Kuntz - Fischer - Englehart Family Photographs - mostly
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Old Family Photographs

All persons depicted herein are deceased

(Mostly of the Kuntz, Fischer & Englehart Families)
Click on pic for larger picture (If avail.)
Wildlife (Bird) Photos
Bird Pics
Wildlife (Mamals) Photos
Wildlife Pics
Gerald (butch) Fischer and Richard (Kuntz) Koontz
Butch Fischer & Dick Koontz
Frances (Fischer) Kuntz,Delphia & George Fischer, Aggie & Bill Hoven 1973,
Fran Del Geo Aggie Bill
Ann (Fischer) Currier (She always told it like it was)
Ann Currier
 Delphia (Olsen) Fischer - 1936
Delphia Fischer
George and Delphia (Olsen) Fischer
Geo & Del
Frances and Aggie Fischer
Fran & Aggie
Frances (Fischer) Kuntz with her Sister, Lucille (Fischer) LaRusso and her Son, Richard (Kuntz) Koontz
Fran LuCille Dick
Richard (Dick) Kuntz (later he changed his name to Koontz)
Dick Kuntz
Margaret (Reisenauer) Roth (Phil Kuntz' Cousin)
Margaret Roth
Adam Kuntz and his wife, Sophie in 1962
Adam & Sophie Kuntz
Hazel Kuntz in 1955
Hazel Kuntz
John Kuntz in 1942 - WW2
John Kuntz
Eva Kuntz in 1950 (Born in Russia)
Eva Kuntz
Philip Kuntz
Phil Kuntz
Lena (Engelhart) Fischer with her first child, Frances
Lena & Fran Fischer
John & Lena (Engelhart) Fischer
John & Lena Fischer
Eva & Sebastian Engelhart with their son, Joseph
Seb. Engleharts
Englehart Family. Ludwig and Magdalena with their Daughter, Magdalena and Sons Louis, John and Sebastian )
Ludwig Engleharts
Gisi Kids, John, James and George
Gisi Kids

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