Brig Helen & Elise

Ship name: Brig Helen & Elise
Port of departure: Not Recorded
Port of arrival: Galveston, Texas, USA
Date of arrival: 7 December 1847
Master: Fehrs
Source: National Archives and Records Administration, Film M575, Reel 3.


"List of passengers arrived from Foreign ports into the port of Galveston, during the Quarter ending December 31st, 1847."

Columns as labeled on the original manifest and listed below are: Names of Passengers [given and surname], Age, Sex, Occupation and Country [village] to which they severally belong. The original manifest was not on a printed form. The list maker hand labeled the columns. Other columns were labeled Vessel Name, Master, Where From and Country to which they intend to become inhabitants. Sometimes there was nothing written in a column.

  1 Edward         Kapke       Male   17 Berlin           Farmer
 *2 Joh. Fr. Cans  Gatze       Male   31 Feddelau         Farmer
  3 Chr.           Paasche     Male   45 Steimke
  4 Marie          Paasche     Female 44
  5 Marie          Paasche     Female 17
  6 Frields        Paasche     Female 12
  7 Elisb          Paasche             9
  8 Doroth         Paasche             7
  9 Heiner         Paasche             3
*10 Fr.            Gauze              28 Katte             Joiner
*11 Whilhelmina    Gauze              26
 12 Carol          Gauze             3/4
*13 Fr.            Melgian            27 Hudelau           Joiner
 14 Carl           Recke              29 Ahnebeck          Shepherd
 15 Hr. Chs.       Bebenroth          21 Parsau            Farrier
 16 Fr.            Klopp              27 Germenau          Farrier
 17 Aug.           Beckendorf         34 Apenburg          Smith
 18 Carol          Beckendorf         27  
 19 Emilie         Beckendorf          7
 20 Jopn           Beckendorf          4
 21 August         Beckendorf          2
 22 Dorothe        Lindmuller         22 Brome
 23 Joach          Jegge              24 Steimke           Farrier
 24 Joh Joach      Beneke             38 Brome             Farrier
 25 Doroth         Beneke             28     
 26 Doroth         Beneke              8
*27 F?c?           Beneke              6
 28 Wilh.          Beneke              4
 29 Carl           Beneke              2
 30 Doroth         Paache             66
 31 Doroth         Paache             21
*32 Fr.            Paache             36 Neuenhaldensleben Farrier
 33 Chrne.         Paache              8
 34 Carl           Olland             44 Brome             Mason
*35 Mar. Dor.      Olland             27
 36 Elisb          Olland              5
 37 Jac            Eggert             50 Steimke           Farmer
 38 Soph           Eggert             50
 39 H^r            Eggert             17
 40 Mar.           Eggert             15
 41 Elisb          Eggert             12 
 42 W^m            Eggert              5
*43 Joh. Chr       Meyer              35 Jubear            Farmer
*44 Mar.           Meyer              32
*45 Hr.            Meyer               9
*46 Mar.           Meyer               5
*47 Joh. Hr.       Kapke              31 Rastederberg      Mason
 48 W^me           Kapke              24
 49 Fr.            Kapke           4 1/2
 50 W^m            Kapke           2 1/2
 51 Helen Soph.    Kapke             1/4
 52 Joh Fr.        Bolting            48
 53 Cor.           Kieler             29 Rastederberg      Farmer
*54 Joh Gerh.      Fehrenkamp         38 Jaderberg         Smith
 55 Helene W^me    Fehrenkamp         28
 56 Joh Hr.        Fehrenkamp          8
 57 Soph           Fehrenkamp          5
 58 Joh Gerhr      Fehrenkamp      2 1/2 
 59 Joh Gerhr      Harast             27 Jaderberg         Farmer
 60 Ant.           Heinsohn           18
 61 Eilert         Bran               33
*62 Joh Fr.        Otker              46 Schweiburg
 63 Soph.          Otker              42
*64 Alb. gg        Otker              16
 65 Joh. Fr        Otker              11
 66 Ges. Marg.     Otker               9
*67 Ri?nh Gehr     Otker               6
 68 Helene         Otker               3
 69 Joh            Otker           3 3/4
*70 Eilert         Spickels           65 Jaderbollenhagen
 71 Anna Cath.     Spickels           54
 72 Eilert         Spickels           35
 71 Gerhr          Spickels           17
 74 Gerd           Spickels           12
 75 Cath.          Spickels           14
 76 Jan            Spickels           29
 77 Gesche Marg    Spickels           24
 78 Gehr           Spickels            4
 79 Marg Cath      Spickels            3
*80 Joh. Chr.      Spickels       8 days

                             Collectors Office Galveston
                                 Debr 31st 1847
                                 W. G. Runnels   Coll

General Notes:   

An attempt has been made to keep this transcription as historically
accurate as possible.  Any changes are explained in these notes.
Many times ditto marks, "do", a vertical line, etc. are used to
indicate the same thing as the previous line.  In those cases, the
word these marks represent is written out.

This passenger manifest was written on ledger sheets in chronological
order for vessels arriving Galveston, TX in the 4th quarter, 1847. The
destination "Texas" was sometimes written at the top of the page in the
column "Country of which they intend to become inhabitants".   The word
"Texas" had been written in that column, 2 pages previous to the start of
the entries for the Brig Helen & Elise.  Sometimes there were ditto
marks in that column and other times there were not.  It is assumed
that all passengers were going to Texas.  This column has been
eliminated here.

There were no passengers numbers on the manifest.  They have been added
by the transcriber to identify footnotes.

Many given names appear to be abbreviated.

The sex was recorded for only the first 6 passengers.

The villages of Brome, Steimke, Parsau, Apenburg, Ahnebeck, J�bar and
Germenau are all near each other and located NE of Braunschweig. There
is another village named Steimke NW of Brome.  South of Wolfsburg are
Nordsteimke and Kleinsteimke. Neuhaldensleben is located SE of these
villages.  Rastederberg, Jaderberg, S�dbollenhagen and Schweiburg are
very near each other and NW of Bremen.  See notes 68 & 70. The other
villages were not found on a modern atlas nor through searches for
similar names on the German town locator sites on line. The other
village spellings were mostly accurate so possibly these villages have
now been combined with a nearby village. 

The column labeled "Died on the Voyage" has been eliminated here.  The
only death recorded was passenger 35.
Some ages were written in fractions. They have been transcribed as they
appear on the manifest. 

No record was made of the departure port.  There are about 75 ships on
this NARA film, and the only ports mentioned with German passengers are
Antwerp, Belgium; and Bremen and Hamburg, Germany.  

The symbol ^ has been added to indicate the letter following was

* Passenger Notes:

 2 It is unclear if Gans is part of the surname or an additional given
   name.  The two were separated and an upper case letter used at the
   beginning of each.  Research was done to locate the village of
   Feddelau on modern maps without success. Possibly Feddelau and
   Hudelau are the same place. See Note 13.
10 The village of Katte was not found on modern maps.  These villages
   are possibliites:  Kukate (about 55-60 km N. of Brome) and Kattien 
   (about 30-35 km N. of Brome).  If the first letter was supposed to
   be an R (the top of this letter is not connected), there are several
   villages named Rade near Brome.  The letters T and D were pronounced
11 The given name is spelled on the manifest as typed.
13 Research was done to locate the village of Hudelau without success.
   The village of Heideloh may be a possiblity.
27 Given name looks like it was written over.  First letter is clearly
   an F, but the list maker made his J like this occaisonally.  The 2nd
   letter does not go below the line nor above the half way point above
   the line and could be an a, c, r or o. The 4th letter could be an h
   or possibly a d.
32 The village name is spelled Neuhaldensleben on modern maps.  
35 This passenger died on the voyage.
43 The village name is spelled J�bar.
43-46 There are ditto marks below both "Chr." and "Meyer" on passengers
   44-46.  "Chr." is clearly separated from "Meyer".  Possibly the
   "Chr." is part of the surname but it seems more likely the "Chr" is
   another given name.
47 The village of Rastederberg is south of Jade.  See notes 62 and 70.
54 The first letter of the village resembles an F, but the list maker
   sometimes made his J look like an F.  Jaderberg is near Jade.  See
   Note 70.
62-69 Today, there is a Schweiburg included in the small town of
   Jade, NW of Bremen.  The 2 families listed before this one came from
   villages near Jade.  It seems likely this is the village this family
   was from. See Note 70.  There are also the villages Norderschweiburg
   and S�derschweiburg located close by.
64 The given name is clearly written exactly as typed.  The 2 "g's" are
   linked together.
67 The first given name could be Rienh.
70 While there was no Jaderbollenhagen found on a current atlas,
   research has found a tiny village called S�dbollenhagen which is
   also part of the small village of Jade.  This family is listed right
   after the families from this area.  See Notes 47 & 62. There are
   faint marks which may be ditto marks indicating occupation farmer.
80 There was nothing recorded to indicate that this passenger was born
   at sea.  If the recorded age of 8 days was as of arrival date, it
   would seem likely.
Transcription copyright © 8 June 2000 and 29 September 2000
All rights reserved.
Judie Cale Nelson