GASSERT (Henry Joseph4 ,Porkey3 John2 Henry J1) In
1987 lived in Laurinceville, Georgia. He was born 24 March, 1930. Glen
married Ann Veronica Willis from near London, England. They had three
daughters: Debbie Ann Smith, Linda Susan Everett and Allison Mary
Lugar. Glen
died 29 April, 1988.

2123 F . Virginia Jean GASSERT. (Henry Joseph4 ,Porkey3 John2 Henry J1) born
13 June 1927.Virginian married Stephen Roger Jackson, retired Marine
Corps Officer. They had
two sons: Robert Earl Jackson born 26 March 1946. He married Lois
Mae Walsh Jackson
who was born 26 March 1947. They were married
19 August 1967. They have two children Christopher Stephen Jackson
born 16 December 1972 who is married to
Stacie Kokoris on 24 August 2001. ALso, Corinne Mae Jackson born
26 January 1978. She married Philip Kinscherf on 04 October 2004

In 1987 and 2006 lived in 7731 Greybirch Ter, Port Richey, Florida.


1922 M Dick Donald H GASSERT (Porkey3 John2 Henry J1) w

19221 F Elizabeth GRAM

Additional information about Donald:

They had 7 children.

Known child of Dick Donald H GASSERT and Elizabeth is:

19222 U Chris GASSERT

1924 F Dorothy Ann GASSERT (Porkey3 John2 Henry J1)

19241 M Donald RUHR He was born 8 January 1924 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He is
the son of Bernard Stephen RUHR and Theresa Barbara FLEEGLE.

Additional information about Donald:

He was a correctional Counselor at Minnesota State Reformatory. He and his wife Dorothy lived at 411 ? 1st St. N., Sartell, Minnesota.

Known children of Dorothy Ann GASSERT and Donald RUHR are:

19242 F  Rosanne Marie RUHR, born 24 March 1953 in Moose Lake,
Minnesota, died 28 December 1981, at the age of 28.

19243 M William Donald RUHR

19244 F
Nancy Ann RUHR

19245 F Ann Marie RUHR

, (living) St. Cloud, Minnesota. She married Mark

, (living) in St. Cloud, Minnesota. , (living) St. Cloud, Minnesota. He married Marilyn
was born 28 September
1930 in Moose Lake, Minnesota. She is the daughter of John GASSERT
and Anna Christine SCHMIDT.
She married Donald RUHR 21 June 1952 in Moose Lake, Minnesota. who lived in Washington or Oregon.

as born 12 January
1924 in Moose Lake, Minnesota. He is the son of John GASSERT and
Anna Christine SCHMIDT. He married Elizabeth GRAM 14 June 1949
in Nashwalk, Minnesota.

Compiled by Karen Miller

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