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Kentucky is My Home! Awards Page

My Awards!
I just wanted to "Thank You" for my award. You don't know how very proud of each one of them I am. I have worked long and hard on this website and it's nice to see others appreciate it. Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Sue Ann
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My very first award!
What an honor this is!
Thank you so much Angel Whispers.

04 October 2004
It would be an honor to present you this award

My second award!
What an honor to receive an award from Marie!
Thank you Marie!

24 November 2004
Hi :-) Thank you so much for applying for one of my awards, I would be honored if you would accept it for your site.
Peace, Health & Happiness Always :-)

My third award!
Another Great honor!
Thank you Debbie!
AlbertaRose Website Award Winner!
06 January 2005
Beautifully done! Thank you for the honor and privilege of visiting and reviewing your website.
I truly enjoyed my visit.
Wishing you every Good Success in 2005,
God bless,
aka AlbertaRose

My fourth award!

07 January 2005
Thank you John & Thelma Williams!

My fifth award! Thank you Barefoot Lass
I am truly honored

09 January 2005
Just a quick note to let you know that I visited your website and totally loved it! You did a super job. I loved your website so much that I would like to award you my "Barefoot Lass's Two thumbs Up Award". Great job Sue Ann!!!

My sixth award! Thank you Karenann
I am deeply honored

15 January 2005
Dear Sue, Your site is soooo very nice and I'm happy to share my "Gold Star" award with you. Have a happy day and do take care.
Hugs, Karenann

My seventh award! Thank you Dean
I am humbly honored

18 January 2005
Sue Ann, I visited your web site, Kentucky is My Home!, and I think you've done a wonderful job with it! I would like to award your site with the American Genealogy Award. Good luck to you and your genealogy pursuits!
Dean Hostager - Norskarv

My eighth award! Thank you Lady Amethyst
I am deeply honored

30 January 2005
Hello there.. I enjoyed your site so much I'd like to present you with the Heritage of the Heart Site Excellence Award!!
Good Day & Spirit to you!
Lady Amethyst

My nineth award! Thank you Matt Carmichael
I am deeply honored

04 February 2005
Hello Sue, Your site was well worth the visit! I am honored to present you with the "Award of Excellence" for the Genealogical and historical treasure that you have painstakingly researched and shared with the World through your attractive web site. My visit to your site was an intense and enjoyable experience. Congratulations!
Matt Carmichael
Carmichael Family OnLine

My tenth award! Thank you Bent Bay
I am deeply honored

20 February 2005
Dear Sue Ann, I am sending to you my best award, but I am not sure if you will use it? The award I send to you can not be applyed for, as you can see on that page:
Greetings, Bent Bay

My eleventh award! Thank you Helen
I am truly honored

27 February 2005
Hello Sue Ann - I would be very happy to offer an award to your site. It is a very attractive site, crisp and clean, informative and easy to use and offers a valuable service to those doing family research. Good job!

My Twelfth award! Thank you Judy
I can't thank you enough.

08 March 2005
Dear Sue - I have visited your website and and have much pleasure in sending you an award for your site.

My Thirteenth & Fourteenth award! Thank you Randi
I am truly honored. Award

Awarded by
The Butterfly Site

Butterfly & Nature Store Award

Awarded by
Butterfly & Nature Gifts

17 April 2005
Dear Sue - We have visited your website and really appreciate your helping make the Web a more interesting, useful and attractive place to visit. CONGRATULATIONS, we are pleased to give you the link to receive our award!

My fifteenth award! Thank you Jade
What a wonderful surprise!

16 September 2005
Hello Kygal - I give out awards but only to those I feel have put an extra effort in creating their sites, and after viewing your site I have decided to award you with my award. Thank you for sharing your hard work with all of us online.

My sixteenth award! Thank you so much Ancestry Connections
I am truly honored

16 October 2005
You have compiled some excellent information! We have added links to your site for all the surnames, and I'm sure your work will be appreciated by many to come:) Attached you will find a much-deserved award which you can use in any way you see fit.

My seventeenth award! This is so appreciated!
I am truly honored

23 December 2005
I have visited your site and it is great.
Please accept my genealogy award.

My eighteenth award! My first award for 2006!!
Thank you so very much!

25 March 2006
I would like to present you with my Excellence Award. It is a small token for always being so willing to share information with me and for presenting the world with your beautiful web site.

My nineteenth award!
Thank you so very much!

01 July 2006
I love to send you the award of your choice because for sure you deserve it! Sincerely, Marja

My Twentith award!
Thank you so very much!

16 December 2006
I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your page. Thanks so much,
Sharon Cathcart Webmistress

My Twenty First award!
Thank you so very much!

08 June 2007
You have certainly been a contributor and I thank you for that.
Have a GREAT day!!
Loren Thurman

My Twenty Second award!
Thank you so very much!

31 January 2015
Our dwarfs Award program seeks to
distinguish your home with the Silver Award.
Peter Richter



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