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Kelly/Verge Genealogy

My Nova Scotia Roots

My father's family hails from Nova Scotia's South Shore. I have never been to visit this area, much to my regret, but I still have a good deal of information. Family names in this line include: Verge, Langille, Smith, Strum, Powers, McKenna, Hiltz, Eisenhauer, Arthers, McGowan, and Zwicker. More information to be posted soon.

Family Trees

To be posted shortly - lists of descendants from my ancestors who immigrated to Nova Scotia. For privacy reasons, I went through each list and deleted all personal information about any individual born less than 100 years ago, who is either living or might still be. These listings are far from complete, so if you are a cousin, please do let me know where you fit in!


Newspaper Listings

Obituaries and other notices about my Nova Scotia relations.

South Shore; Seasoned Timbers (Vol. 2)

This is a book put out by the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia in 1974 which profiles many historic houses and buildings on Nova Scotia's South Shore, from Prospect in Halifax County, all the way down the coast to Yarmouth County. I have transcribed the introduction and an index of all the buildings profiled. E-mail me if you would like me to do a lookup. I have seen copies for sale on the Internet, and it is interesting reading - there are lots of little details about "life back then" and well worth the few dollars asking price.

  • Introduction and building index
  • Strum - Stewart House - This house, which is painted red, is where my father lived for his first eight years, from 1940 to 1948. It belonged to his grandparents, Charles Dennis Langille and Ellen Amelia Strum, and had been in Ellen's family since 1839. The house may date as far back as 1835, when the land was owned by Joseph Langille, an ancestor of both Charles and Ellen.

American Connections

Many of the residents of the South Shore had very strong connections with the Northeastern United States, separated only a short distance by the sea. Fishermen often put into harbours across the water from their homes; many found spouses in these ports, as did my great-great grandfather, William Allen Verge, who started married life with his wife, Irish immigrant Nora Powers, in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

There are many surnames shared between the two areas; while the data doesn't necessarily fit in with what I know about my Nova Scotia roots as of now, that doesn't mean there isn't a connection somewhere!


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