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The system tips on this page are intended primarily for Windows Versions 9x and Windows ME.  Some of the general operational tips can possibly apply to general practices of other operating systems.

Note: With the increased use of Windows XP, I am now adding some of the frequently requested tips for XP

Booting and rebooting
Browser Tips
CD disk types

Cleaning your computer and hardware
Cut and Paste
Computer Clock

Computer performance enhancements
Delete vs. Uninstall
Desktop Cleanup

Digital Camera
Direct Cable Connect
Disk Cleanup

Download Tips
Floppy Disks
Internet Explorer Web Pages

File Associations
Netscape - Browser - Slow
Netscape - File Errors

Notepad and Wordpad   Printers and Printer Inks   Program Fault

Scanners and Helps
SFC (System File Checker) Use
 System Files

Using Print Screen
Using Irfanview (Iview)
Using Nero CD burner

Outlook Express Attachments
Removing groups of email messages
Stack Overflow Error

Repair of Internet Explorer/Outlook Express
  Saving Outlook Express Messages

XP Tips

Stop Windows XP Messenger

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