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Back in 1851 William Knight arrived in Australia with his Wife Ann Otter and their Children from Lincolnshire England. The Family came out as free settlers and set up home in Galston. There were two blocks of land that were granted to the Knights. One block to William Knight and the other to his son Thomas Knight on the road that is now named Knights road after them. Thomas Knight married Jane Fagan and had 7 children. Thomas then bought a block of land on Galston road from the Hudson's with a small dwelling that was built in the 1870. This property was given to William his oldest son for a wedding present. William and his wife Helen Rosetta Handley extended the dwelling into a beautiful 5 bedroom home with two large kitchens and a huge family room known as the "Big Room". In this house, they brought up their 5 children Thomas, Hilda, Henry, Stanley, Dorothy, and continued their family tradition as orchardists growing oranges, and later on persimmons. The Home was passed on to Henry Kenneth Knight and his wife Bessie Jones and they also brought up their 7 children Laurie, Elena, Robert, Henry, Margaret, Bronwyn, Glenda, in the old home. The homestead was pulled down in 1987. And a new home was built By the late Henry Kenneth Knight's wife Bessie Knight and daughter Elena Knight