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Kelly/Verge Genealogy

St. Paul's Anglican Church

Bushville / Chatham Head (Miramichi), Northumberland County, New Brunswick

I don't think I have any relatives buried here, and I don't have an original, completed transcription of the stones. There used to be one at Roxanne Leadlay's Trevors Family Tree Page, but that site is no longer there.

Anyway, what is here right now is one story of somebody buried here, very far away from his own family.

Headstone - James Foster, buried at St. Paul's, Bushville NB

When my mother was a little girl of age seven, her father, Burt Kelly, worked as a shipping agent for the O'Brien family, who owned a mill, and shipped lumber and pulp. Burt worked very closely with the ships that had business with O'Brien's. One day, a young sailor drowned while his ship was in port - my mother recalls that he might have fallen while painting the ship, or he may have been swimming - and several of the people working at O'Brien's, including my grandfather, felt deeply for this young man so far from home. At that time, sending the body home was not possible, so a funeral was held which was attended by some of the office staff, and he was buried in the adjoining cemetery. A stone was put up and photos were mailed to his mother in England.

Years later, in 2001, my mother and I were visiting down home and I had harassed her into yet another cemetery crawl. I was surprised however, when Mom pulled into the parking lot next to a cemetery which I knew held none of our relations. This was when she told me about the sailor, whose name she didn't know, whom she had remembered for over 50 years. She said that she would like to see if she could find his grave. So we wandered through the cemetery until finally we did. For me, such a short detour from exploring my own history had a much greater significance than I would have thought. Standing beside the grave of this man I never knew, I hoped that somebody somewhere might be comforted by the idea that their son or brother or boyfriend was still remembered, if only by strangers.

Darleston, England
of the S/S Ramava
Drowned July 27, 1946


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