Our Family Heritage  

Our Family Heritage

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Some History of Our McGinty/McMullen/DeVaney/
Sorkilmo/Valentine/Courtney/Taylor Family

This page was designed to keep our family informed about its heritage.  We are predominately of Irish and Norwegian descent.  Our Irish ancestors came over during the early 1820's and mid 1840's.  Three quarters of our ancestors settled in Iowa and the Dakota Territory in 1840-1886.  The other one quarter settled in Illinois and Missouri pre 1850 and appear to be of Irish descent.  To discover more about our family genealogy please click on one of the links below.  Details for all people recorded as living in our database have been left blank.  People who were not recorded as either living or deceased from other sources have been recorded as living to protect their identities.  If  you identify a living person with birth dates erroneously displayed please contact me so I can correct the error.

Index of Surnames

Index of Persons With Links to Family Charts

Coat of Arms and Crests

Irish Ancestry

McGinty-Clark Murder Suicide of 1854 Dubuque County IA

McGinty, McCabe and Brennan's in Colorado and Montana

DeVaney - Fitzgerald -
Gilligan - Fitzpatrick - McGinty- Walsh - McBride - Gahagan Irish Ancestry

Gahagan / Gahagen Austin MN Ancestry

Norwegian Ancestry

Courtney & Valentine  Ancestry Adams, Brown, Hancock and Morgan Counties, IL, Marion and Sullivan Counties, MO

Our Brick Walls
Tumbing Down - Adams, Brown, Hancock and Morgan Counties IL, Marion and Sullivan Counties, MO

Adams County IL Divorces

Civil War Records
- Liberty Courtney

Maplewood School
Camp Point, IL 1890-1892 Photogaph and Early Photographs of Arthur J. Valentine

Our Norwegian Pioneer Histories

Family Obituaries

McGinty's in 1880 Census ~  Iowa and Minnesota

McGinty's in 1880 Census ~  Indiana

McGinty's in 1880 Census ~  Illinois

McGinty's in 1880 Census ~  Missouri

McGinty's in 1880 Census ~  Ohio

McGinty's in 1880 Census ~  Dakota Territory, Kansas and Nebraska

McGinty's in 1900 Census ~ IL, IA, OH, NE, MO, SD, ND

DeVaney's in 1880 Census ~  Dakota Territory, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota

Valentine's in 1900 Census ~ IL and MO

Courtney's in 1900 Census ~ IL and MO

Sisters of Charity of the B.V.M., Table Mound, Dubuque, IA 1880 Census Listing

1880 Dubuque Census Information of Interest - Sisters of Charity, Mercy Hospital Sisters of Mercy, County Poor Farm

1880 St. Louis, St. Louis MO Census ~ House of the Angel Guardian (Orphanage)


Norwegian Ancestors

Valentine and Sorkilmos

Irish Ancestors
(DeVaney and McGinty)

Meråker Farm Pictures
c. 1991-1995

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Gazaway, Miller and Stoneberg
    Included in our family genealogy are the Gazaway, Miller and Stoneberg ancestors. Click here to read a short summary of what we know of the Gazaway family.  Some of this ancestry information was created from family ancestry charts.  This information was supplemented for the Gazaway family through data obtained from Reverdy Lewin Orrell, III.  Mr. Orrell has graciously allowed us to include the information in our database.  Mr. Orrell is the expert on the Gassaway genealogy and should be contacted for details or questions regarding the Gassaway (Gazaway) family and their ancestors and collateral descendants by referring to the  Orrell Family Association Website & Research Forum
( http://www.orrellfamily.com) Reverdy Lewin Orrell, III, Orrell Family Association, Founder, Webmaster & Family Researcher.
View Gazaway Picture c. 1900-1905 from Dalton, GA