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Web Techniques Used on the Rury Homepage

Web Techniques Used on Rury Homepage

The following explains the code I have used on my page, which is tested and works on FreePages. Some of my web design (i.e. hovering buttons) comes from my use of FrontPage 2000 and will not be easily copied without it. As I have time I will document more, but if you can figure it out from the free source code your welcome to it. If clicking on a link shows you HTML example code do not include the <pre> </pre> lines. There are HTML tutorials listed below that explain these tips in much more detail. See Rootsweb Help page for other tips.

General Web Page Design
Add LCD Animated Welcome - This is actually just an animated GIF called welcome1.gif. Just right click and save it to your hard drive. Add it to your web page like you would any graphic.
<img border="0" src="images/welcome1.gif" width="211" height="27" alt="Welcome">
Email Address - Add a email line with the subject treated like a persons name. It won't show up in the subject line. But it does give some clue of where it came from.
email: <a href="mailto:[email protected]%20(Rury%20Homepage)">[email protected]</a>

Add a email line with a subject is not recommended as it will choke some browsers or will not work. Check the HTML Compendium for details. This is what you shouldn't do.
email: <href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Rury Homepage">Kenneth Rury</A>

Add Margins - Having text start in column 1 and go all the way to the right can be difficult to read. Surrounding your text with a <BLOCKQUOTE> </BLOCKQUOTE> will indent it on the left and right margins. Multiple <BLOCKQUOTE> entries will indent it further.
Add Internal Reference - When you want to reference a location within the same or different web page add the first line to point to where you want to go and the second line to label where it is going. You can also point to a location in another document by adding the web page on the first line like "nextpage#start". If you click on the rose on my page it sets you at the top, but below the advertising so you don't see it.
<a href="#start">Go to Start</a>
<a name="start">
Popup a Message During Load - My Surname List pops up a message pointing users back to the homepage to search. Modify the <Body> line.
<BODY OnLoad="alert('This is only a list. Use the Find and List Surname Buttons on the Rury Homepage to find these surnames.');">
Open a New Window - When you want to reference a new web page, but open in another window. Just add a "target=new" on the link.
<a href="" target=new>Photo Album</a>
Add Music
Add Photos
Add Last_Modified Date
Add SitePowerUp Message Board - Couldn't get the Rootsweb Guestbook/Mailmerge to quite work. This was a lot easier.
Drop-down Links - Add a drop-down link using java applet. Check HTML Goodies for details. Works only with 32 bit operating systems so provide an alternate way.
Add Next Holiday Reminder Place just before the /BODY at end of the HTML.
Add Worldconnect Search  Replace value="krury" with your database name.
Add a Free Site Search Engines
whatUseek - Use for indexing your site so people can search it. Highlights found text in bold where it is found in the document.
Pico - Popular site search haven't installed yet, but has worked well on sites I have seen like Jo Daviess Co. Doesn't let you auto schedule re-indexing.
FreeFind - Scans more than 1000 files. Re-indexing can be scheduled. Features like Site Maps and What's New doesn't work on Rootsweb. Does not show context of hit.
Rootsweb GenSearch - See Rootsweb Helpdesk for status. Doesn't work on Freepages yet.
Genealogy Surname Sites and Lists
Cindi's List
Cindi's List Submit
Connect with Surnames
Genealogy Pages Portal
Genealogy Search Engine
Rootsweb Submit
How to FTP using IE5

1) In IE5 point the Browser to ftp://[email protected]/ replace krury with your id. Do not include the ~.
2) It will then ask for user name and password. 
3) Once it connects it will look like a File Explorer window. You can delete or add new folders. 
4) Using the File Explorer (not IE) go  to your  files on the hard drive highlight them and do a Copy  then go back to my browser and paste them in the appropriate folder and they will upload.

Turn FTP on in IE5 if the above steps don't work.
1) Select Tools, Internet Options, Advanced.
2) Check Enable Folder View for FTP Sites.
What doesn't work with IE5 FTP:
- Using the browser from within a separate application or
- Copying from server to server.
- Drag and drop or copy/paste functionality from an FTP
server is supported only on Windows 2000 and later.

MS FrontPage 2000 Web Techniques
Meta tag for Surnames - Insert after <HEAD>
<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="genealogy, Rury, Trevethan, Cloudt">
Free Microsoft Web Tools
Web Publishing Wizard - gives experienced users an easy way to post their own Web sites to a server. The wizard automates the process of copying files from your computer to the Web server.
FrontPage Express - makes it easy for first-time Web authors to create Web pages without having to learn the HTML programming language.
Web Internet Publishing - does not work on Freepages, utility works only with FrontPage or HTTP WebDAV servers.
Add 7am News Ticker
Search Engine Research - Shows all the major search engines, meta crawlers, features, how to submit etc.
Internet Tutorials
Excellent Free Code
InoculateIT Free Virus Software - Everyone should have virus software installed. Includes FREE software updates, FREE virus signature updates, and FREE online support. It's not enough to install virus software you need to keep it current.
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