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SAMUEL WILBORE (Sr), was born ca 1612, and died in 1656. He is listed in "The First Settlers of Rhode Island by The Late John Farmer, Esq". No other details are given in this account but it is known Samuel Wilbore (Sr) was a passenger in the Winthrop Fleet of 1630. This would refer to Samuel Wilbore (Sr) who took the oath of freeman at the General Court [white male over 21, free to work, own land, and vote], 4 Mar 1633/4 ("History of New England, 1630-1649, Vol II, Appendix, by John Winthrop, Esq, First Governor of the Massachusetts Bay, from his Original Manuscripts", by James Savage).

Samuel Wilbore was a merchant in Boston as early as 1645 and was banished to RI for his association with a group of people who were part of a religious movement led by Roger Williams. The group purchased and removed to Aquidneck, later named Isle of Rhodes or Rhode Island. Rhode Island had become a haven for persecuted religious sects. These people, called Antinomians, believed that the moral laws as taught by the Church of England were of no value and that the only law that should be followed was that of the Gospel. Quakers, who eventually merged with the Antinomians, established a meeting house on Aquidneck in 1657.

Samuel Wilbore later returned to Taunton and Boston. From, "Ancestral Heads of New England Families": "Samuel [Wilbore], admitted church Boston, Mass., 1633, one of the corporation that purchased R.I., 1638, removed Taunton, Mass., finally to Boston , Mass, 1645; will probated 1656." Samuel died 29th�7th month, 1656" (from, "Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths 1630-1699").

From, "The Winthrop Fleet of 1630, Appendix A. Alphabetical List of Passengers": Wilbore, Samuel, Boston, "Perhaps from London. Freeman 3 March 1633/34 (M.C.R., I, 368). He became an adherent of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, was disarmed and removed to Rhode Island. Wife of Samuel: Anne Wilbore." According to Suffolk Co, MA, records, Samuel Wilbore was first married to Ann Lechford, the widow of Thomas Lechford. But by 29 Nov 1645, he was married to Elizabeth, who on that day, was admitted to the First Church in Boston.

From "Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories": In his will, dated 30 Apr 1656, proved 6 Nov 1656, Samuel Wilbore left to his "Wife Elizabeth all the Moveable goods....in my house in Boston wher att p'sent I Doe habitt.....also all my sheep and lambes att Dorchester....alsoe a mare and coult att John Mores att Brantrey". He left to his "Eldest son" SAMUEL all his lands at "Road Iland" and debts due him from Richard Smither the elder and Henry Bull, a cow in the hands of James Badcocke, a cow at Bridgwater and the rent for said cattle according to agreement, and "alsoe six hundred [pounds?]of Iron lying att Taunton in my Dwelling house there". The will is endorsed on the margin: "The originall Will was proved in the court of the Massachusetts but this coppy ordered to bee heer recorded". Others who were named in Samuel Wilbore's will are son "Josepth" Wilbore ("my house and land wherin my said son Josepth Doth now Inhabite...alsoe twelve acres of ground graunted by the Towne of Taunton being by the Iron mills and alsoe my share in the said Iron Workes", a peice of blue Trucking cloth in the house at Boston, plus ten pounds of iron); youngest son Shadrach Wilbore ("my house and land therunto belonging att Taunton wherin I Dwell with all the moveables....and Cattle excepting halfe the orchyard and halfe the said Dwelling house and two of the best Cowes and hay to bee taken of the meddow ground Convenient for theire wintering which I give and bequeath unto my said Wife Elizabeth provided shee Continew and Dwell there" and debts due from James Lynard, Ralph Rusill, and Jeremy Newland, also the time of remaining service of John Mockelett, a Scotsman (who was apparently indentured); executors were wife Elizabeth and son Shadrach.

Samuel Wilbore's widow Elizabeth married Henry Bishop on 20 Dec 1656 in Boston, MA, by Richard Bellingham, Deputy Governor (from, "Boston Births, Baptisms, Marriages, and Deaths 1630-1699"). Samuel Wilbore's son, SAMUEL WILBORE (Jr) married HANNAH PORTER and they were the parents of ELIZABETH WILBORE who married MORRIS FREELOVE. From, "Guide to the Early Settlers of America": "JOHN PORTER, admitted freeman, 1633, who was also disarmed and banished to RI along with Samuel Wilbore [Sr], had a daughter, perhaps named HANNAH, who married the second Samuel Wilbore [Jr]."

ELIZABETH WILBORE (FREELOVE) was born probably 1660-1665 and died probably in RI after Oct 1745 when she was called "my aged mother" in the will of daughter Rebecca. MORRIS FREELOVE and Elizabeth named their second son Samuel for Elizabeth's father.

NOTE: The WILBORE surname eventually evolved into WILBUR and WILBER.

My ancestor MORRIS FREELOVE married ELIZABETH WILBORE, daughter of SAMUEL WILBORE (Jr), on 9 Feb 1681 ("Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England", Vol II, Savage).
Does the following family have a connection to the Wilbore line? This is an area I have yet to examine, but if anyone has information to share I will be most appreciative.
NATHAN WILBUR, born 1800 at Schenectady, NY, died 27 Feb 1867, buried at Waites Corners near Owego, NY, married ANNA GOODSPEED. Anna, daughter of ABNER GOODSPEED and BETSEY LADD, was born 16 Nov 1805, Schenectady, NY, and died 3 Aug 1885.
After Nathan's death, Anna Goodspeed Wilbur married a GARVEY. During her last years, she made her home with son, Levi, and his wife Zilpha Jennie at their home in Fairview, PA. When she passed away in 1885, she was buried at Franklindale on Levi's plot, where Levi and Jennie were later buried. All the sons except Levi are said to have served in the Civil War.

  1. JAMES WILBUR, born 1824.
  2. WILLIAM WILBUR, born 1835, married HARRIET (born 1846).
  3. FRANK WILBUR, born 1846, buried Hilton Cemetery, West Burlington, PA.
  4. RODERICK F. WILBUR, born 20 Mar 1828, Schoharie Co, NY, died 17 Jul 1886.
  5. SAM WILBUR, born 1831.
  6. CHARLES M. WILBUR, born 1828.
  7. LEVI WILBUR, born 10 Aug 1839.
  8. DELPHINIA WILBUR, born 1849.


  1. JAMES WILBUR, born 6 Dec 1824, NY, married KATHERINE ---- who was born May 1831, NY. He enlisted in Co D, 162nd Regiment, 17th PA Volunteer Cavalry, on 3 Oct 1863, raised principally in Bradford Co, PA. The unit was part of the Army of the Potomac and was commanded, at times, by Generals Kilpatrick, Merritt, and Sheridan. Sgt James Wilbur was wounded at Smithfield, VA in Aug 1864 and lost a leg as a result. He died 25 Jun 1902 in Towanda, Bradford Co, PA. He is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Towanda, Bradford Co, PA. Katherine Wilbur was still living in 1900 but its not known when she died. James and Katherine's children were NATHAN WILBUR, lived Towanda, PA, and MARY WILBUR, married GEORGE STURDEVANT of Curtis, NY.

  1. CHARLES M. WILBUR, born 1828. Charlie married Celissa ----- (born 1835). Charlie lost a leg in the Civil War (Pension Records), having served as a Private with Co E, 52nd Regiment, PA Volunteers. In the 1880 census, they lived in Fall Creek, Bradford Co, PA: Charles M. Wilbur, age 52, born in NY, mother and father also born in NY, and wife Celissa, age 46, born in PA, mother and father born also in PA. Charlie died 17 Dec 1899. He was buried in Franklin Center Cemetery, Franklin Center, Franklin Township, Bradford Co, PA. Charlie and Celissa's children were JERRY WILBUR, SABRINA WILBUR, and CELISSA WILBUR.

  1. SAM WILBUR, born 1831. Sam married Nancy ____ who was born in 1835. Their children were DELIA WILBUR, HATTIE WILBUR, SARAH WILBUR, and HELEN WILBUR

  1. LEVI WILBUR, born 10 Aug 1839.


  1. LEVI WILBUR was born 10 Aug 1839, and died 10 Dec 1915. He is buried at Franklindale, PA.. Levi married 22 Jun 1874 at Chicago, IL, ZILPHA JENNIE CARSON (Jennie). Jennie was born 15 Sep 1853 in Owego, NY, and died 13 Mar 1936. She is also buried at Franklindale, PA. Jennie was the daughter of ROBERT CARSON and ABIGAIL GOULD. She was raised by Mr & Mrs Ezra Talmadge of Owego. Mrs Talmadge was listed on the 1850 census as Zilphy and may have been Abigail's sister. ROBERT CARSON was born in Ireland in 1799, and died 10 Feb 1856. He is buried at King Cemetery, Stone Quarry Rd, Ithaca, NY. His first wife Julia was born 9 Apr 1807, and died 18 Aug 1839. Julie Carson is also buried at King Cemetery. Beside her is a child, JOHN CARSON, born 15 Jul 1832. Robert and Julia's other children were SARAH CARSON, born 1831, WILLIAM CARSON, and JOSEPH CARSON, born 1834. Robert Carson's second wife was ABIGAIL GOULD who was born 25 Sep 1812, Saratoga Co, NY, and died 2 Jun 1879, Portage Co, Almond, WI. She was the daughter of ADAM GOULD and JUDITH COFFIN. Adam Gould was born 8 Aug 1776, Nine Partners, near Poughkeepsie, NY, and died 30 Nov 1859 in Saratoga Co, NY. Judith Coffin was born 6 Jun 1775. Adam Gould and Judith Carson married on 6 Sep 1796, at Nine Partners, NY.
    ROBERT CARSON and ABIGAIL GOULD's children were JULIA A. CARSON, born 1841, married GEORGE LEWIS; DANIEL CARSON, born 1843, died 13 Apr 1865 at Petersburg, VA, Civil War veteran; ELIZA CARSON, born 3 Oct 1846, married JOSEPH JEWITT; MARY CARSON, born 1849, married MARCUS ADAMS; FRANCES GERTRUDE CARSON, born 22 Sep 1850, married JAMES KEELER 22 Dec 1872, died 31 Mar 1931, Salina, KS; ZILPHA JENNIE CARSON; and ROBERT CARSON, born 1855.
    Levi Wilbur worked as a coal miner on Barclay Mt, PA. He and Jennie purchased and cleared their wilderness land, Apr 1878, in the SE corner of Burlington Twp. The home was passed on to son, Fay, who sold it at public auction when he became too old to work the land. In the 1900 census, Levi and Zilpha J" were living in West Burlington Township, Bradford Co, PA.

  1. JANETTE (NETTIE) WILBUR was born 4 Feb 1876, Barclay Mountain, PA, and died 3 Mar 1954. She was buried in Burlington, PA, on the family farm. Nettie married BURLEIGH DARROW who was born ca 1879, and died 3 Jan 1945. They had a daughter, VIOLA DARROW, who was born 7 Apr 1905.

  1. RAYMOND NATHAN WILBUR was born 6 Jul 1883. Raymond married MAZIE VIOLA HOUSE in Sayre, PA, Nov 1908. Their children were MARIAN WILBER, born 26 May 1914, and HELEN WILBER, born 9 Dec 1919, Monroeton, PA.

  1. VERNA MINERVA WILBUR was born 18 Nov 1886 and raised on the old farm at Fairview, PA. Verna died 29 Aug 1979, Tompkins Co, NY. She married HARRY LEONARD FREELOVE on 19 Sep 1905 at Wellsburg, NY. Harry was born 7 Nov 1882, son of SYLVESTER FREELOVE and ELLEN JOINER, and died 8 Feb 1960 at Norwich, Chenango Co, NY. He and Verna are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery on Jerusalem Hill in Elmira, NY. Verna and Harry are my grandparents.

  1. FAY LISTON WILBUR, born 14 Oct 1889, married LINNA ELLIS, Towanda, PA, 15 Apr 1924.

NOTE: About this time, some of the family began to spell the surname WILBER.
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