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STEMEN surname - An expanded descendency examination
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Corrections and Comments

Let me hear from you if you would like to share information about mutual ancestors or investigate the possibility of a connection..

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Our Ancestral Lineage and Primary Surnames

Many of our ancestors migrated from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Fayette County, Pennsylvania to Fairfield County, Ohio to Allen County, Ohio. Various "legs" also resided in Coshocton, Holmes and Jefferson County, Ohio; Redstone, Fayette County, Pennsylvania; and Rockingham County, Virginia. Our direct lineage surnames include:


    Examine the SURNAME list

    DAVIDSON:LAMAN  This research relates to the maternal side of my family including the ancestors of William Guy Davidson and Elva Belle Laman of Allen County, Ohio.  Using the link below, you may access over 7000 surnames representing the direct and indirect lineage. The Alpha Index to Surnames link below is a good starting point for researching our surnames. .

    Alpha Index of Surname pertaining to my mother's family - Margaret Davidson

    Note to Davidson researchers:  Some researchers have incorrectly connected the William Davidson who died in Jefferson County, Ohio in 1808 to the family of John Davidson and Ann Martha Thompson from West Pennsborough, PA.  The West Pennsborough William Davidson remained in PA and was married to a woman named Sarah.  Some say Sarah McCoy.  Some of our research has been posted to the Internet by others who were unaware of this error.  We have only recently established that the connection was incorrect.

    Davidson DNA Project - Dave is one of the administrators of the Project.  All Davidson researchers are welcome to  participate in this research effort.

      Laymon/Layman/Lemon DNA Project - Steve Layman

      Earl Layman's DNA Project site  (Has excellent information.)

    KOESTER/KöSTER:NETH   This research relates to the paternal side of my family including the ancestors of Gustav Koester and Mary Neth, both immigrants from Germany who settled first in Erie, PA.   The link below displays our Koester research. We are most anxious to make contact with our Koester relations as we know very few of them personally.

      Alpha Index of Surnames pertaining to our father's family - Gustav Koester

    Koester Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum

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    Photos pertaining to our ancestors

    Home of Rev. Hans Herr - Lancaster County, PA

    Family of Gustave Koester and Mary Neth

    Doug Koester, Dave Koester, Jackie Koester Sagan

    Photo taken on Doug Koester's property in Homer, Alaska

    Four Generations - Waters - Laman - Davidson - Koester

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    The STEMEN surname - An expanded descendency examination

    We are sponsoring an expanded descendency focus on one of our family surnames - STEMEN

    The STEMEN surname is known to be spelled several ways including STEINMAN / STONEMAN / STEYMAN / STEMAN / STEHMAN. Thanks to many, many STEMEN 'cousins' who have kindly shared their Stemen data with us, included below is a link to a data base of over 6,400 descendents of Christian Stehmen and Hanna Barin (Bar / Bear). Included with this data is information on what many of us believe are the parents of Christian Stehmen, although this is an undocumented theory.

    Go to the Alpha Index of Surnames

    Link to web site sponsored by Vern Stehman.  All Stehmen researchers should examine the documents and other materials that Vern has accumulated as they are helpful in understanding the early Stehmen family and the various theories of the descendency.

    Descendency Chart for Christian Stehmen and Hannah Barin

    One Descendency Theory relating to the earliest Stehmen/Stemen ancestors

    Grave Marker for Christian Stehmen - Salem Cemetery - Elida, Allen County, Ohio

    Grave Marker for Hanna (Barin) Stehmen - Steward/Freeland Cemetery - Bremen, Fairfield County, Ohio

    Note: Cemetery is located 1 mile east of of Bremen on Marietta Road and will be found on a wooded hillside behind a farm house. Contributed by Velva Bruce - a Stemen cousin from Elida, Ohio.  Velva is related to the Sherrick ancestors of Allen County, Ohio.

    Photos of Stemen Ancestors.  Please feel free to contact me to submit photos that you would like me to post.

    The following group of photos were contributed by Nancy Crawford Spallinger

    Family of Andrew Jackson Stemen and Hannah Jane Hilyard family.
    Stemen brothers Harold Dwight & Roy Clifford Stemen.
    Andrew Jackson Stemen in a horse and buggy.
    Lillie Hilyard

    The following group of photos were contributed by Gary Stemen

    Leroy Taylor Stemen Family  - Leroy Stemen is the son of Benjamin Franklin Stemen and Lucinda Conrad.  They had 17 children which are shown in this photo. 
    Leroy Stemen and wife Emily Nihiser
    Dan and Matilda (Nihiser) Stemen - parents: Benjamin F. and Lucinda (Conrad) Stemen, and Amos and Rachel (Sigman) Nihiser.
    John Wesley Stemen - son of Leroy Taylor Stemen and Emily Nihiser.
    John Wesley "Jake" Stemen Family - John Wesley Stemen and wife Adeline Galloway.
    Adeline Galloway Stemen - wife of Jake Stemen
    Isaac Theodore Stemen Family - wife Maggie Ethel Pierce
    Peter Daniel Stemen - wife Myrtle Josephine Clendenin
    John Laman - Son of Mary Magdelene Stemen and Joseph Laman
    Martha Isadore Clark - wife of John Laman.  Was called Dole.

    The following are Microsoft Word documents that may be downloaded.  The contain photographs, some of which are duplicates of those posted above.

    Document 1 - Photos of  Dan and Matilda (Nihiser) Stemen; Clarence G. And Clara Stemen, Children of Dan and Matilda; Sam Stemen, son of Henry; John Stemen family, son of Leroy T.; Mae Leiter - daughter of Elnora May Stemen and Elmer Ellsworth Leiter; Neva Jenkins - daughter of Margaret Stemen and Isaac Jenkins; Perry and Clara Nihiser Rogers' twins (raised by Daniel Stemen and Sarah Krutsch); Zulo V. (Baker) Stemen, Wife of Clarence G. at about 16; Peter D. Stemen family, son of Leroy T.; "Jake" Stemen family, probably John, son of Leroy T.; "Ike" Stemen Family, Probably Isaac Stemen, son of Leroy T.; Dole Laman; John Laman; Leroy T. Stemen and Emily Nihiser.

    Document 2 - Leroy Stemen, son of Benjamin Franklin Stemen and Lucinda Conrad and their 17 children which are shown in this photo.  Names are included. 

    Beth MacDonald, a STEMEN cousin and researcher has several photos of Stemen ancestors at this site. Beth has identified most of the people in the photos, but needs help from Stemen cousins in identifying others.

    Betty Spaulding is asking for assistance in identifying who the people are in this photo. Pictured on the left is Nancy Jane Stemen Hilyard. Who are the others? If you can help Betty, please contact her.

    Stemen Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum


    Special Note to Stemen Cousins:

    You are encouraged to share your Stemen related descendency data, photographs and other information that you may have that relates to this family. I will be glad to post in at this site for others to view.

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    A few photos to share with our family and friends:

    Cora Sagan soccer game - May 9, 2010 - The Pegasus girls white U9 team won 10 to zero.  Cora scored a goal.

    Family Cruise - August 2008
    Click for photos

    Doug and Katie's wedding - June 21, 2008
    Click for photos

    Caribbean with Ken and  Pat - March 2008
    Click for photos

    Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland by River Boat - April 2007

    Walt Disney World with Jackie's family - August 2007

    Crossing - Rome to New York - November 2006
    Click for Photos

    Caribbean Cruise - February 2006
    Click for Photos

    Kalie and Cora - Christmas card photo 2005

    Megan's Wedding in Philadelphia - November 2005
    Jackie Koester Sagan and Kristine Koester Devaux - Cousins
    Jim and Dave Koester - father's of Kristine and Jackie
    Jim and Deb at the Philly steak restaurant

    Mediterranean Cruise - October 2005
    Amsterdam to Rome
    Amsterdam Lunch
    Dover White Cliffs
    Leeds Castle
    Linda and Dave at Leeds
    Guernsey, England Lunch
    With the Captain on the Prinsendam
    Formal Night
    La Rochelle, France Crepe
    La Corona, Spain with Swiss Friends
    Bilbo, Spain - Guggenheim
    Oporto, Portugal
    Lisbon with German friends in shoe store
    Cadiz, Spain
    Spanish Morocco shoe shine
    Ville France - ship in harbor
    Monaco - Linda is shopping
    Monte Carlo casino - Linda
    News stand in Elba

    Mediterranean Cruise - October 2004
    Lisbon to Athens

    Formal night - with the coat off!
    Santorini Island, Greece - the most beautiful spot in the world (just an opinion).
    Dave in Santorini
    Linda and Dave and the Acropolis in Athens

    Disneyworld with the grandkids - August 2004
    Cinderella 120 - Kalie and Cora
    Budweiser Wagon (Sea World)
    Cora and Dave on the merry-go-round
    Jackie, Kalie and Cora

    South America Cruise - March 2004
    Rio to Santiago, Chile
    Falkland Islands
    Swim around Cape Horn
    On the balcony of the cabin in Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego - Patagonia - Argentina
    Santiago, Chile in the background

    Panama Canal Cruise - January 2002

    Fall 2004

    Arial view of our house and property

    Kalie reads to her kindergarten class

    Kalie and Cora with Santa - 2004

    Cora - Fall 2004

    Our Panama Canal Cruise - January 2002

    Kalie by the pool - Summer 2000

    Kalie by the pool - Summer 2000 #2

    "Pouty" Kalie on back porch - Summer 2000

    Cora and Jackie on Jackie's Birthday - March 2001

    Jackie, Cora and Kalie on Jackie's Birthday - March 2001

    Doug Koester's house in Homer, Alaska - - The house that Doug built

    Mark and the girls - summer 2002

    Jim & Dave in our pool - 2001

    Jackie and Cora on pony - 2002

    Cora's birthday - two years old (going on 15)

    Kalie and Cora in Florida - 2002

    Face painting - 2002

    Cora having fun - summer 2002




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    US GenWeb Project

    [GenWeb graphic]

    Dave coordinates two county pages for the USGenWeb Project. This is an ambitious, totally volunteer project that has among its objectives the creation of a county genealogy page for each county in the United States. The links below are for Allen and Hancock Counties, Ohio. Our ancestors were among the early settlers of Allen County.

    Each county page has resources for posting Queries, listing your Surnames and provides a wealth of other information applicable to the county in particular, such as maps, historical background, and more.

    Allen County, Ohio USGenWeb Project Page

    Hancock County, Ohio USGenWeb Project Page

    OHGenWeb Project

    Connects you with the Ohio GenWeb Project main page. From here you can connect with almost every county in Ohio as well as access other relevant genealogical information.

    USGenWeb Project

    Connects you with the United States USGenWeb Project page. From here you can follow links to each state and county in the United States.

    You are the visitor to our web site.

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