Kuntz/Fischer and Kern/Evans Family history
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Family History of the Kuntz and Kern's
Kunz/Kuntz/Koontz (All pronounced Koontz)

All persons depicted herein are deceased

Corrections welcomed & encouraged

Brief info on our Kunz & Kern ancestors:
All four of our Kunz/Reisenauer & Fischer/Engelhart Ancestors were immigrants to the Dakotas in the very late 1800's
from the Odessa region of Russia - where their ancestors had been immigrants to Russia from Germany in the very early 1800's.
Franz (Frank) got his name changed from "Kunz" to "Kuntz" sometime after arriving at Ellis Island (not there though).
Dick legally changed his name during his second tour of duty in Viet Nam from 'Kuntz' to 'Koontz'.
So we went from 'Kunz' to 'Kuntz' to 'Koontz' in three generations.
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The Kern Ancestors came mostly from the towns of Hörstein and Michelbach in the Rhine river valley area of Germany.

Much of this information was gleaned from letters of the families of Margaret Roth
& Margaret Haugen who graciously shared them with us.

43 Star US Flag after ID,MT,ND,SD,WA became States  Canadian Maple Leaf Flag  German Flag Russian Flag
Note the odd pattern on 43 star US Flag - as it was when the Dakotas became States
( Canadian's flew the Union Jack back then )

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