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Welcome to THE K/NIBB/S ONE NAME STUDY website. Everything KNIBB, KNIBBS and NIBBS in genealogy / family history is here
NIBBS Coat of Arms K/NIBB/S
One Name Study
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A Joseph KNIBB clock c1670

Your host Alan Jackson welcomes you to the K/NIBB/S One Name Study website!

Feel free to browse at your leisure.  Click on the boxed headings to take you to more detailed sections.

At the last count, the database contained 24,261 K/NIBB/S

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The Coat of of Arms shown above were granted to James Langford NIBBS in 1759.  Click on his name for more details about him.

The longcase clock (commonly called a grandfather clock) is a typical specimen of a fine KNIBB clock.  Click on the KNIBB Family of Clockmakers to find out more about them.

"Liberator of slaves"
"I here pledge myself,  by all that is solemn and sacred never to rest satisfied,  until I see my black brethren in the enjoyment of the same civil and religious liberties which I myself enjoy,  and see them take a proper    William KNIBB    portrait stand in society as men".

So declared William KNIBB on 1 Aug 1838 at a public meeting in Falmouth, Jamaica,  the first day of freedom for the slaves in the British Colony and Empire.

Having introduced you to the above luminaries, I must stress that the One Name Study is really about the thousands of K/NIBB/S who didn't hit the headlines.  Some of the following pages tell their stories as well - see Contents for full details.

Over 75 K/NIBB/S researchers participate in a friendly and informative Mailing List.  Why not join us and the more recent Genealogywise social networking site?

In any event, enjoy your visit and please spread the word about the website to any K/NIBB/S whom you might know.

COPYRIGHT: The copyright in this series of pages is reserved.  Research items remain the property of myself or those people who have provided them to me.  Nothing herein can be used for any commercial purpose.

The K/NIBB/S One Name Study is necessarily about people.  Their right to privacy is fully recognised and should be respected.  If there is a mention of any living person in the website, who would like his/her name removed, then I will gladly do so.

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