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Cemetery Listings

I have put quite a bit of time into exploring cemeteries on the Miramichi, and it seems a shame that the information should just sit in my filing cabinet. (I've even gotten my son involved - kind of...) I will be adding information and pictures, to this site as I am able to. In addition to transcriptions of stones, for many that are related to my own trees, I have taken pictures and posted them here as well. Click on the tiny camera next to a name to see the headstone.

For the following cemeteries, I have finished and posted complete transcriptions:

Cemeteries I have information on and will work on posting are:

  • Blackville Parish, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
  • Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
    • St. Martin's Anglican Cemetery, Martin's River

Other cemeteries for which I have minimal information, or maybe just a story:

Cemetery Listings Elsewhere

Some other resources to note (by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Provincial Archives of New Brunswick - As of fall 2007, there are quite a number of New Brunswick cemeteries indexed here, but only a few from Northumberland County. My data (cemeteries posted prior to this fall) have found a home there; a good thing, since while I may not always have this website up and running, presumably the Archives will be still operating! ;) Northumberland cemeteries that can be searched there are:
    • Blackville Parish, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
      • Underhill Baptist, Blackville
      • Upper Blackville United Baptist, Upper Blackville
    • Blissfield Parish, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
      • First Pentecostal Church, Doaktown
    • Chatham Parish, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
      • St. Luke's Methodist - St. John's Presbyterian, Chatham
      • St. Paul's Anglican, Bushville/Chatham Head
    • Derby Parish, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
      • Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church
    • Nelson Parish, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
      • Most Pure Heart of Mary Roman Catholic Church
      • St. Edward's Catholic Church, Chelmsford
  • New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Miramichi Branch - This group has transcribed all known cemeteries in Northumberland County and has books for each parish available for purchase (as well as transcriptions for the 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, and 1891 Censuses for the county). These books have been very helpful to me, however, in the "I don't like to be negative, but..." department: they are expensive (they apparently get them copied as needed, and their costs are accordingly high), and in addition, shipping and handling costs (a flat fee which may exceed the actual postage cost) can make them more so.
    • I own the Blackville and Derby Parish books. If you need a quick lookup, I'd be willing to do so - e-mail me at [email protected]
    • Miramichi River Genealogy is an online index to the NBGS-Miramichi books. I found this index only minimally helpful, since you can only search by surname, and the results only have given names and parish of burial. Results are sorted by parish, then by name, so you have to examine a possibly very lengthy list to find out there are perhaps 10 John Smiths in maybe five parishes, with no way of determining which might be the one you're looking for. Mostly it's a tool to sell the books, and due to costs mentioned above, you may not want to purchase them all. Finally, I will also mention that the page has a very robust music track that can't be turned off unless you mute your speakers - something many web designers would say is a no-no. Depending on who's around when you're surfing, and depending on your sense of humour, it may be in questionable taste. It's about a girl being told by her father that her whole town is full of her bastard half-sibling brothers that are therefore off-limits to her... except that as her mother takes over the narrative, it turns out that whoops, Pa's really not her father 'cause her Ma got some on the side too, and therefore all the town boys are fair game after all. Nothing like a little questionable-parentage humour to liven up a genealogy search if you ask me. Sheesh. Sorry for the rant, but that was really bugging me. However, this is my website and my opinion, so please feel free to call me humourless! Well, don't tell me, anyway, but think it if you want. :)


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