Pioneer Families of Colonial America - Chapter 8

                               CHAPTER 8


     This information was compiled by Alice Theresa Kelley and John Hubert Doty.
It was collected and assembled from such sources as:  Family Bibles, Family re-
cords, family stories and church records.  It is dedicated to those hardy, ad-
venturous, and pious Irish pioneers who braved the hardships of the frontiers
of the colony of New Brunswick and proceeded to develop these areas toward the
thriving communities they are today.
     We checked the records and extracted information from the following Cath-
olic churches.  1.  St Peter and Paul, Bartiboque, N. B;  The records were
from 1801 to 1824.  From 1824 to 1839 they were included with those of St Pat-
rick's, Nelson, N. B.  From 1838 to 1866 the entries were recorded at St Mich-
ael's, Chatham, N. B.  From 1866 to date the records have been maintained at
Sts Peter and Paul.  2.  The records of St Patrick, Miramichi River, Nelson,
N. B. were from 1824 to date.  3.  The records of St Michael, Chatham, N. B.
were from 1838 to date.  4.  The records of St Thomas, Red Bank, N. B. were
from 1841 to date.  4.  The first entry in the records of St Bridget, River
Miramichi, Renous, N. B. was made on 11-13-1851.  These records also included
entries from St Edward's, Chelmsford and Our Lady of Good Hope, Millerton, N.
B.  6.  The records of St Mary, Newcastle, N. B. were from 1860s to date.
     The Wills, estate settlements, Probate Court and marriage records of the
County of Northumberland, Province of New Brunswick, Canada were not checked.
The list of passengers arriving in the Colony of New Brunswick were not checked.
Nor were the records of the Catholic Church at "The Forks & Blackville" - the
priest in 1975 was uncooperative-a grouch.  The Census report of this area for
1851, 1861, & 1871 were checked.  Any information given on these people will be
from the County of Northunberland, New Brunswick, Canada unless otherwise stated.


     The name Kelly (O'Ceallaigh) O'Kelly, Sept of Ui Maine (called Hy Many)
were in County Meath and the Eastern part of County Galway as well as the South
part of County Roscommon.  The O'Kelly of Ulster were in Counties Artrim and
Derry.  The O'Kelly, Septs of Leix (1543) were in Middle Ireland.  The Kellys
(Kealy and O'Keily) of Kilkenny and Tipperary are 'O Caollaidhe not 'O Ceal-
laigh.  See:  Irish Families by Edward Mac Lysaght.
     Alice There Kelly Doty, 4-7, is the daughter of Bernard Peter Kelly,
3-8, and Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Kelly.  Bernard Peter Kelly, 3-8, was the son
of Peter Kelly, 2-2, and Ellen Fitzpatrick of Douglasfield.  Peter was the son
of Emigrants Phillip Kelly, 1-1, and Katharine Gratton.  The maternal grand-
parents of Bernard Peter Kelly were Emigrants Jeremiah Fitzpatrick and Mary

PHILLIP KELLY (1805-85) - 1-1

     Phillip Kelly - 1-1, was born in Bantry, County Cork, Ireland between 1800
and 1806 and died in Derby Parish, Northumberland County, N. B. Canada on 8-29-
1885.  He is buried in St Bridget's old Catholic cemetery, Renous, N. B. - no
marker.  He more than likely was the son of Patrick O'Kelly and a brother of
Patrick Kelly who married Anne Fitzpatrick of Chatham on 1-10-1934, page 368



of St Patrick's records.  Phillip left Ireland and arrived in N. B. in 1826.
He married a young Irish Colleen by the name of Catherine Gratton of Upper
Nelson on 2-3-1835 at Nelson, N. B., p 414, St Patrick's Catholic church.
Sponsers:  Michael Gratton and Rosy Dalton.
     Catharine Gratton was born in Queens, County Cork, Ireland between 1814
and 1819 and died on 10-17-1883.  She is buried beside her husband.  She came
to N. B. from Ireland in 1830.  She may have been a sister to Michael and
Henry Gratton of Upper Nelson & may have been the dau of Old Peter Gratton.
     On page 14 of the Census Report for Nelson Parish, Northumberland Co., N.
B., Canada which was completed 7-8-1851 we find living in a log cabin - Phillip
Kelly age 45, born in Ireland and came to N. B. in 1826;  Katharine Kelly, his
wife, age 31, born in Ireland and came to N. N. in 1830.  Ch. all born in N.B.
Patrick age 15, Peter age 13, Elizabeth age 12, Katherine age 10, Thomas age 8,
Mary age 6, Jane age 3 and Margaret age 1.
     On page 3 of the Census Report for Derby Parish, same county, which was
completed 9-16-1861 we find - Phillip Kelly age 60, born in Ireland, race-Irish,
religion - Roman Catholic;  Katharine Kelly, wife, age 47, born in Ireland, race
Irish, religion - RC.  Ch. All born in N. B. & are RC in religion.  Patrick 24,
Peter 22, Elizabeth 20, Katherine 18, Thomas 16, Mary 14, Michael 12, Margaret
9, Henry age 7.  The parents have aged 15 and 16 years respectfully in the last
ten years.
     On page 32 of the Census Report for the same area as in 1861 which was
taken 4-11-1871 we find - Phillip Kelly age 70, etc;  Catharine Kelly age 59,
etc;  Ch.  Patrick 34, Lizzie 26, Thomas 24, Michael 20, Margaret 17, Henry 15.
     The children of Phillip Kelly and Katharine Gratton were Patrick, Peter,
Elizabeth, Katharine, Thomas, Mary, Jane, Margaret, Michael and Henry.

     2-1.  Patrick Kelly was born 2-29-1836, baptised 3-10-1836, p 460, age:
11 days at St Patrick's Catholic church, Nelson, N. B.  He died 4-16-1902.  The
records at St Bridget's Catholic church, Renous indicates 1903 as the year of
death.  He is buried in Renous cemetery near his father.  He married Annie Ross
on 9-11-1873 at Renous.  She was born 10-20-1855 & d. 3-23-1940 and is buried
in Renous cemetery.  They have markers.  She was the dau of Joseph Ross and
Marcel ne Breau.  Ch.  1. Joseph Patrick Kelly, b. 6-5-1874 and baptised at
Renous on 7-19-1874, age 6 wks.  He died 3-2-1955.  He married Christine Ann
Shonnon.  She died 7-15-1961.  2.  John Phillip Kelly, b. 6-25-1875 and bap
7-18-1875, age 3 wks, at Renous.  He d. 3-23-1887.  Records at Renous indicate
he d. 3-24-1888.  3.  Annie Jane Kelly, b. 4-22-1879 and bap 9-7-1879 at Renous.
She d. 1-10-1963.  She married Dennis Charles Sullivan of Oreno, Maine.  She was
interned in Riverside cemetery, Orono, Maine.  Ch. A.  Edward T Sullivan;  B.
Marion A Sullivan;  C.  Hilda Sullivan;  D.  Mrs Dorothy Sullivan Beaulieu.
4.  Mary Charlotte Kelly, b. 3-18-1883 and bap 5-20-1883 at Renous.  She d. 6-
3-1962.  Not married. Bangor, Maine.  She is buried at St Bridget's Catholic
cemetery, Renous.  5.  Martha Ellen Kelly, b. 9-20-1885 - church records at
Renous state 9-28-1885 and bap 10-17-1885.  She is still living as of 7-8-
1977.  Not married.  Bryenton, N. B.  6.  James Wm Kelly, b. 4-12-1889 and d.
at Renous.  Not married.  She died in 1969.  8.  Emiline (Emily) Catharine
Kelly, b. 5-8-1894 and bap 7-1-1894 at Renous.  She d. in 1960's.  She marrid
Charles Edward Colepaugh on 7-16-1913.  He was the son of Thomas Colepaugh.
Charles d. 3-3-1914.  Emily married 2nd Leander Gregory Allain on 5-4-1920.
He died 12-29-1954.  No ch by 1st husband.  Ch by 2nd husband - Cora, Elizabeth,
Harold, Leander Gregory Allain, b. 1937. Step-ch. Murry, Catharine & Margaret.



     2-2.  Peter Kelly, b. in 1837 in Nelson Parish and was baptised at THE
FORKS, Catholic church,  He died in Derby Parish, Northumberland Co., N. B. on
9-29-1918.  He is buried in the old cemetery of St Bridget's Catholic church,
Renous.  He married Ellen Fitzpatrick on 6-30-1863 at Chatham, N. B. by Bishop
Rogers.  St Michael's records contained - Peter Kelly of SW Miramichi and Ellen
Fitzpatricks of Chatham Parish were united in Marriage by my ministry according
to the rite of the Catholic church in the presence of John Aylward and Catherine
Kelly and many others by T. J. Rogers, Bishop, 6-30-1863.  Ellen was born 7-1-
1842 and bap 8-7-1842, age 5 wks, page 76, Chatham Parish records.  She died
1-10-1929 and is buried in the new cemetery of St Bridgets' across the river
from Renous.  See Fitzpatrick family.
     On page 32 of the Census Report for Derby Parish, N. B. which was taken
on 4-11-1871 we find - Peter Kelly age 31, born in N. B., race - Irish, Rel-
igion - RC;  Ellen Kelly, wife, age 27, born in N. B. etc;  All ch born in N.
B.  Thomas 6;  Willie H 4;  Mary J. 3;  Katie E 2;  Elizabeth age 3 mos (b.
1-  -1871).  Children of Peter Kelly and Ellen Fitzpatrick.  Thomas  John,
Wm Henry, Mary Jane, Catharine Ellen, Elizabeth Lydia, Jerome Phillip, Laura
Agness, Bernard Peter, Gertrude, Arthur Vincent, Lucy Agness, Emily Teresa,
Frederick Joseph.  Information on these children and their descendants follows.

     3-1  Thomas John Kelly, b. 7-10-1864 in Derby Parish and died 6-9-1947 at
Mora, Kanochee Co., Minnesota.  He is buried in St Mary's cemetery, Mora, Minn.
He married Johannah Caroline Sell in Pine City, Minn on 11-17-1896.  She was
b. 7-15-1877 in Skone, Sweden and came to the U. S. about 1883.  She died 6-15-
1950 and is buried beside her husband.  Johannah's father  d in 1899.  She had
two brothers and one sister.  Thomas & Hannah Kelly had nine children.  Ellen,
Peter, Lucy, Rose, Ethel, Clarence, John and two boys who died in childhood.

1.  Ellen Agness Kelly, b 5-10-1897 at Mora, Minn and m Ossie Mc Kenzie on
6-30-1919 at the Parish house in Foreston, Minn.  Ossie, b in 1892 at Watkins,
Minn and was living at Douglas, N. D.  They had 4 ch.  A. Lorene Agness  Mc
Kenzie, b. 12-24-1920 & married Vincent Conklin in 1940 at Garrison, N. D.
They had 2 ch. (1) Charlotte Conklin, b in 1941 and married Rollin Walters of
Colgan, N. D. in 1961.  They have a girl b. 1-  -1963.  (2) Tommy Conklin, b.
1952.  B.  Ralph Peter Mc Cenzie, b. 12-27-1929 & married Lois Brandt of Ryder
N. D. in 1956.  Ch. One adopted son (1) Donald Patrik Mc Kenzie, b. 12-23-1962.
C.  Marie Ellen Mc Kenzie, b. 10-10-1933 & married Marvin Felan of Minot, N.
Dakota.  No children.  D.  Patrick Darrill Mc Kenzie, b. 5-7-1937 & married
Francis Johnson, Ryder, N. D. in 1959.  Ch. (1) Linda, b in 1960; (2) Michael,
born 11-  -1962.

3.  Lucy Kelly, b. in 190  and d. 3-31-1955.  She m Jerome Greene.  He died
9-11-1961.  4 ch.  A. Dorothy Green m Mr Andrews and they had 3 ch.  (1)
Stephen;  (2) Jerry; (3) Rosalie.  B.  Paul Green m Wanda Medart.  7 ch.
(1) Timothy; (2) Mark; (3) Shawn; (4) Paula; (5) Terance; (6) Gina; & (7)
Damien.  C.  Lucile Greene m Howard Seeco of Seattle, Wash.  3 ch.  (1)
Maria (Marcia); (2) Ward; (3) Lance.  D. Rose Mary Greene m Joe Rush, Route
2, Box 14, Yamhill, Oregon.  Ch.  (1) Jaby.

4.  Rose Kelly married George Barker of 104 N. 83rd., St., Seattle, Wash. 2 ch.
A.  Beverly Jean Barker m Irvin Cavanaugh.  No ch.  B.  Thomas David Barker m
Joanne Harrigan.  3 ch.  (1) Chris;  (2) Laura;  (3) Julia.
5.  Ethel Kelly married Orlando Simons. 2 ch.  A. Mary Lou; B. Susie Simons.



     3-2.  Wm Henry Kelly, b. 12-27-1865 and bap 2-26-1866, age: 2 mos, at
Renous.  He d 3-6-1890 & is buried in Indian Town cemetery, Renous.  Not m.

     3-3.  Mary Jane Kelly, b. 10-3-1867 & bap 11-3-1867 at Renous.  She d.
8-4-1885.  Not married.  NW corner of Renous cemetery.

     3-4.  Catharine (Katie) Ellen Kelley, b. 4-17-1869 & bap 6-20-1869 at
Renous.  She d. 11-13-1940 & is buried in the new cemetery across the river
from Renous.  She m George Hogan of Derby.  He was b. 7-26-1860 & died 7-22-
1923, Renous cemetery.  They were married 7-7-1897.  George was the son of
Bart Hogan and Nancy Ferns (Fearon?).
     The following information is given on the Hogan family.  On p 10, Census
Report of Blissfield Parish, Northumberland Co., N. B. for 1851 we find -
George Hogan's grandfather and father listed.  It was dtd 7-21-1851.  It gave:
Wm Hogan age 51 born in Ireland, entered N. B. in June 1819 (the grandfather).
Mary Thompson Hogan, wife, age 46, born in Ireland, entered N. B. in June 1822
(grandmother).  Bartholomew Hogan, age 28, born in Ireland, entered N. B.  in
June 1826 (the father of George).  Hannah Hogan age 22 born in N. B.; Cathar-
ine age 23, born in N.B; Daniel age 18 (St Patrick's records indicate he was
born 10-9-1829 & bap 9-12-1830);  Mary age 16, bap on 2-23-1834; Wm age 14
(He m Catharine Donovan on 1-21-1856, St Patrick's);  Elizabeth age 12; James
age 10; Nancy age 8; John age 6.
     On page 14 for the same area which was completed 8-29-1861, gave:  Bart-
holomew Hogan age 40, born in Ireland, RC;  Nancy age 27, wife, (Records at
Remous states Nancy Ferns), born in N.B;  John Edward age 3, son;  George age
1, son;  Wm age 26, bro; Hannah age 28, sister; Catherine age 32, sis; James
T., age 20, bro;  John age 16, bro; Wm Mahoney age 10, nephew.
     On page 10, Census Report for Division 2 of Blissfield Parish, Northum-
berland Co., N.B. which was taken 4-8-1871 gave:  Bartholomew Hogan age 51,
etc;  Nancy Hogan age 40, wife, etc;  John E. age 13; George age 10; Mary E.
age 7; Nancy L age 4; Daniel age 35, bro; Daniel may have m Bridget Sweeney.
He died 6-29-1914, age 78.

Children of Katie Kelly and George Hogan.

1.  Percy Hogan d. 5-5-1961, age 63, not married.
2.  Bartholomew F. Hogan d. 8-  -1973, Renous cemetery.  Interned 8-21-1973.
    He m Mary Underhill.  Ch. A. Wilson, b. 7-26-1928;  B. Maureen Hogan,
    b. 1-15-1930 and m Robert Copeskey.  Ch.  (1) Cynthia; (2) Paul; (3)
    Peter;  (4) James; (5) Jeffrey;  C. George Hogan;  D.  John Hogan;
    E.  Margaret Mary Hogan married Herbert Thomas, son of John L. Mc
    Intyre, on 9-12-1964;  F.  Sylvia Hogan;  G.  Shirley Hogan;  H. Evelyn
    Anne Hogan.
3.  Bernetta Hogan married John Palmer.  Ch.  A.  Sheldon Palmer
4.  Murcock Hogan, not married, died in 1968.
5.  Edward Hogan married Muriel Myers.  Ch. 4 boys and 6 girls.
6.  Carl Hogan married Theresa Bernadette Tucker, dau of Joseph A., on
    12-26-1940.  Ch. 2 boys and 3 girls.
7.  Mary Hogan, b. 2-11-1914 and d. in 1962.  She married Raymond Ryan.  No ch.

     3-5.  Elizabeth Lydia Kelly, b. 1-27-1871 & bap at Renous on 2-10-1871,
age 2 wks.  She d. 1-16-1861 & is buried in new cemetery at Renous.  She m
Peter O'Brien of Quarryville, N.B. on 6-28-1899 at Renous.  Peter was bap at
Renous on 1-19-1862, age 2 mos, the son of Patrick O'Brien & Catharine Dillon.



Peter d. 4-26-1924, age 62, Renous cemetery.  Children.  1. Evelyn O'Brien
married James Sullivan.
2.  Mabel Agness O'Brien, b. 6-5-1901 and bap 6-30-1901.  She married James
    Crumley Nolais, son of James Nolais and Theresa Colford.  Theresa was the
    dau of Edward Colford and Margaret Ann Murry.  Theresa d. 1-16-1964, age 79.
    Ch. Raymond, John, Crumley, Martha - Mrs Wilson E. Burns, and Viola - Mrs
    Patrick Colford.  Mabel and Crumley Nolais married on 9-14-1937.  Children.
    A.  Ann Theresa Nolais, b. 1938 and married Dennis Francis Baiarty of Jos-
    eph on 9-  -1965.  B. Paula Nolais;  B. Lourdes Nolais; D.  Rosemary Jude
    m Edward Joseph Pyne, son of Blair Pyne, Chatham on 8-24-1963.  E. Evelyn
3.  Kathleen O'Brien married Michael Young.
4.  Earl O'Brien, b. 5-  1905 and d. 6-3-1969.  He married Helen Le Clair.
    Helen d. 12-  -1967.  Ch. A.  Donald O'Brien;  B.  Simon O'Brien.
5.  Stella O'Brien married Lloyd Edwards
6.  Mona O'Brien married Herman Sturgeon.
7.  Herman O'Brien, b. 1911 and d. 10-10-1963.

     3-6.  Jeremiah (Jerome) Phillip Kelly, b. 4-10-1873 and bap at Renous on
8-30-1873, age 4 mos.  He died 9-23-1953.  He married Annie Mc Mahon on 9-5-
1905 at St Mary's Catholic church, Newcastle, N.B.  She was born 2-12-1880,
d. 1976.  They are buried in the Millerton Catholic cemetery.  Children.

1.  Ambrose Kelly married Agness Wallace.  Ch.  Evelyn Kelly married Francis

2.  Gertrude Kelly married James Donahue.
3.  Aloysius Percy Kelly married Dorothy Gertrude, dau of George Stoneford
    Clapham, Yorkshire, England on 1-  -1946.
4.  Emerick Kelly, d. 11-2-1969 age 57, buried near his father.  He married
    Verna Hogan.  Ch.  A.  Laurie;
5.  Mary Kelly married Lawrence Mullin on 9-16-1941. Son of Jeremiah Mullin.
6.  John Kelly married Mary

     3-7.  Laura Agness Kelly, b. 3-3-1875 & bap 3-21-1875 at Renous. She
died 4-18-1875 and is buried in Renous cemetery (NW corner).

     3-8.  Bernard Peter Kelly, b. 7-28-1876 & bap 8-20-1876 at Renous.  He
d. 9-30-1956 and is buried in the cemetery of Our Lady of Good Counsel, Miller-
ton Catholic cemetery, Millerton, N.B.  He m Mary Elizabeth Sullivan of Wil-
liamstown, N.B. on 7-13-1904.  She was the dau of Sylvester Sullivan and
Elizabeth Colepaugh.  See Sullivan and Colepaugh families.  Bernard and Mary
Kelly had the following children.

4-1.  Lawrence Sylvester Kelly, b. 5-7-1905 & d. 11-20-1955.  Not married.
      He is buried beside his parents.
4-2.  Julia Elizabeth Kelly, b. 6-21-1906 and married Edward Gauvin on
      11-22-1936.  They live at 18 Hammone St., Caribou, Maine.  Eddie was b.
      10-7-1910.  He is the son of Amie Gauvin and Julia Michaud.  He was born
      at St Leonard, N.B.  His father was born in the U. S. and his mother was
      born in N.B.  Julia and Eddie had one child.  1.  Robert, b. 1-12-1940
      in Portland, Maine.  He served in the U. S. Navy from Mar 1958 to Mar
      1962.  He m and has two children - girls.  Eddie died 5-4-1977 - heart
      attack;  Julia died 5-6-1977 - cancer of liver and pancreas.



4-3.  Peter Burton Kelly (twin) b. 6-16-1908 and married Mildred Suzanna
      Underhill of Blackville, N.B. on 9-22-1937.  She is the dau of Alexander
      Underhill and Margaret O'Brien.  Alexander was bap 11-5-1876, age 4 mos,
      at Renous.  He was the son of James Underhill and Susan Sullivan.  Under-
      hill ch.  Pat Alexander, d. 5-25-1968, age 63; James; Herman; Arthur
      (Villa) Cook; Weldon (Daisy) Urquhart; Bart (Mary) Hogan.  Children of
      Bert and Mildred Kelly

      1.  Mary Joan Kelly, b. 2-7-1939 and married Charles Harris Verge on 3-
          30-1964.  He is the son of H. M. Verge of Sudbury, Ontario.  They
          married at St Patrick Catholic church, South Nelson, N. B.

      2.  Margaret Elaine Kelly, b. 4-2-1940 and married Wallace Joseph Jimmo
          on 7-1-1963 at St Patrick's, by Rev B. M. Broderick.  He was the son
          of Raymond Jimmo and Katherine Mc Intyre of Chatham, N. B.  Raymond
          d. 6-17-1965, age 60, the son of Louis Jimmo.  He was interned at St
          Michael's, Nelson, N. B.

      3.  Theresa Elizabeth Kelly, b. 9-11-1941 and married Alan James Mc Gach-
          lan (Eachlan) on 12-18-1965.
      4.  Peter Bernard Kelly, b. 3-12-1943 & killed in a car accident 6-21-
          1975 in British Columbia, Canada. Not married. He d. at Williams
          Lake, B. C.

4-4.  Joseph Vincent Kelly (twin), b. 6-16-1908 and d. 4-12-1962. Not married.
      A member of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic church, Millerton, N.B.
      and Knights of Columbus, 4th Degree.  Interned beside his parents.

4-5.  Kathleen Estella Kelly (twin), b. 3-19-1911 and married Michael Curry
      on 5-27-1950.  No children.  Michael d. 6-25-1968, age 75.

4-6.  Mary Marguerite Kelly (twin), b. 3-19-1911 and married Herbert Hanley
      on 7-13-1935. He died 12-17-1964.  Ch. 1.  Mary Elizabeth Hanley, born
      10-12-1936 & m Robert Pikoulas in 1955.  Ch.  A. Catherine, b. 10-  -
      1956;  B. Robert, b. 10-  -1957;  C.  Connie, b.
      2.  Judith Ann Hanley, b. 5-30-1942 & m Roland Duprey.  Children.  A.
      Michele Holli, b. 12-21-1964;  B.  Kelly (girl), b. 1968.

4-7.  Alice Theresa Kelly (twin), born 7-25-1913 & married John Hubert Doty
      on 9-10-1949 at Fitzsimons Army Hospital, Denver, Colo.  See John
      Hubert Doty - 9D236, pages 57 & 59, for children & additional information.

4-8.  Helen Ruby Kelly (twin), b. 7-25-1913 & d. 9-27-1968.  She married Ger-
      ald Mc Grath on 7-19-1939.  They have two adopted children.  1.  Mary
      Mc Grath, b. 1949;  2. Brenda Mc Grath, b. 1951.

4-9.  Francis Aaron Willis Kelly, b. 9-20-1915 & married Margaret Mc Carthy,
      South Nelson, N. B. on 8-24-1954.  No children.

     3-9.  Gertrude Kelly, b. 3-7-1879 & d. 3-7-1879.
     3-10. Arthur Vincent Kelly, b. 1-30-1880 & d 7-14-1880, bap 3-7-1880.
     3-11. Lucy Agness Kelly, b. 5-25-1881, d 3-12-1886, bap 7-3-1881.
     3-12. Emily Theresa Kelly, b 12-8-1883, d 8-17-1886, bap 12-25-1883.
     3-13. Frederick Joseph Kelly, b 1-31-1886, d 2-16-1917. He was bapt



           3-7-1886. They, the last five children, are interned in the
           NW corner of the old Renous cemetery.

     2-3.  Elizabeth Kelly, b. 4-27-1839, bap 9-10-1839 at St Patrick, p 87,
Bk 2.  She died in 1912.  She is buried at Three Lakes, Wisconsin.  She mar-
ried Edward Gratton of Duluth, Minn.  He died in 1914 the son of Edward Grat-
ton.  Ch. (Incomplete).  1. Elizabeth, b. 1871 & m Mr Monahan.

     2-4.  Katharine Kelly, b. 10-  -1840 & bap 1-15-1841, age 3 mos, at St
Patrick, p 124.  She m John White of Mass.  7 ch.  Jane, Sydney, Emily, John,
Walter, Wilfred and Thomas White, b. 1881, 627 Scotland St., Dunedin, Fla.

     2-5.  Thomas Kelly, b. 6-  -1842 & bap 10-6-1842, age 4 mos, p 161, St
Patrick's.  He died 1-17-1886.  It is said he married Peggy Cook.  He waided
an icy river and crawled into bed with his wet clothes on.  For this infrac-
tion his beloved wife left him.

     2-6.  Mary Kelly, b. 8-26-1844 & bap 9-27-1844, p 208, St Patrick's.
She m John Doran of Patrick Doran.  Patrick married Mary O'Connell of Mira-
michi on 5-16-1842, p 154, Bk 2, St Patrick, Nelson, N.B.  On p 56 of the
Census Report of Glenelg Parish, Northumberland Co., N.B. which was completed
10-25-1851 we find Patrick Doran age 53, born in Ireland, came to N.B. in Dec
1815;  Mary Doran, wife, age 40, b in Ire, came to N.B. in Sep 1831; Ch: all
born in N.B.  Bridget age 15, Michael age 13, John age 9, Catherine age 6,
Mary Ann age 4.  Bridget was step-dau of Patrick Doran.  Her name was Cassidy.
On page 3 of the Census Report for Genelg Parish which was taken in 1861 we
find - Patrick Doran age 63, b in Ire, etc;  Mary Doran, wife, age 45; all ch
born in N.B.  John 18, Catherine 15; Mary Ann 13, & step-dau Bridget Cassidy,
age 23.  On p 20 of the Census Report for District 2 of Glenelg Parish which
was dtd 4-10-1871 we find - Patrick Doran age 84, etc;  Mary Doran age 55, etc;
All in household were born in N.B.  John Doran age 27, Mary Kelly Doran age 21,
Mary Ann Doran age 21, Mary Ann Doran age 10, Mary Ann Doran age 1 month (b.
3-  -1871, child of John & Mary Kelly Doran).  John Doran d. 10-8-1909, age 68,
St Mary's New Castle, N.B.  Children of Mary Kelly and John Doran.

1.  Mary Ann Doran, b. 3-  -1871 and married Wm Black.
2.  Catherine Doran, b. in 1873 and married James Donahue.
3.  Margaret Doran married James Murphy.
4.  James Doran, b. 1875 & d 3-9-1898, age 22 from blood poison. Renous cemetery.
5.  John C. Doran b 3-29-1877 & bap 6-21-1877.  He m Mary Clohl (Close) on
    11-20-1901.  She was the dau of Wm Close & Miss Carroll.  She d 3-8-1943,
    age 66.  Ch.  A. Geneive m John Hachey; B. Veronica;  C. Bernetta married
    Mervin Ramsey; D. Carl Doran,  E.  Joseph Doran;  F. Charles, d. 2-16-1968,
    age 58;  G.  Isaac Doran.
6.  Sheridan Doran m Jean Taylor, � sister to Molly, See 2-I0, # 3.  1 boy.
7.  Ida May Doran, b. 5-3-1880, bap 8-15-1880 at Renous.
8.  Arthur Patrick Doran, b. 2-2-1882, bap 4-2-1882 at Renous.  He married
    Bertie Whedden.
9.  Rose Ellen Doran, b. 10-21-1883, bap 11-18-1883 at Renous.  She married
    Allen Black.
10. Lucy Agatha Doran, b. 9-4-1885, bap 9-30-1885.  She m Charles Jones.
11. Wm Joseph Doran, b. 9-4-1885, bap 9-30-1885 & m Mary Wilson, dau of
    George Wilson & Margaret Blair.  She d. 7-19-1968, age 72.  They married



     at Renous on 11-22-1912.
12.  Elizabeth Doran married Peter Cobb and 2nd Daniel Connell.
13.  Eta Doran.
14.  Stanley Doran married Dora Whedden.  Ch. One boy.
15.  Leo Getty Doran, b. 8-6-1893, bap 8-20-1893 at St Thomas, Red Bank, N.B.

     2-7.  Jane Kelly, b. 3-25-1848, bap 9-20-1848, p 280, St Patrick's and
must have died prior to 1861.  She was on the 1851 census report, but I could
find nothing further on her.  She may have married Michael Gillion on 9-17-
1874 at Renous.

     2-8.  Margaret Kelly, b. in 1850 and d. 12-12-1936, age 86 yrs, Renous
cemetery.  She married Thomas Kingston on 9-11-1873 at Renous.  Thomas was b.
in 1836 and d. 10-12-1919, age 83.  He had a brother, John, and a sister,
Ellen, and maybe others.  Children of Margaret Kelly and Thomas Kingston.

1.  James Kingston, b. 7-7-1874, bap 8-9-1874 at St Thomas, Red Bank, N.B.
    He d. 1-26-1947 & is buried in Renous cemetery.  He m Mabel Donahue.  No
    children.  I have dau, H. Hamill Carvell, plus 2 sons as a note here.
2.  Jane Elizabeth Kingston, b. 2-6-1876, bap 2-15-1876 at Renous.  She d. in
    1961.  She m John Wallace.  Ch.  A.  Agness Wallace married Ambrose Kelly.
    B.  Mary Wallace
5.  Phillip Herbert Kingston, b. 3-25-1882 and bap 5-26-1882 at Renous. Not
4.  Thomas John Kingston, b. 5-4-1880, bap 7-12-1880 at Renous.  He married
    Elizabeth             Ch.  A.  Dr Thomas Kingston
3.  Agness Anne Kingston, b. 4-9-1878, bap 10-13-1878 at St Thomas.  Not
    married.  She lives at Box 313, Bovery, Minn.  She left N.B. in 1898.

     2-9.  Michael (Mich) Kelly, b. in 1846, d. 2-15-1929, age 80, Renous
cemetery.  Not married.

     2-10. Henry Kelly, b. 2-  -1853, bap 3-26-1853, age 5 wks, p. 342, St
Patrick's.  He died 5-6-1926, age 74, Renous cemetery.  He married Mary Fitz-
patrick, sister to Ellen (2-2), on 4-27-1875 at Renous.  Mary was born 8-7-
1840 & d. 3-18-1924, age 83, Renous cemetery.  She was bap 9-27-1840, age 7
wks, p. 42, at St Michael's Catholic church, Chatham, N.B.  Children.

1.  Agnes Jane Kelly, b. 11-1-1876, bap 12-25-1876 at Renous.  She d. 4-6-
    1901, age 25, Renous Cemetery.
2.  Mary Ann Kelly, b. 12-4-1878, bap 4-6-1879.  She d. 9-13-1909, age 28,
    Renous cemetery.
3.  Phillip Bernard Kelly,  b. 3-21-1881, bap 4-9-1881 at Renous.  He died
    3-7-1956.  He m Mary Josephine (Molly) Taylor of South Esk at Red Bank
    on 9-3-1913.  She was the dau of Wm Taylor and Margaret Regan.  Molly
    and Phillip are buried in the cemetery of Our Lady of Good Counsel,
    Millerton, N.B.  Molly d. 6-13-1964, age 75.  Ch.  A.  Mark Kelly, died
    9-9-1915, age 7 mos, Renous cemetery.  B. Murdock Kelly, b. 11-18-1916 &
    married Betty Manderville (b. 2-17-1924).  Ch.  (1) Gene Murdock Kelly
    b. 10-1-1947; (2) Mary Lee Kelly, b. 10-11-1948 & m Norton Ronald White,
    son of Morton White, on 7-  -1969.  (3) Patricia Ann Kelly, b. 4-30-1952.
    C.  Loretta Kelly, b. 10-4-1918 & m Charles Hachey (b. 10-24-1915).  Ch.
    (1)  Robert Francis, b. 8-8-1946; (2) Paul Bernard,  b. 10-3-1947;



    (3) Lois Maria, b. 9-26-1950;  (4) Susan, b. 4-6-1954;  (5) Ann Eliza, b.
    1-9-1958.  D. Francis (Frank) Bernard Kelly, b. 8-21-1920 and married
    Eliza Benson on 11-12-1951.  Ch.  (1) Darrell Francis, b.  11-14-1952;
    (2) Penelope, b. 2-  -1955;  E. Helen Kelly, b. 5-18-1924 and married
    Wm Farrah on 7-19-1951.  Ch.  (1)  Mary Roselle, b. 12-31-1952;  (2)
    Lori Ann, b. 9-  -1954;  (3) Gary, b. 10-  -1957;  (4)  Blaine, b. 9-  -
    1959;  (5) Kelly (girl), b. 10-  1962.


     Jeremiah (Jerry) Fitzpatrick was born about 1811 in Ireland and died be-
tween 1851 & 1861.  He came to New Brunswick from Ireland in 1831.  He married
Mary Breen on 5-19-1839.  See p 32 of St Patrick's records.  Sponsers were
Robert Gilbert and Mary Donohoe.
     The Census Report of Chatham Parish, Northumberland Co., N.B., completed
11-8-1851 gave the following information on page 21.  Jermiah Fitzpatrick, age
40, born in Ireland & entered N.B. in 1831;  Mary, wife, age 35, born in Ire-
land and entered N.B. in 1836.  All children were born in N.B.  Mary, age 11;
Ellen 9;  Michael 6;  Catherine 5; Wm, age 9 mos.
     The next entry was Timothy Fitzpatrick, age 50, born in Ireland & entered
N.B. in 1822.  Bridget, wife, age 32, b. in Ireland & entered N.B. in 1837.
Ch. Wm age 7; Catharine 5; Mary Ann 3;  Mary Fitzpatrick, age 63, mother of
Timothy, b. in Ireland & entered N.B. in 1822, widow and mother of Jeremiah.
Wm, age 23, brother of Timothy, born in N.B.  Johannah Lockman, age 60,
widow, mother of Bridget, born in Ireland & entered N.B. in 1828;  Michael
Lockman age 23, bro of Bridget, born in Ireland & entered N.B. in 1828.
     On p. 90 of the Census for the same area as in 1851 which was completed
11-30-1861 we find - Mary Fitzpatrick, age 50, born in Ireland, race-Irish,
Religion-Roman Catholic, widow;  Ch.  All born in N.B.  Mary 19; Ellen 17;
Michael 15;  Catharine 16; Wm 11.
     On page 59 for the same area we find - Timothy Fitzpatrick, age 50, etc;
Bridget 39;  Ch.  Wm 17; Catharine 15;  Mary Ann 11; Ellen 8;  Margaret B. age
19 months.
     On page 2 of the Census for Division 1, same area as in 1851 & 1861, dtd
4-7-1871 we find - Mary B. Fitzpatrick, widow, age 50, born in Ireland; Wm
Fitzpatrick, son, age 19.  On p 78, Division 2, same area, dtd 4-20-1871 we
find - Timothy Fitzpatrick, age 62, etc;  Bridget, age 50, etc; Ch.  Wm, age
27; Mary 22; Ellen 17; Margaret 9.

Children of Jeremiah Fitzpatrick and Mary Breen - All baptised at St Michael's
Catholic church, Chatham, N. B.

     1.  Mary Fitzpatrick, b. 8-7-1840 & bap 9-27-1840, age 7 wks, page 42.
She married Henry Kelly.  See husband for additional information, 2-10, p 111.
     2.  Ellen Fitzpatrick, b. 7-1-1842 & bap 8-7-1942, age 5 wks, p 76.  See
husband for additional information.  She married Peter Kelly, 2-2, p 106.
     3.  Michael Fitzpatrick, b. 8-6-1844 & bap 8-15-1844, p 109. He died
prior to 1871. He was not listed on the 1871 census.
     4.  Catharine Fitzpatrick, b. 11-20-1846 & bap 12-20-1846, age 1 mo. page
151.  She died in 1920.  She married John Harrigan, b. 1845, d. 1908, the son
of Cornelius Harrigan and Eliza Sloan.  John d. 6-5-1908, St Edward's cemetery
Chelmsford, N.B.  See Thomas Colepaugh.  Ch.  Wm (Will) Harrigan, b. 1874 and
married Amanda Mc Kinley (age 27) on 4-2-1904.  She was the dau of Daniel



Mc Kinley and Miss Nelson.  B. Mary Jane Harrigan, b. 11-3-1876, d 3-30-1963.
She married Patrick Kirk.  He d in 1955.  He was b in 1873. Both are buried
in Chelmsford Catholic cemetery.  Ch. (1) Mary Kirk married Ralph Willet;
(2) Kathleen Kirk m Thomas Phillips;  (3) Rose Kirk m John Phillips; (4) Vin-
cent Kirk; (5) John Kirk; (6) Genevieve Kirk (1906-1961), Chelmsford cemetery.
C.  Elizabeth Harrigan, b. 11-28-1878, d 10-24-1966.  She m Wm Walsh who died
in 1950, Chelmsford cemetery. Ch. (1) Geraldine, b. 1914, d 1-7-1941; (2)
Wm;  (3) Standley;  (4) John;  (5) Eileen Walsh.
D.  Catharine (Kate) Harriagn m James Grennan.  Ch. (1) Adrian, d 2-5-1969,
Age 52, not married; (2) Henry;  (3) Grace m Joseph Butler; (4) John married
Theresa Grennan (John Bohen);  (5) Vincent;  (6) Rita Grennan.
E.  Rose Harrigan m Sylvester Mc Phee.  F.  Emma Harrigan m John Chisholm.
G.  Ella Harrigan, d 1936 - not married.  H. Ambrose Harrigan, b 1889 & d.
in 1928.  He married Mary, dau of Thomas Colepaugh, on 8-22-1917.
     4.  Wm Fitzpatrick, b 11-  -1850, bap 1-2-1851, age 2 mos, p 222.  He
died in 1902.  He married Emma Dolan.  Ch. A. James Michael Fitzpatrick, b.
1-18-1890, d 5-14-1938, Chelmsford.  He married Alice Agatha Chambers (1880-
1965), Chelmsford.  Ch. 2 sons & 4 step-children.  B. Girl - living in 1938.
C. Girl - living in 1938.


     The O'Sullivan and Mac Carthy families more than likely came from Kil-
larney.  At Muchross Abby mossy stones mark the resting places of generations
of Mac Gillicuddys, Mac Carthys and O'Sullivans.  This is west of County Cork
in County Kerry.
     Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Kelly was the dau of Sylvester Sullivan and Eliz-
abeth Colepaugh.  She was the grand daughter of Michael Sullivan and Alice
Green.  Michael Sullivan & Alice Green were m on 4-11-1836 at St Patrick's, p.
466.  They were from North Esk Parish.  Sponsors were Edward Sheasgreen and
Ellen Green.  The maternal grandparents of Mary Elizabeth Sullivan Kelly were
George Colepaugh and Catharine Donovan.
     On p 5 of the Census Report of Northesk Parish, Northumberland Co., N.B.
which was completed 10-31-1851 we find Michael Sullivan and family.  Michael
Sullivan age 52, born in Ireland & came to N.B. in 1825;  Alice Sullivan, wife,
age 40, born in Ireland & came to N.B. in 1825;  All children born in N.B.
Sylvester age 14; Mary 13; John 12; Daniel 9; Michael 7; and Wm age 4.
     On p 33 of the census for the same area, dtd 10-31-1861 we find Michael
Sullivan age 70, born in Ireland; Alice Sullivan, wife, age 60, born in Ire.;
Ch. Sylvester age 26; Mary 23; Daniel 21; Michael 19; Wm 17; Elizabeth 14.
     On p 42 of the census for the same area but Subdivision 2, dtd 4-27-1871
we find - Alice O'Sullivan, widow, age 60, born in Ireland, RC;  Ch. Daniel
age 27; Michael 24; Wm 19; Julia 22; and Elizabeth 16.
     On p 45 of the same area, dtd 4-28-1871 we find Silvester O'Sullivan age
34, born in N.B., Catholic, race-Irish; Elizabeth O'Sullivan, wife, age 37, b.
in N.B., Catholic, race-Irish; All ch born in N.B.  Michael Aaron age 1.
     From the information given in the Census, family records and church re-
cords we have Michael Sullivan born between 1791 & 1799 in Ireland and enter-
ing the Colony of N.B. in 1825.  He d 9-23-1865 & more than likely is buried
in the Catholic cemetery, Red Bank, N.B. His wife, Alice Green, was born
about 1811 in Ireland and came to N.B. in 1825.  She died 5-22-1872 and buried
in Red Bank.  Children of michael Sullivan and Alice Green.  Sylvester, Mary,
Johanna or John, Daniel, michael, Wm, Julia and Elizabeth.



     1.  Sylvester Michael Sullivan, b. 1-  -1837, bap 3-26-1837, age 10 wks
at St Patrick's, Bk 2, p 8.  He died 10-23-1903, age 66 yrs.  He m Elizabeth
Colepaugh on 9-23-1868 at St Thomas, Red Bank, N.B.  She was b in 1835 in N.
B. & d 10-27-1899, age 64 yrs (See family of George Colepaugh Sr).  She was
buried on 10-29-1899 at St Thomas' cemetery by Rev P. Duffy.  Children.
A.  Michael Aaron Sullivan, b. 4-3-1870, bap 4-12-1870, 2 wks, at St Thomas.
He was living in Western Canada during the 1940s. B. George Thomas Sullivan,
b 6-  -1872, d at the age of 6 mos - whooping cough, twin.  C.  Alice Cathar-
ine Sullivan, b. 6-  -1872 & d at the age of 6 mos - whooping cough.  D. Mary
Elizabeth Sullivan, b. 9-10-1873, bap 7-23-1874, 10� mos, at Renous.  She
was confirmed 10-2-1892 at St Thomas by Right Rev Bishop James Rogers.  She
d 10-21-1959.  She was born near Williamstown, N.B.  Her funeral was held
Saturday morning, 10-24-1959 from the Church of our Lady of Good Council,
Millerton, N.B.  Interned in the family plot of the adjoining cemetery.
She married Bernard Peter Kelly, 3-8, p 108.
     2.  Mary Sullivan, b. 7-  -1838, bap 8-19-1838, 3 wks, at St Patrick, Bk
2, p 59.  She d 12-24-1914 at age of 76 in Marysville, Wash.  She m  Dennis
Sauntry in 1866, Blessed on 9-3-1873 at Renous.  He died 10-24-1895, age 66,
St Thomas' cemetery.  Ch. A. Wm Sauntry, b. 3-13-1867, bap 4-28-1867 at St
Thomas.  He d 1-12-1923.  B.  Daniel Francis Sauntry, bap 7-11-1869, age 5
mos at St Thomas.  C.  Michael Sauntry, bap 7-9-1871, age 3 mos, at St Thomas.
D.  Mary Jane Sauntry, bap 7-14-1876, age 4 wks, at Renous.
     3.  Johanna Sullivan, b. 4-4-1840, bap 6-27-1840 at St Patrick's, Bk 2,
p 108.  She was listed as John on census reports.  She died between 1851 and
1861.  At least no further information could be found on her.
     4.  Daniel Sullivan, b. 12-  -1841, bap 3-24-1842, age 3 mos, at St Pat-
rick's, Bk 2, p 150.  He died prior to 12-24-1914.  Did he marry Catherine
Kehoe of Renous?  Ch.  Wm Morriscy Sullivan, d 3-7-1939, age 62.  He married
Bernetta Layton - 4 sons & 2 daus.  Wm had a sister & 4 brothers.
     5.  Michael Sullivan, b 12-25-1843, bap 4-7-1844 at St Patrick's, Bk 2,
p 200.  He d 9-28-1917, age 72, leaving a brother and one sister (Julia? and
     6.  Wm Sullivan, b. 1847.
     7.  Julia Sullivan, b. 1849, d. 1924.  She is buried at Marysville, Wash.
She moved to Washington about 1909.  She m Daniel C. Donovan of Timothy and
Elizabeth Callahan Donovan on 11-  -1871 at St Thomas.  Daniel d 1-23-1907 in
N.B.  They had three children.  A.  James R. Donovan, b 1872, d at age of  16
in N.B.  B. Emory Wm Donovan, b 5-  -1873, bap 7-13-1873, age 6 wks, at St
Thomas.  He d. in Everett, Wash in 1937.  He m Estella Keating of N.B. in
Lawrence, Mass.  Ch.  (1)  James R. Donovan, b in 1905 & died in Everett,
Wash in 1955.  He married - 2 ch.  (2) Catharine Donovan m Bernard Shasky -
one child.  (3)  Geraldine Donovan m Clair Matteron - three children.
(4)  Joseph Donovan m Naomi Everest - no children.  (5) Daniel Donovan married
and had 4 children.  (6) Francis (Frank) Donovan m & had 4 children.
(7) Michael Donovan m & had one child.
C.  Daniel S. Donovan, in Strathadam, N.B. on 9-13-1874, bap 10-11-1874, age
4 wks, at St Thomas.  He died in Monroe, Wash 11-29-1933.  He was the grandson
of Michael Sullivan and Alice Green.  He married Margaret Mc Cafferty, dau of
Henry Mc Cafferty and Catherine Colepaugh.  Maggie, b 2-4-1882, d. in Everett,
Wash on 7-17-1944.  She was the granddau of George Colepaugh and Catharine
Donovan.  11 children.  (1) James Roger Donovan, b. 6-19-1905 in N.B. & m
Lucille Waggoner - no children.  (2) Henry John Donovan, b. 1-21-1907 in N.B.
& m Mary Hogan - 2 children. a. Ann M Donovan, b. 3-30-1941, Everett, Wash



& m Kenneth Moore.  No children. b. Maryellen Donovan, b. 10-10-1942, Everett,
Wash and m Eugene Esquival - one child - Sara Ann Esquival, b. 12-9-1965, Long
Beach, Calif.  (3) Julia Margaret Donovan, b. 11-30-1908 in N.B.  Not married.
(4) Mary Kathryn Donovan, b 11-13-1910 in Monroe, Wash & d 10-18-1964 in
Albany, Calif - buried in Monroe, Wash.  (5) Emory Wm Donovan, b 9-13-1913 in
Monroe, Wash & m Dorothy Bump - 4 ch - a. Lee Wm Donovan, b. 10-22-1937 in
Everett, Wash.  b. Edwin George (Ted) Donovan, b. 12-15-1939 & m Patricia J.
Stephens - no ch.  c.  Marjorie Susan Donovan, b. 9-25-1943 & m Gordon Woods
2 ch.  Christopher Woods, b. 3-28-1964 & Keith Aaron Woods, b. 4-  -1965.  d.
Michael Jon Donovan, b. 4-  -1945 in Everett, Washington.
(6) Marjorie Elizabeth Donovan, b. 8-7-1914 in Monroe, Wash & d 2-9-1943 in
Seattle, Wash.  She is buried in Monroe. (7) Daniel George Donovan, b 1-18-
1918, Monroe, Wash.  Not married.  (8) Gordon Joseph Donovan, b 11-5-1919 &
m Clarice Lingbloom.  They live in Ferndale, Wash - 5 ch - Kathleen, James,
Brian, Michael & Thomas.  (9) Catharine Clara Donovan, b 9-27-1922 & m LeRoy
Doucet of Lafayette, Louisiana.  They live in Broussard, La.  3 ch - Gerald
F., b 11-11-1946; Joanne M., b. 1-28-1948; Patricia Louise, b. 4-10-1949.
(10) Louise Helen Donovan, b 10-3-1924 & m Martin Potts.  They live in Albany,
Calif.  2 ch - Daphne Ann, b. 7-28-1948;  David M., b. 11-7-1950.
(11)  Patricia Ann Donovan, b 2-28-1927, not married.  She lives at 411 Corn-
ell Ave., Apt 8, Albany, Calif. 94706.
     8.  Elizabeth Sullivan, b. 1-16-1852, bap 4-9-1852 at St Patrick's, Bk
2, p 328.  She died 9-24-1915.  She m John Donovan, bro to Daniel C. Donovan.
6 ch.  Harry; Wm b 6-8-1873 at St Thomas, baptised; Mary; Jack; Agness & Daniel.
Who is Michael Alphonsus Sullivan, b 6-9-1889, bap 8-25-1889? C. Mary Donovan
m Hary Minniken. 2 sons - Jack & Harry.  They live at 4236 Orcas St, Seattle,
Wash.  F.  Daniel Donovan d 6-23-1917 at age 35.


     George Colepaugh, b. between 1800 & 1806 in Penn of German parentage.  He
came to N.B. in 1827.  He d. 8-17-1887.  It is said that he served in the Amer-
ican Army in Ky.  His mother and sister were killed by Indians in U. S.
There was a Christian Colepaugh listed on U. S. Census of 1790 for Dutchess
Co., Northeast Town, N.Y. as 1 male over age 16 & 1 male under 16 plus 2 fe-
males.  George operated the Colepaugh Inn on Renous river.  His father was a
Hessian soldier with the British during the Rev War, Southern States.
     George married Catharine Donovan.  She was born between 1805 & 1811 in
Ireland & d. in 1877.  She came to N.B. in 1831.  On p 1 of the Census of
Blackville Parish, Northumberland Co., N.B. dtd 7-2-1851 we find - George
Colepaugh age 45 born in America & came to NB in 1827;  Catharine, wife, age
40, born in Ireland & entered NB in 1831.  All ch born in NB.  Elizabeth age
16; Eleanior (Ellen) age 14; Christopher 12;  Catharine 10; Thomas 8; Margaret
age 4.  This family could not be found on the 1861 report.  On p 1 of the
Census report for Division 1, of Blissfield Parish, dtd 4-4-1871 we find -
George Colepaugh age 71, born in the United States of German parentage, Rel-
RC;  Catharine Colepaugh, wife, age 66, born in Ireland, race-Irish, Rel-RC;
All ch born in NB.  Catharine 27; Thomas 26; Margaret 22; and Wm Clancey age
11.  Children of George Colepaugh and Catharine Donovan - Elizabeth, Eleanor,
Christopher, Catharine, Thomas and Margaret.

1.  Elizabeth Colepaugh, b in 1835 in NB and d. 10-27-1899.  She married
    Sylvester Sullivan, #1, p 114, Sullivan family, for children.



     2. Eleanor (Ellen) Colepaugh, b. 1837 in N.B. & d 1-29-1900 at age 63,
Blackville, Ren Bridge.  She m 1st Mr Roberts who was killed in the American
Civil War (1861-65).  She m 2nd Robert Stewart prior to 1871.
     3.  Christopher Colepaugh, b 1839 & left home never to be heard from.
     4.  Catharine Colepaugh, b 1841 and d 12-23-1901, age 59, Renous Cemetery.
She m Henry Mc Cafferty on 7-24-1873 at Renous.  He was the son of Henry  Mc
Cafferty Sr and Elizabeth Holland.  Henry Jr was born 7-25-1843, d 12-11-1924.
Children.  A. Thomas Milton Mc Cafferty, b. 8-7-1883 bap 9-2-1883 at Renous.
He could have been born 9-2-1883, bap 9-7-1883.  I have both dates.  He died
at the age of five wks on Renous River.
B.  Mary Ida Mc Cafferty, b 1-28-1885 bap 4-6-1885 at Renous.  She married Wm
John Whalen of Renous.  John, b 2-14-1878, d 10-27-1962.
C.  Henry Mc Cafferty, b 2-11-1878, bap 3-3-1878 at Renous.  He d 10-  -1949.
He married Florence
D.  George Colepaugh Mc Cafferty, b 3-17-1876, bap 4-16-1876 age 1 mo, at
Renous.  He died 7-4-1947 & is buried in Renous cemetry - not married.
E.  Elizabeth Mc Cafferty, b. 10-15-1874, bap 12-25-1874, age 2 mos, at Renous.
She was called Bessie.  She d 10-2-1948.  She married Edward Singleton.  He
was born in 1869 & d 10-1-1942 at age of 74.  He was the son of John Singleton
and Eliz Hughes.  They had 6 ch:  Willis (1903-31); Bernard; Clarence; Raymond;
Mary who married Ted Mc Cafferty, Ch: Anna Lee;  and Clara Singleton.
F.  Clara Mc Cafferty, b. 7-8-1880, d 3-23-1905.  Buried at Renous.  She m
Michael Kehoe.  Church records gave - Catherine Clarence (girl), b 1-8-1880
and bap at Renous on 2-1-1880.
G.  Margaret Ann Mc Cafferty, b 2-4-1882, d 7-17-1944 at Everett, Washington.
Buried at Monroe, Wash.  She m Daniel S. Donovan.  See Sullivan family.
Church records gave - Margaret Ann Mc Cafferty, b. 3-4-1882, bap 3-17-1882.

     On the Census Report of Genelg Parish, Nothumberland Co., N.B. we find
in 1851 - Henry Mc Cafferty Sr and family listed on p 43.  Henry Mc Cafferty,
age 51, born in Ireland & entered N.B. in July 1825.  He died prior to 1861;
Elizabeth (Betty) Holland Mc Cafferty, wife, age 38, born in Ireland & entered
N.B. in July 1832.  Henry and Betty m on 4-25-1833 at St Patrick's on
5-14-1834, age 2 days, p 376, Bk 1;  Bridget age 12, bap 1-6-1839, age 2 wks,
p 72;  Sarah, 16, b. 10-18-1836, bap 10-19-1836 at St Patrick's, p 494;
Catherine age 2, bap 12-12-1848, 5 wks, at St Michael's, Chatham, p 193;
Elizabeth age 4;  Margaret age 2 mos.
     On p 28 of Census for same area for 1861 we find - Mary Mc Cafferty,
widow, age 48 (died prior to 1871), born in Ireland, Rel-RC; Henry 19;  Hugh
17; Bridget 23; Sarah 24; Catharine 13; Elizabeth 15; Margaret 10; and Mary
age 8.  Also on p 29 of the same report for 1861 we find - Thomas Mc Cafferty
age 27; Mary Mc Cafferty age 28, born in Ireland; Ch.  Henry, age 2; Robert
age 2 months.
     On p 1 of Division 3 for New Castle parish, Northumberland Co., N.B. dtd
4-3-1871 we find - Henry Mc Cafferty age 26; Sarah age 28, sister; Ellen 22;
Margaret 19 and a boy whose name I could not read, age 4.  Also on p 18 of
this report for Glenelg Parish we find - Thomas Mc Cafferty age 37; Mary 39;
Ch: Henry 11; Robert 9; Hugh 7; Wm 6; Thomas 4; and Elizabeth age 2.
     Henry Mc Cafferty and Elizabeth Holland had the following children.
Thomas who married Mary;  Sarah who married Mr Hayes;  Bridget, d. 4-  -1920,
m Patrick Harrington;  Henry m Catherine Colepaugh; Hugh; Elizabeth; Catherine
m Mr O'Donnel & had 2 ch:  Margaret m Mr Pierce; Mary m Mr Morris; Bessie who



married Mr Allen; Elizabeth was not mentioned in the family records.
     5.  Thomas Colepaugh, b 1844 in N.B. & d 2-11-1916, Age: 71.  He is
buried in the Old Renous Cemetery.  He married Catherine (Katie) donovan on
10-30-1876 at Renous.  She was the dau of Michael Donovan and and Mary Ellen Hol-
lihan.  Kate was born in 1851 and died in 1936.  Children.

A.  Catharine Clarisia Colepaugh, b 10-10-1877, bap 1-20-1878 at Renous.  She
married James Mc Voy on 9-12-1900.  James A. Mc Evoy died 11-9-1941, age: 65.
he was the son of Wm Mc Evoy and Jane Gillipse.  Ch.  (1) Angus Mc Evoy;  (2)
Hubert, d. 9-1-1967, age 58;  (3) Benedict;  (4) David; (5) Watson; (6) Vin-
cent; (7) Charley; (8) Mrs Clayton (Bernice) Smaling; (9) Mrs Lawrence (Helen)
Duthie; (10) Weldon Mc Evoy, b 5-5-1923, d 1-18-1963.  He m  Cora Dumeney on
12-2-1947.  Ch.  2 sons and 4 daughters.

B.  George Colepaugh (Edward), b 6-12-1879, bap at Renous on 6-14-1879.  He
married Mary Powers.

C.  Mary Ellen Colepaugh, b 8-18-1894, d 3-  -1948.  Bap at Renous on 10-21-
1894.  She m Ambrose Harrigan on 8-22-1917.  They are buried in Chelmsford,
N.B. Ch. Herman; Gerlad; Nora; Lyman; Leo; Basil; Raymond, killed in Italy in
1944, WW II.  Ambrose d. in 1929.

D.  Thomas Herman Colepaugh, b 3-1-1886, bap 3-31-1886 at Renous.  He d 4-8-
1951 & is buried in Renous cemetery.  He married Alice Murray on 8-19-1914.
She was the dau of Michael Murray and Mary Hayes.  Alice was born in 1893.
Ch.  Edmond; Geraldine; Mary; Josephine m Mr Mc Allendon; Burtis Arnold
Colepaugh m Carmel Mary Furlong, dau of James, on 8-15-1964;  Alvin Colepaugh.

E.  Bernard Colepaugh, m 1st Mae Mary Vickers.  She d 6-25-1926, age: 38,
Renous cemetery.  Ch.  Crumbley Thomas, d 9-30-1971, age 58.  He married
Annie Carnahan.  Ch. John, Joan, Daniel Colepaugh; Bernard; Berry; Yvone -
Mrs Gordon Buggle; Maurice.  Bernard m 2nd - Rena Breau.  Ch. Leslie; Anita-
Mrs Bordon Graves; Eileen Colepaugh Walsh; Kenneth Colepaugh - 10 children
in all.
F.  Frederick Colepaugh, b. 8-12-1881 bap 9-11-1881 at Renous.  He died 11-1-
1960, age 79, Renous Cemetery.  Not married.

G.  Charles Colepaugh, d. 3-3-1914, age 25.  He married Emily Kelly on 7-16-
1913.  Renous Cemetery.  See Kelly family, 2-1, # 8.

H.  Christopher Wm Colepaugh, b 12-15-1883 bap 12-30-1883 at Renous.  He died
in New Westminster, British Columbia on 1-24-1941, age 57.

     6.  Margaret Agness Colepaugh, b 1847, d 2-7-1916.  Marker reads: 2-20-
1918, age 67, St Thomas, Red Bank.  She m Murdock (Mortimer) Mc Carthy on 10-20
-1886 at Renous.  He was the son of John Mc Carthy and Mary Carrol.  They
m 2-18-1838 at St Patrick's, p 40, Bk 1.  Murdock, b 11-  -1841 bapt 3-2-1842,
4 mos, at St Thomas, Red Bank.  Murdock d 10-3-1895, age 54.  Stone reads,
10-3-1894, age 50.  Ch. John, b 8-26-1887, bap 10-19-1887 at St Thomas, not
married.  He is still living in July 1977.  So is George.  George Thomas Mc
Carthy, b. 12-10-1888 bap 2-1-1889 at St Thomas.  Not married.
     Murdock had a bro, James (1840-1925) bap at St Patrick's, p 119 on 10-15-
1840; a sister, Ellen Eleanor Elizabeth (1839, d 1870) bap 11-17-1839, age 2



wks, B-89, at St Michael's, Chatham.  On p 17 of the Census report of North
Esk Parish, Northumberland Co., N.B. dtd 10-31-1851 we find - John Mc Carthy,
age 45, born in Ireland and entered N.B. in 1825.  He died prior to 1871; Mary
Mc Carthy, age 40, wife, born in Ireland, entered NB in 1825.  Died prior to
1881; All ch born in NB.  Eleanor (called Elizabeth) age 12, dau; James age 11,
son; Murphy (called Murdock) age 9, son;  The same area was completed on 11-21-
1861 & gave on p 43 - John Mc Carthy age 70, etc; Mary age 50, wife, etc; Ch:
Elizabeth (called Eleanor & Ellen) age 21; James age 19;  Murdock age 18.
     On page 8, Division 2, North Esk Parish, dtd 4-7-1871 we find - Murdock
Mc Carthy age 25;  Mary Mc Carthy, mother, age 62, born in Ire, widow; James
age 27, bro; Owen Mc Carthy age 80;  John Mc Carthy age 9.  Owen was a bro to
John.  He married Margaret Ryan.  Ch. Catharine, b 5-5-1849, bap 5-6-1849 at
St Michael's, Chatham, p 197.  She died 4-5-1910, St Thomas, Red Bank cemetery.
     On p 3 of the Census report of Blackville Parish, Northumberland Co., NB,
dtd 7-2-1851 we find - Michael (Mich) Donovan and family.  Michael T. Donovan
(Dunavon) age 34, born in Ireland & came to NB in 1823; Mary, wife, age 28,
b. in Ireland & entered NB in 1831;  Mary Hollahan m Michael T. Donovan.  He
died 8-15-1884, age 68, Renous cemetery.  All children born in NB.  Johanna
(Johannah) age 6 (She must have died prior to 1861 as she was not on that
report).  Timothy age 4; Ellen age 2.
     There were several Donovan families listed in 1851 but the parents of
Michael Donovan were most likely listed on p 5 of the same report as - Timothy
Dunavon age 73, born in Ireland & came to NB in 1824; Ellen, wife, age 68, b.
in Ireland & entered NB in 1824.  Jerimiah Dunavon, son, also husband, age 30,
born in Ireland & entered NB in 1824;  Bridget, wife, age 25, born in Ireland
& came to NB in 1826; Jerimiah & Bridget's ch - all born in NB. Ellen age 4;
July Ann age 2;  Mary Ann age 9 months.
     On p 33 of the Census report of Blackville Parish for 1861 dtd 1-14-1862
we find - Michael Donavan age 46, born in Ireland, Rel-RC;  Mary Donovan, wife,
age 38, born in Ireland;  Al ch born in NB.  Timothy 15; Ellen 12; Catherine
10, our subject; Mary A. 8; Jeramiah age 5; Johannah age 1.  Catharine, bap
3-19-1852, age 5 months, p 326.
     On p 39, Division 1, of the Census report of Blackville Parish, dtd 4-  -
1871, gave - Michael Donovan age 55, etc;  Mary, wife, age 50;  Ch b in NB.
Timothy 23; Catharine 19, our subject; Mary 16; Jermiah 14; Johannah 11, and
Wm age 8.  Children of Mochael (Mich) Donovan and Mary Ellen Hollihan.

1.  Johanna, b. 1845 & d. prior to 1861.
2.  Timothy, b. 1847 married and moved to U. S.
3.  Ellen, b. 1849 and married
4.  Catharine, b. 11-13-1851 & d. in 1936.  She was bap 3-19-1852 at St Pat-
    rick's, p 326, Bk 1.  She m Thomas Colepaugh.  The first entry in St
    Bridget's records at Renous. "Catharine Colepaugh, b. 11-13-1851 & bapt
5.  Mary Anne (1853-19  ) bap 2-5-1854, age 2 wks, p 27, Renous.  She married
    John Dunn.
6.  Jeramiah (1856-    ) bap 5-31-1857, age 7 wks, Renous, p 152.  He married
    Catharine Vickers.
7.  Johannah (1860-    ) married James Close.
8.  William Donovan (1862-    ) married Elizabeth Close.



                             CORRECTION SHEET

104   2       line 11: Hope to Counsel
      4       line 3: Artrim to Antrim
      5       line 1: There to Theresa
      1-1     bottom line:  1934 to 1834
105   3       line 4: N. N. to N. B.
      2-1     line 12: Oreno to Orono
              line 5 from bottom, delete:  1960s
              bottom line:  Gregory to Edward
106   3-1     line 2: Kanochee to Kanabec
      3-1 #1  throughout paragraph: McKenzie to McKinzie
              line 5: Walters to Wolter
      3-1 #3  line 2: "...they had 3 ch.": This is incorrect. Dorothy's
                      children were from a previous marriage.
              line 3: Wanda Medart to Wanda Marie Rock
              line 5: Seeco to Succo
              bottom line: "Ch.  (1) Jaby.": This is incorrect. Their
                           children were: Joseph, Stacie, William & Christina.
107   3-4(3)  line 3: Remous to Renous
      3-5     line 2: 1861 to 1961
109   4-3     line 1: Peter Burton to Burton Peter
      4-3 #2  line 5:  Nelson to Chatham
110   2-5     line 3: waided to waded
      2-6     bottom line: New Castle to Newcastle
111   2-8 #1  line 3: "I have dau, H. Hamill Carvell, plus 2 sons as a note
                      here." This is incorrect. Her obituary gives information
                      that identifies her as the daughter of Thomas and Catherine
                      Kingston of Chatham. 
112   2       line 3:  Sponsers to Sponsors;
              line 9 from bottom:  #2, 1942 to 1842
114   1       line 3 from bottom: Council to Counsel
116   5       line 1: Genelg to Glenelg
      7       line 1: New Castle to Newcastle

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