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Hello! My name is Anna Kramar-Scott, and I am excited about putting my family history information on a website!! I have always been interested in hearing stories about the early days of my immigrant ancestors, especially since both of my grandfathers had passed away before I was even born. I became more interested in this history a few years ago, when my oldest daughter had to research her family for a school project. Although I knew some of the basic information, it took several phone calls to other family members to collect enough data for her homework. Then we bought a computer, and the rest, as they say, is history. I was on my way to first learning HOW to research my ancestors, then the best ways to find information on them.

From my oldest brother's baby book, I found the names of my grandparents and great-grandparents. Also noted was their birthplace, which was an added bonus for when I was looking into my father's family! Sitting down with my parents and reviewing information and family photographs have given me innumerable names to investigate. I have been lucky in that both sets of my Slovenian grandparents immigrated to St. Louis County, Minnesota, as well as many of their siblings and cousins.

Although I have a long way to go before I can say I have found all of those ancestors of mine, I invite you to browse through my pages and maybe even find a connection to some of them! Like everyone doing this research, I have many miscellaneous folks that either I haven't connected to my family lines yet or have ruled out as not part of my large clan. Check through the miscellaneous pages to see if any of them are yours.


*meaning have not proven connection to main lines yet!

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There are a variety of names on my pages, not just Slovenian ones, either! Use the search box to see if any of yours can be found on some of my transcription pages.

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Resources page and Book Indexes

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Passenger Index Card transcriptions

My Favorite Links:


    This was my first genealogy stop on the web to learn many of the How-To's of research. It also has a wonderful, informative FREE newsletter.

    Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

    My second stop on the road to learning about genealogy and where to find tools and resources. I have not stopped going back!


    The perfect place to surf when looking for mailing lists, lessons, regions of interest, just about EVERYTHING!

My Favorite Minnesota Links:

  • Minnesota Historical Society

    The very best of Minnesota collections! For as many times that I have visited this facility, I have barely scratched the surface.

    St. Louis County, MN

    My home county, as well as that of my direct line ancestors, the St. Louis County page has a great deal of data, indexes and helpful sites.

    Gilbert, MN

    My hometown, this homepage was done by a long-time family friend and one of my new online friends, Gary Gorsha.

My Favorite Slovenian Links

  • Slovenian Genealogy Society

    One of the first steps I took when I began my research was to join theSlovenian Genealogy Society International. They are extremely helpful and have wonderful collections.


    The ultimate site for those researching Eastern European ancestors.

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