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William Dean (about 1735-1825)

William Dean (about 1735 - 1825)

of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky



       Shortly after my October 2000 family history research trip to Pennsylvania, I began to seriously research the William Dean who was enumerated on the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River in the 1790 census of Huntingdon Co., PA.  After considerable research I concluded that there was a reasonable chance that William was the grandfather of George Dean, my earliest known Dean ancestor.  George Dean’s gravestone indicates he was born in PA, and the earliest record I have been able to find on him was when he began appearing as a single freeman in the tax lists of Shirley Township, Huntingdon Co., PA in 1807.  But there was not sufficient evidence to conclude with any confidence that William was the grandfather of George.  My research had convinced me that William was the son of Richard Dean who died in Washington Co., MD in 1788, and I was in contact with known descendants of this Richard Dean.  Then I learned that DNA testing of the Y chromosome could, with considerable certainty, prove or disprove the theory that I am descended from Richard Dean.  So in the spring of 2003 I proceeded with two Y-DNA tests, one on myself and one on a known descendant of Richard.  Unfortunately, the tests proved that I am not descended from Richard, and therefore that William was not my ancestor.

       At that point I needed to move on to other avenues of research on my George Dean.  But before doing that I pulled the research I had done on William Dean together into the paper below.

       A few months ago I was contacted by a male Dean descendant of the Thomas Dean (1779-1865) described in the paper below.  Subsequently a Y-DNA test on this person matched 12/12 the results of the known descendant of Richard Dean.  view dna results  In my opinion, this proves with considerable confidence that William was the son of Richard and that Thomas was the son of William.  This would seem to answer in the affirmative the question in the first sentence of the paper below.

           Larry Dean    contact me at: ladean23  AT  gmail  DOT  com                  July 2004



William Dean (about 1735 - 1825)

of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Kentucky


12 August 2003

by Lawrence A. Dean

15406 N.E. 30th Ave., Vancouver, WA   98686   360-574-2002   e-mail: ladean23  AT  gmail  DOT  com

with grateful acknowledgement to Beverly Dean Peoples who did much of the research.


       Was the William Dean who died in 1825 in Mercer Co., KY the same person as the William Dean who was born about 1730-38, the son of Richard Dean who lived near Sharpsburg, MD?  My answer is at the end of this paper.

       This paper is based on facts where facts are available.  In these early times and in these places, factual evidence is hard to come by, especially evidence which establishes relationships between individuals.  Where facts are not available to me, this paper is based on genealogies prepared by others and, in most cases, not verified by me.  Several important pieces of the puzzle are based on speculation by me.  Except for the conclusion that the William Dean who died in 1825 would have been about 90 years old at his death, none of the following seems to be contradicted by the known facts.


William Dean in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

       The will of Richard Dean was filed for probate Apr 1788 in Washington Co., MD [ref. 1, p. 168].  In it Richard names his wife, Priscilla, sons William, John and Samuel, the legal representations of son Thomas deceased, and five daughters.  Of these sons, there are good indications of the birth years of John, (1739) [ref. 2, p. 492] and Samuel (about 1751) [ref. 3].  Because William was listed in the will before John, it is believed that he was probably born before John, say 1730-38.  Because Thomas had a son in the militia and another older son at the time of the Revolutionary War [ref. 4], it is believed Thomas was probably older than both William and John.  It is not known where William was born.  The earliest evidence of Richard Dean in Maryland was when he purchased 50 acres near Sharpsburg, MD in 1747. [ref 5]  Click here to go to a paper titled Richard Deane (1701-1788) and His Children.  Click here to go to a digest of a paper on William's brother, John.

       A William Deane, probably this one, was recorded as a private in the company of Capt. Joseph Chapline, Maryland Militia.  This muster roll is from the period 1732-1774 but is undated.  The date is believed to be about 1757.  Joseph Chapline was a well-known land owner in the vicinity of Sharpsburg, MD.  Also listed as privates in this company were Thomas Dean and Zebulon Moore (more about him later). [ref. 6]

       A tract of land bordering the west side of the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River in what is now Penn Township, Huntingdon County, PA is important to tracing this William Dean.  A warrant to survey this tract of 158+ acres was issued to William Dean 21 Sep 1787, and it was surveyed 5 May 1789.  When this tract was eventually patented in 1868 by a man named Andrew Grubb, interest was assessed from 1 Feb 1766, indicating that this was the date this tract was originally settled. [ref. 7]

       Africa’s History of Huntingdon County, PA contains information about the brothers John, Thomas and Samuel Dean who settled in the Little Trough Creek Valley in what is now Union Township, Huntingdon County.  According to Africa’s history, John came from Maryland in October 1772, followed the next year by Samuel and the next year by Thomas.  It says that Samuel left the area soon after and did not return, and that Thomas left the area and died of smallpox. [ref. 2, p. 372-3]  There is no mention in this narrative of a brother William, but other evidence indicates that the William Dean on the Raystown Branch was a fourth brother.

       In 1769 William Deane was taxed on 50 acres, 6 acres cleared, 2 horses and 2 cattle in what was then Barree Township, Cumberland Co., PA.  A footnote to this tax list says he was “Supposed to have lived on the Raystown Branch, (now) Penn Twp.” [ref. 2, p. 43]

       William Dean appears on tax lists in what was by then Hopewell Township, Bedford Co. in 1775, 1776, 1779 and 1783. [ref. 8, pp. 110, 149, 177, 225]  All of these are believed to be on the property on the Raystown Branch.

       The 1784 “census” of what was then Bedford County listed: William Dean with 2 houses occupied by 11 white persons, Samuel Dean with one house occupied by one white person, John Dean with one house occupied by one white person and Thomas Dean with one house occupied by one white person.  No blacks were listed in any of these households and no acreage was given for any of them.  While all of these persons were listed in Hopewell Township, the list was alphabetized so no conclusion can be drawn as to whether or not they resided near each other. [ref. 9]

       After the organization of Huntingdon County in 1787, the first constable of record in Hopewell Township was a William Dean, probably the subject of this paper. [ref. 2, p. 290]

       William Dean and John Dean were enumerated in adjoining households in the 1790 U.S. Census of Huntingdon County, PA. [ref. 10]  This census was not returned by townships, but a later division of households using 1791 tax records places both of these households in Hopewell Township. [ref. 11]  Based on other nearby households, particularly that of Joseph Norrise [sic – Norris], both William Dean and John Dean resided on the Raystown Branch at this time.  William’s household consisted of 2 free white males age 16 and upwards, 3 free white males under 16 years of age, 4 free white females, no “other” free people and no slaves.  John’s household consisted of 2 males 16 and up, 4 males below 16, 3 females, no “other” and no slaves.  The similarity of these age distributions seems to indicate William and John were brothers, not father-son or uncle-nephew.

       In the 1790 census the John Dean who is believed to be the eldest son of William Dean was enumerated in Hopewell Township, Huntingdon Co., PA. [ref. 10, ref. 11]  His household consisted of one male age 16 and upwards and two females.  He was enumerated two households from Thomas Luckett who by 1790 owned the land originally claimed by Thomas Dean, deceased brother John and Samuel Dean. [ref. 12]  This land was located in the Little Trough Creek Valley.

       The minute book of the November 1792 term of the Huntingdon County Court of Quarter Sessions contains the following: John Dean, William Dean and William Dean, Jr. charged with assault and battery on the persons of Joseph Norris, Joseph Norris Jr. and John Norris, and similar charges against the same Norris-s for assault and battery on the same Dean-s. [ref. 13]  It is believed that this William Dean was the subject of this paper and this William Dean, Jr. was his son.  This John Dean was probably the elder William’s brother, but could have been the elder William’s son.

       On 1 May 1794 William Dean of Hopewell Township, Huntingdon County sold the land warranted to him in 1787 to Thomas Wright for £183.  This was the tract on the Raystown Branch where William had probably resided for 28 years.  No release of dower rights was included in this deed although such releases were common in deeds of this time and place.  This may indicate that William did not have a living wife at this time.  On the next day, 2 May 1794, Thomas Wright sold this same piece of land to John Dean for £200. [ref. 14]

       William Dean seems to disappear from Huntingdon County after he sold this property.  No William Dean appears in the 1798 U.S. direct “window” tax for the part of Huntingdon County which included Hopewell, Woodbury and Union Townships.  But that tax does contain a John Dean with a house and an outbuilding.  There is evidence that this is on the property John purchased from William in 1794. [ref. 15]  No William Dean appears in the 1800 or 1810 U.S. Census of Huntingdon County.  Africa’s history mentions numerous William Dean-s after 1800, but it is probable that they were descendants of William’s brother John or of other Dean-s known to have resided in Huntingdon County.


Wife of William Dean

       William Dean’s wife may have been Lucy Tatman.  The clue for this statement comes from a two-page typed document apparently written by Mary Lou Dalton and now in the possession of Mrs. Kathryn Salyers of Carrollton, KY. [ref. 16]  It contains information on several persons surnamed Dean who may be the children of this William Dean, but the document contains several items of supposed fact that are of questionable credibility.  Regardless of that, by following this clue we find that among persons thought to be the descendants of this William Dean there are at least three bearing the middle name of Tatman, i.e.: Chatten Tatman Dean [ref. 17], Thomas Tatman Dean [ref. 17, ref. 18], and Elsey Tatman Butts [ref. 17, ref. 19].

       Since one of the children believed to be William’s was born in Maryland in 1763, this marriage probably occurred in Maryland.  Perhaps the Joseph Tatman who appears in the 1768 tax list of (then) Barree Township, Cumberland Co., PA was Lucy’s father or brother.  He resided on 100 acres, 6 cleared on the east side of the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River near the stream called Tatman’s Run which flows out of Tatman’s Gap in the Terrace Mountains. [ref. 2, p. 42 and pp. 305-6]  This place is on the opposite side of the Raystown Branch and about four and one-half miles southwest as the crow flies from the land William Dean claimed.  Perhaps this Joseph Tatman and William Dean migrated from Maryland to this part of Pennsylvania about the same time.


Zebulon Moore

       Zebulon Moore may have been William Dean’s brother-in-law, or he may have been just a close friend.  The will of Richard Dean’s widow, Priscilla, filed for probate Aug 1797 in Washington Co., MD names all of the same children as the will of Richard Dean except for the deceased Thomas, and it gives the married names of the five daughters.  The daughter named Mary in Richard’s will is called Polly More in Priscilla’s will. [ref. 1, p. 361]

       As mentioned above, both Zebulon Moore and William Dean appear as privates in the company of Joseph Chapline about 1757. [ref. 6]  The 1769 tax list of (then) Barree Township includes not only William Deane and Joseph Tatman, but Zebulon Moore (100 acres, 20 cleared, 2 horses, 2 cattle and 3 sheep) with the footnote “Lived on Raystown Branch.” [ref. 2, p. 43]  Zebulon Moor/Moore was an officer of Barree Township in 1768, 1769, 1770 and 1771. [ref. 2, p. 4]

       The tract of land warranted to William Dean on 21 Sep 1787 occupied half of about 320 acres outlined by an oxbow in the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River.  A similar tract, the other half of the land outlined by the oxbow, was originally settled by Zebulon Moore. [ref. 20]  On 1 Jan 1790, without having warranted or surveyed the tract, Zebulon Moore and his wife, Mary, sold this tract to William Enyert [sic – Enyeart] for £100. [ref. 19]  When this tract was eventually patented by Andrew Grubb in 1868, interest was assessed from 1 Mar 1770 which probably marks the date of original claim by Zebulon Moore.

       In the 1790 U.S. census a Zebulon Moore, one male age 16 and above and one female, was enumerated in Hopewell Township, Huntingdon Co., PA. [ref. 10, ref. 11]  He was enumerated 14 households from the John Dean believed to be the eldest son of the subject of this paper and two households from Peter Reyley [sic – Reilly].  In 1787 Peter Reilly purchased half of the original claim of John Dean, the brother of the subject of this paper. [ref. 22]  This was in the Little Trough Creek Valley.

       After this, Zebulon Moore disappears from the records of Huntingdon County.

       Why all the attention in this paper to Ol’ Zeb?  Because that name is easy to trace (compared to William Dean), and, if he and William migrated together once, maybe they migrated together again.  A search for that name reveals that a Zebulon Moore and a Zebulon Moore, Jr. appear on the List of Taxable Property Within the District of Gabriel Slaughter, commissioner of the County of Mercer (KY) for the year 1795. [ref. 23, p. 185]

       By 1800 both Zebulon More Sr. and Zebulon More Jr. were in Henry Co., KY. [ref. 24, p. 209]


William Dean in Kentucky

       On the same 1795 Mercer County tax list, in the same district with the two Zebulon Moore-s, there is a Willm. Dean taxed on 3  horses and 7 cattle and a William Dean taxed on 1 horse. [ref. 23, p. 183]  Are these the William Dean who sold his property on the Raystown Branch in 1794 and his son, William Jr., who was charged with assault and battery in 1792?  I think they are.

       One problem is that there is another quite extensive Dean family in that same tax district.  The patriarch of that family appears to be the wealthy Thomas Dean who died leaving a will probated in Mercer Co. in 1812. [ref. 25]  That family is known to have been in Dorchester County, MD before the 1790’s and has been quite well researched. [ref. 26]  This research does not show a William Dean of the correct age to be the subject of this paper.

       Another problem is that the 1800 U.S. census of Kentucky was destroyed.  There is a substitute 1800 census compiled from tax records.  It lists one William Dean in Mercer County. [ref. 24, p. 77]  This agrees with what we might expect as the younger William was married in Mercer Co. in 1796 and removed to Harrison Co., KY sometime before his daughter, Sydney, was born in 1799.  (See the section on William Dean as a child of William, below.)

       On 14 Jun 1802 a William Dean married an Anne Boles (or Boler) in Mercer Co., KY [ref. 27]  This may or may not be the marriage of the subject of this paper to the Angelina whom he names as his wife in his will.  (See the paragraph below on William’s will.)

       The 1810 census of Mercer County, KY includes one William Deen with a household consisting of one male age 16-25, one male age 45 and over, and one female age 26-44. [ref. 28, p. 318]  William, the subject of this paper, would have been about 75 years of age in 1810 and would be the older male if this is his household.  By 1810 all of William’s children except Lucy were married and presumably out of his household.  (See the sections on the children of William, below.)  Since William’s daughter Lucy was about 27 years of age at the time and there is a record of her marriage in Mercer County in 1815, Lucy is probably the female in this household.  Polly, the daughter named in William’s will, is probably in the household of James Sutterfield, enumerated in Mercer Co. [ref. 28, p. 335]  But no household can be found for Joseph, the son named in William’s will.  He would have been 23 which fits the younger male in William’s household.  But by 1810, Joseph had a wife age 22 and a three-year old daughter.  It seems unlikely, but Joseph may have been enumerated in the household of his father while his wife and daughter were enumerated in another household.  Or Joseph’s household might simply have been missed in this census.  The absence of an older female in this household casts considerable doubt on whether the William Dean who married Anne Boles in 1802 was the subject of this paper.

       The households of both William and Joseph Dean were enumerated in the 1820 census of Mercer Co., KY, but they were recorded on page 94 which was missed when the census was microfilmed.  Fortunately, the information on page 94 is available from a transcription of that census. [ref. 29]  William’s household consists of one male age 45 and above and one female age 45 and above.  The subject of this paper would have been about 85 at this time.  It seems likely that the female was the Angelina to whom William devised a third of his land in his 1824 will.  Joseph’s household consists of 2 males below age 10, one male age 26-44, 2 females below age 10, one female age 10-15, and one female age 26-44.  This agrees with what we know of the family of Joseph.

       In his will dated 30 Aug 1824 and filed for probate Nov 1825 in Mercer Co., KY, William Dean devises to his wife, Angelina Dean, “one third of the land where I live including the dwelling house” plus farm stock and personal property.  He devises to his son Joseph Dean “the tract of land on which I live, two thirds of which he is to have possession of at my death and the other third at the death of my wife.”  And he devises to his daughter Polly Sutterfield two horses “and all the stock on hand at my death not otherwise disposed of.”  He appoints son Joseph Dean executor of his will. [ref. 30]  It seems likely that the wife Angelina named in the will was not Lucy (Tatman) Dean, but a second wife.

       There is no evidence of William’s widow either as a head of household or as a member of the household of Joseph in the 1830 or 1840 censuses of Mercer Co.

       If this William Dean is the father of all or most of the eight children listed below, it seems strange that he named only two of his children in his will.  Yet there is other evidence, unverified by me, that all of the children listed below were siblings [ref. 16, ref. 17, ref. 18], that the father of Lucy Dean was a William Dean living in Mercer Co. in 1815 [ref. 31] and that Mary Sutterfield who was mentioned in the will had a brother named William Dean. [ref. 32]


Children of William Dean

       The eight children listed below are those named in the two typed pages cited in reference 16.  Much of the data used in this section is from the genealogy posted on the internet by Bill Davis. [ref. 17]  I do not necessarily cite that reference each time I use it..  I have found some other evidence to corroborate much of the information in reference 17 (or in some cases to dispute it), and that is indicated by references to those other sources.  In a few cases I have included comments regarding the data posted by Bill Davis compared to the other sources.


John Dean

       John Dean, b. 1763 in MD, d. 5 Mar 1841 in Carroll Co., KY

         m. 2 Jan 1785 in Bedford Co., PA, Jane Whitnel, b. 9 Mar 1762 in MD or PA, d. aft. 1844 in prob. Carroll Co., KY

       A John Dean applied for a Revolutionary War pension (R2800) which provides a great deal of information about him. [ref. 33]  While his pension application does not prove that he was the son of the William who is the subject of this paper, it provides information that makes that very probable.  He was born 1763 in Maryland.  He lived in Bedford Co., PA at the time of his enlistment in Mar 1779.  He states that his residence was on the “Waters of the Juniata river.”  From other sources we know that William’s brothers Thomas, John and Samuel each had a son named John, but we know enough about each of them to know that they are not this John Dean.  From his widow’s application we know that John married his wife at the home of his father on 2 Jan 1785, that his wife’s given name was Jane, and that she was aged 82 on 9 Mar 1844 (b. 9 Mar 1762).  According to that widow’s application, John died 5 Mar 1841 in Carroll Co., KY.  There is a biography of John Dean’s son, also named John Dean. [ref. 34, p. 783]  This biography says that Jane’s maiden name was Whitnel, and that she and her husband were natives of Maryland and Pennsylvania.  Perhaps her father was the Robert Whitnell who was taxed on 3 horses and 3 cattle in Hopewell Township in 1779 [ref. 9. p. 14] and the Robert Whitnel who was taxed on 100 acres of land obtained by warrant, 1 horse and 2 cattle in Hopewell Township in 1788. [ref. 2, p. 291]  John and Jane migrated from what was at one time Bedford Co., PA to what is now Carroll Co., KY in 1810. [ref. 33]  They settled one and one-half miles southeast of what is now Carrollton in 1810.  He was a farmer. [ref. 34, p. 783]

       Children of John and Jane Dean

            first son, b. bef. 1800 (son John was “the second son of John and Jane Dean.” [ref. 34, p. 783])

            John Dean, b. 16 Aug 1800 in PA, [ref. 34, p. 783],  d. 10 May 1894 in Carroll Co., KY [ref. 35]

              m. 14 Jun 1833 in Gallatin Co., KY, Susan Sarlls [ref. 36, p. 188] b. 1814 in OH

            Rebecca Dean

              m. 6 Jul 1814 in Gallatin Co., KY, Nathaniel L. Pierce [ref. 37, p. 206]

            Jane Dean

              m. 22 May 1827 in Gallatin Co., KY, Levi Abbett [ref. 36, p. 86]

            Other possible children of John and Jane Dean:

            Patsey/Martha Dean, Robert Dean, and Elijah Dean.

       Compiled marriage records in Gallatin Co., KY 1799-1833 [ref. 36, ref. 37, ref. 38] contain several marriages performed by the Rev. Henry Ogbourn.  His marriage of Rebecca Dean to Nathaniel L. Pierce includes this statement from the bond: “My dau. Rebecca Dean, signed John Dean.”  Ogbourn also married Jane Dean to Levi Abbett, bond by John Dean.  Ogbourn married Patsey Dean to Bland Haydon in 1815.  This record contains no information on Patsey’s father.  Ogbourn married Robert Dean to Jane Montgomery in 1816.  When he married Jesse Haines to Amy Chadwell in 1825, Elijah Dean was a bondsman.  Given that I have not found any credible evidence connecting Patsey Dean, Robert Dean or Elijah Dean to the other Dean families who were in Gallatin Co. at this time, it seems quite possible that these three, in addition to John Dean, Rebecca Dean and Jane Dean, were children of John and Jane (Whitnel) Dean.

       Ref. 17 lists nine children of John and Jane Dean, including a John and a Jane but none of the others above.  A note in ref. 17 indicates that the names of these nine children were based on a 14 Dec 1840 division of the estate of John Dean in Gallatin Co.  There are major problems with this.  One – the John of whom we speak in this section died after Dec 1840.  Two – he died in Carroll Co. which was separate from Gallatin Co. by this time.  Three – there is no record of such division of estate in the Gallatin Co. court records, but there is a record of such a division of the estate of a John Dean on that date in the records of Mercer Co. [ref. 39]  Fourth – these are the names of the nine children of a John Dean who was married to Jane McFatridge and who died in Mercer Co. in 1840 ! [ref. 26]

       The biography of Thomas C. Hayden who was born March 1830 says he was “the youngest of five sons of Bland and Martha (Dean) Hayden, the latter a native of Pennsylvania.”  The biography gives no further information on her family.  Thomas Hayden owned 130 acres on the Kentucky River two miles from Carrollton in 1887. [ref. 34, pp. 813-4]  This location is very near where other members of this Dean family resided.  Patsey Hayden was enumerated in the 1850 census of Carroll Co., KY, age 56 (b. 1793-4), b. PA, head of household, apparently a widow, living with some of her children. [ref. 40, p. 188]


Daniel Dean

       b. 1765 [ref. 17], d. 1827 in prob. (then) Gallatin Co., KY [ref. 41]

         m. 22 Jun 1805 in Franklin Co., KY  Allas Goodwin [ref. 42, p. 225], b. 1780-1 [ref. 40, p. 168], d. abt. 1859

       Daniel’s widow married 18 Sep 1834 in Gallatin Co., KY John L. Coleman [ref. 36, p. 185]

       Children of Daniel and Allas Dean

            Wesley Dean, b. 1809, d. 1872

              m. 1832 in Owen Co., KY,  Isabella Whitaker, b. 1810

       The household of Daniel Dean was enumerated three households from William Dean in Gallatin Co. in 1810.  It consists of one male below the age of 10, one male age 26-44 and one female age 16-25. [ref. 43, p. 199]

       The household of Daniel Dean appears 14 households from William Dean and James Sutterfield in the 1820 census of Port William Township, Gallatin Co., KY.  Daniel’s household consists of one male age 10-15, one male age 19-25, one male age 26-44 and one female age 16-25. [ref. 44]  The male age 19-25 seems out of place, and the age of the female seems too young to be Daniel’s wife.  Still, this probably is the household of the Daniel Dean, the subject of this section.

       If we believe the 1810 census, Daniel was born 1766-84; if we believe the 1820 census he was born 1776-94.  Taken together they give 1776-84.  Given his wife’s birth date and that he didn’t marry until 1805, I believe 1776-84 is much more likely than the 1765 given by ref. 17.  Ref. 17 does not give a source for their 1765 date.

       The will of Daniel Dean was dated 16 May 1824 and filed for probate in Gallatin Co., KY 9 Jul 1827.  The will mentions his wife, Allas, his son, Wesley, and Daniel’s brothers and sisters (unnamed in the will).  It was witnessed by John L. Coleman and James Sutterfield. [ref. 41]

       Alice Coleman age 69 (b. 1780-1), b. VA, apparently a widow, was living in the household of Wesley Dean in the 1850 census of Carroll Co., KY. [ref. 40, p. 168]


William Dean

       b. 1768 in MD, d. 17 Apr 1843 in Carroll Co., KY [ref. 45]

         m. 17 Mar 1796 in Mercer Co., KY  Nancy McLain Kelly b. 14 May 1779 in MD,

                                                                                         d. 8 Mar 1871 in prob. Carroll Co., KY

       William Dean, the subject of this paper, had a son William, Jr. who was old enough to appear in court records in Huntingdon Co., PA in 1792. [ref.  12]  Ref. 17 contains a note that says William was born in Maryland and later moved to Pennsylvania.  Ref. 46 says he was a native of Pennsylvania.  A compiled marriage record indicates that William Dean married Ann Kelly 28 Mar 1796 in Mercer Co., KY. [ref. 27, p. 34]

       There is a biography of Chatz M. Dean, a grandson of the subject of this section, which gives some information on the subject of this section and his family.  Among other things, it says that William was about age 70 when he died (b. abt. 1773).  It says William’s wife, Nancy, died about 1869, age 98 (b. about 1771).  It states: William was reared in his native state whence he migrated to Kentucky in the latter part of the eighteenth or early in the nineteenth century.  (Per ref. 17, he married in 1796 in Mercer Co., KY.)  It says he owned a large tract of land in Harrison Co., KY.  (Per ref. 17 his daughter, Sydney, was born in 1799 in Harrison Co., KY).  It says he migrated to Carroll Co., KY when his son, Chatz (per ref. 17 Chatz was born 1808 in Harrison Co.), was a boy and settled in the vicinity of the present town of Worthville (3½ miles southeast of what is now Carrollton). [ref. 46]  Some of this information conflicts with information from other sources, and when it does I usually favor the other source.

       Children of William and Nancy Dean

            Dicey Dean

              m. 26 Aug 1823 in Gallatin Co., KY, John H. Whitaker b. 24 Apr 1800

              m2. in Harrison Co., KY Almon Lewis

            Jesse Dean

              m. abt. 17 Aug 1824 in Gallatin Co., KY, Elizabeth A. Waller [ref. 38, p. 144]

            Nancy Dean   she drowned when a child (per a note in ref. 17)

            Sydney Dean b. 30 Oct 1799 in Harrison Co., KY, d. 23 Dec 1861 in Carroll Co., KY

              m. 26 Aug 1824 in Harrison Co., KY, Edmund Asbury Whitaker [ref. 34, p. 808]

                                                  b. 14 Jan 1803 in Harrison Co., KY, d. 1 Oct 1847 in Carroll Co., KY

            William P. Dean  b. 20 Jan 1801 in Harrison Co., KY, d. 24 Dec 1880 in Carroll Co., KY

              m. 14 Feb 1839, Judith Tandy [ref. 47], b. 10 Feb 1810, d. 11 Aug 1888 in Carroll Co., KY

                        William P. Dean was the executor of his father’s estate in 1843.

            Chatten Tatman Dean b. 10 Jan 1808 in Harrison Co., KY, d. 12 Sep 1873 in Carroll Co., KY

              m. Susannah Lloyd, b. 6 Dec 1818, d. 23 Sep 1845

              m2. Permelia Tucker [ref. 47] b. 4 Apr 1818 in Bourbon Co., KY, d. 13 Jul 1896 in Carroll Co., KY [ref. 46]

            Mary Ann Dean, b. 1811-2 in KY [ref. 40, p. 167]

              m. 23 Dec 1830 in Gallatin Co., KY Thomas H. Bailey, b. 1802 in DE, d. 1841 [ref. 34, p. 744]

              m2. 1844 in Carroll Co., KY Samuel Goodwin, b. 1808-9 in KY [ref. 40, p. 167]

       The order of the children above does not necessarily reflect their birth dates.  Since I do not have birth years for Dicey, Jesse and Nancy, they are listed first.  Sydney was probably the eldest child.

       Ref. 46 says Nancy Dean was the mother of three sons and four daughters.  This agrees with the above list of children.

       Ref. 17 lists Elijah Dean as the first child of William and Nancy Dean, but I doubt this.  I think he may have been a child of John and Jane (Whitnel) Dean.  (See the section on John Dean, above.)

       The household of William Dean was enumerated three households from Daniel Dean in Gallatin Co. in 1810.  It consists of two males below the age of 10, one male age 10-15, one male age 26-44 and one female in each of the age categories below 10, 10-15, 16-25 and 26-44.  One slave was listed. [ref. 43, p. 199]  This seems to fit what is known about the household of this William Dean except the female age 16-25.  She may have been a domestic helper.

       In 1820 the household of William Dean appears in Gallatin Co., enumerated next to James Sutterfield and 15 households from Daniel Dean.  The household consists of two males age 10-15, two males age 19-25, one male age 45 and above, one female below age 10, two females age 16-25 and one female age 26-44.  Two male slaves age 14-26 were listed. [ref. 44]

       In his 1843 will, William Dean names wife Nancy, daughter Mary Bailey, and son Chatten T. Dean.  He devises money to Dicey Lewis and Jesse Dean but does not call them his children.  He appoints his son William Dean executor.  There is no mention of Sydney in the will. [ref. 45]

       According to a note in ref. 17, William Dean, Jesse Dean, Chatten T. Dean, Dicey Lewis, Sydney Whitaker, Samuel Goodwin and Mary his wife, being heirs of William Dean, were grantors in a 25 Aug 1857 deed.


Eleanor “Nelly” Dean

       b. 7 Jul 1775 in Bedford Co., PA, d. 1850 in Carroll Co., KY

         m. 19 Jun 1798 in Mercer Co., KY Abraham Haines, b. abt 1774 in MD, d. 27 Dec 1841 in Carroll Co., KY

       In a sworn deposition to the application for a widow’s pension by Jane Dean, widow of John Dean (R2800), Eleanor Haines states that she is the sister of the pensioner, John Dean.  The birth date above is based on her age as stated in that deposition. [ref. 33]  She was enumerated in the household of her son, Wesley Haines, in the 1850 census of Carroll Co., KY where her age is given (I think erroneously) as 68 (b. 1781/82).  The census gives her birthplace as Pennsylvania. [ref. 40, p. 160]  Another source gives her birthplace as Bedford Co., PA. [ref. 31]

       Children of Abraham and Eleanor Haines

       Sydney Haines, b. 1798, d. 1849/1878?

         m. Willis Wayland/Weylen

       Garret Haines, b. 13 Sep 1800 in KY, d. 5 Dec 1852 in Spencer Co., IN

         m. Nancy Chadwell

       Jesse Haines, b. 25 May 1802, d. 19 Oct 1880 in prob. Carroll Co., KY

         m. 18 Dec 1825 in Gallatin Co., KY, Amy Chadwell, dau. of John and Pricilla Chadwell [ref. 37, pp. 14, 84]

            Amy’s name was given as Amanda in the record of the birth of their daughter, Lucy, in 1853 [ref. 47]

       Sarah “Sally” Haines, b. 1804, d. 1880 in McDonough Co., IL

         m. Joseph Haines  He was Sarah’s cousin and a son of Joseph Haines of Harrodsburg, KY

       Elsy John Haines, b. 1803/05? in KY, d. 1825 in KY (he never married)

       Frances “Fannie” Haines, b. 1811/12, d. 26 Jun 1879/80 in prob. Carroll Co., KY (she never married)

       Mary Haines

         m. Barzelli Edwards

       Wesley W. Haines, b. 1816-7 in KY [ref. 40, p. 160], d. 1887

         m. 23 Oct 1855 in Trimble Co., KY, Mary Jane Williams

       The marriage date and place for Eleanor Dean and Abraham Haines and all of the information above on their children (except where other citations are given) are based on a family group sheet prepared by Marjorie Yokley. [ref. 31]


Thomas Dean

       b. 18 Jan 1779 in PA, d. 12 Jan 1865 in Woodford Co., KY

         m. 17 Sep 1803, Catherine Moore b. 12 Jan 1785 in VA, d. 26 Jul 1854 in Woodford Co., KY

       Children of Thomas and Catherine Dean

            Fielding Dean, b. 9 Oct 1804

            Martha/Mahala Dean, b. 24 Oct 1806

              m. 15 Jun 1830, Jefferson Nave

            James Dean, b. 24 Nov 1808

              m. Rachel Nave??

            Paulina Dean, b. 11 Jul 1811

              m. James Bifner

              m2. Robert Wright

            Mansfield Dean, b. 18 Nov 1813, d. 30 Apr 1839

            Strother Dean, b. 1 May 1816 in Woodford Co., KY, d. 10 Jan 1890 in Mercer Co., KY

              m. 4 Oct 1865 in Mercer Co., KY  Elizabeth Jones, b. 30 Mar 1846 in Mercer Co., KY,

                                                                                          d. 23 May 1926 in Mercer Co., KY

            Thomas Dean, b. 1 Jan 1819, d. 22 Dec 1903 in Mercer Co., KY

              m. Elizabeth Chapman

       The elder Thomas had a grandson named Thomas Tatman Dean (son of Strother).

       All of the above is from ref. 17 and/or ref. 18.  The above birth dates of Paulina and the younger Thomas conflict strongly with the census data below.

       Thomas Dean appears as the head of household in Woodford Co., KY in the 1820 census. [ref. 48]  The 1850 census of Woodford Co. lists Thomas Dean, age 69 (b. 1780-1), b. PA, wife Catherine, age 65 (b. 1784-5), b. VA and children Thomas, age 24 (b. 1825-6) and Paulina, age 22 (b. 1827-8). [ref. 49]  Thomas Dean appears again in the 1860 census of Woodford Co., KY.  He is age 76 (b. 1783-4), b. PA with only Pauline, age 31 (b. 1828-9), in his household. [ref. 50]

       Thomas was a frequently-used given name among the descendants of Richard Dean


Lucy Dean

       b. 1782-3 in PA [ref. 40, p. 188], d. 21 May 1860 Carroll Co., KY

         m. 15 Aug 1815 in Mercer Co., KY, David Driskell, b. 1780-90 in VA, d. 1846-50 in Carroll Co., KY

            Rev. Richard Shackelford performed the marriage.  Bond by her father, William Dean. [ref. 31]

       Children of David and Lucy Driskell

            Delilah Driskell, b. 1806 in KY

              m.1826 in Gallatin Co., KY, Anderson Goodwin

              m2. 25 Nov 1829, James Butts

            John Wesley Driskell, b. 10 Jan 1811 in Clark Co., KY, d. 12 Feb 1896 in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH

              m. 28 Jul 1835 in Owen Co., KY, Asenith “Senna” Medley, b. 1814-5 in KY

              m2. 1870 in Carroll Co., KY, Susan C. Mills

            Thomas I. Driskell, b. 1818-9 in KY [ref. 40, p. 188], d. 1887 in Carroll Co., KY

              m. 1844 in Jefferson Co., KY  Eleanor “Nelly/Ellen” Boston , b. 1825-6 in KY [ref. 40, p. 188]

            Amanda Driskell, b. 1821 in KY

              m. Harrison Goodwin

            Mary Driskell, b. KY

              m. 9 Mar 1836 in Gallatin Co., KY, James McDaniel

            Emerine Louise Driskell, b. KY

              m. 6 Apr 1846 in Carroll Co., KY, William Anderson

       All of the above information on David and Lucy (Dean) Driskell and their children (except where other citations are given) is from a family group sheet prepared by Frances Aaron. [ref. 51].  She has thoroughly researched both this David Driskell family and the other David Diskell family described in the paragraph below.

       Delilah was born nine years before the marriage of David Driskell and Lucy Dean, and John Wesley was born four and a half years before.  The date of the marriage of David Driskell to Lucy Dean is well documented, and the record of the first marriage of Delilah includes the statement that she is the daughter of David Driskell.  No earlier marriage can be found for either David or Lucy. [ref. 51]  It seems likely to me that Delilah and John W. were David’s children from an earlier marriage.

       Lucy Driskill was enumerated in the 1850 census of Carroll Co., KY, age 67 (b. 1782-3), b. PA, apparently a widow, living by herself in the household sandwiched between John W. Driskill and his wife, Senna, and James Butts and his wife, Delilah. [ref. 40, p. 188]  If the above speculation is correct, John W. and Delilah would have been Lucy’s step-children whom she raised from ages 4½ and 9.

       There was another David Driskell in Gallatin Co., KY at the same time the above David Driskell was there.  These two David Driskell-s are easily confused.  The other David Driskell was born about 1763 in NC, died 1842 in Montgomery Co., IL.  He married Agnes Green in 1783 in Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC and had children named Davis, Timothy, Cynthia, a son for whom we have no given name, Nancy, Sarah and Greenup.  The children were born 1784 to 1810 and two of them were married in Gallatin Co. in 1817 and 1819. [ref. 51]  He applied for a Revolutionary War pension in Nov 1819 in Gallatin Co., KY. [ref. 51], and was enumerated in the 1840 census of pensioners in Carroll Co., KY. [ref. 52, p. 161]  The relationship, if any, between these two David Driskell-s is not known. [ref. 51]

       Lucy’s given name could reflect the name of her mother, if her mother was indeed Lucy Tatman.


Mary “Polly” Dean

       b. 1783-4 in PA [ref. 40, p. 169], d. abt. May 1855 in Carroll Co., KY [ref. 19]

         m. 1801 in Mercer Co., KY, James Sutterfield [ref. 53], d. abt. May 1841 in Carroll Co., KY [ref. 54]

       Children of James and Mary Sutterfield

            Patience Sutterfield, b. 2 Jan 1800 in KY, d. 30 Sep 1840 in Carroll Co., KY [ref. 32]

              m. 12 Jan 1816 in Vevay, Switzerland Co., IN, William Asbury Butts,

                                                b. 17 Dec 1796 in VA [ref. 40, p. 169], d. 7 Dec 1865 in Carroll Co., KY [ref. 32]

            Martha “Patsy” Sutterfield, b. 1812-3 in KY [ref. 40, p. 169]

              m. abt. 1841 in Carroll Co,. KY, John D. Ames, b. 1810-1 in KY [ref. 40, p. 169]

       That the wife of John D. Ames in the 1850 census of Carroll Co., KY is the daughter of Mary Sutterfield is speculation based on the proximity of the family of John D. and Martha Ames to Mary Sutterfield in the 1850 census [ref. 40, p. 169] and the fact that Mary Sutterfield devises to John D. Ames and Patsy Ames in her will. [ref. 19]

       The household of James Sutterfield appears in the 1810 census of Mercer Co., KY with one male age 26-44, one female below the age of 10 and one female age 26-44. [ref. 28, p. 335]  This seems to agree with the ages given above.

       In 1820, the household of James Sutterfield appears in Gallatin Co., enumerated next to William Dean and 14 households from Daniel Dean.  The household consists of one male age 45 and over, one female age 45 and over and one female below the age of 10. [ref. 44]  The enumeration of a female child below the age of 10 in this household adds support to my speculation that Martha was a child of James and Mary.

       One source states: “Mary bought land on the waters of Williams Run and Buffalo Creek from William Dean, her brother, who had come to Gallatin Co., (now Carroll Co.) from Mercer Co., c1800.  Her land was located next to William Butts, whose son William Asbury Butts married her daughter Patience.” [ref. 32]  This source does not indicate the basis for stating that William was Polly’s brother.  It also doesn’t state the date of this land transaction.

       James Sutterfield made a will 2 May 1841 and it was filed with the court in Carroll Co., KY June term 1841.  In it he leaves $100 and some personal property to Martha Dermik [sic – Demint] and appoints his wife, Mary Sutterfield, executrix. [ref. 54]

       Mary Setterfield appears in the 1850 Carroll County, KY census, age 66 (b. 1783-4), b. PA, in the household of Joel R. Butts. [ref. 40, p. 169]

       Mary Sutterfield made a will dated 18 Apr 1855 and it was filed with the Carroll Co. court 4 Jun 1855.  In it she devises all her land to Josiah Butts and Elsey Tatman Butts, “two of my Grand sons.”  She devises money to Samuel Thomson, “a boy that I raised.”  She devises rent from her farm to John D. Ames, and she devises personal property to Patsy Ames, to Polly Ann Ames daughter of John D. Ames, to Huldah Butts, to Martha Butts, and to Susan Butts.  No relationships are stated for these people. [Ref. 19]


Joseph Dean

       b. 1786-7 in PA [ref. 55, p. 259], d. 1860-66 in Mercer Co., KY

         m. 22 Dec 1807 in Mercer Co., KY [ref. 27], Rachel Kinney, b. 1787-8 in VA [ref. 55, p. 259],

                                    d. 22 Jul 1859 in Mercer Co., KY [ref. 56, p. 2]

                                    Per ref. 56, the death date and age on her gravestone indicate she was b. 1789-90

       Joseph Dean was executor of the estate of his father William Dean in 1825.

       Children of Joseph and Rachel Dean

            Elizabeth Dean, b. 1807-8 in KY

              m. Jun 1829 in Mercer Co., KY, Richard Shackelford, b. 1805-6 in KY

            Richard Hayden Dean, b. 1813-14 in KY [ref. 55, p. 295], d. 20 Dec 1866 in Mercer Co., KY

                  When he  died in 1866 he was administrator of his father’s estate.

              m. 1837 in Mercer Co., KY, Nancy M. Kennedy [ref. 53], b. 1825-6 in KY [ref. 55, p. 295]

            Madison Dean, b. 1816-17 in KY [ref. 55, p. 259]

            Mary Ann Dean

              m. 1841 in Mercer Co., KY, William Beatley [ref. 53]

            Lucinda Dean, b. 1829-30 in KY [ref. 55, p. 259]

              m. Thomas Gaines

            Malinda Dean

              m. 1839 in Mercer Co., KY, Sandusky Moore [ref. 53]

            Bell Dean

       The order of Mary, Lucinda, Malinda and Bell reflects the way they were listed in a 3 Jun 1866 petition brought by Nancy M. Dean, widow of Richard H. Dean.

       All of the above on Joseph Dean and his family are from pages 1 through 5 of ref. 56 except where other references are given.

       See the section above on William Dean in Kentucky for information on Joseph in the 1810 and 1820 censuses.  In the 1830 census of Mercer Co., KY, the household of Joseph Dean has one male age 5-9, one male age 10-14, one male age 40-49, one female age 5-9, one female age 10-14, one female age 15-19 an one female age 40-49. [ref. 57]  The Angelina Dean named in the 1825 will of Joseph’s father does not appear to be in this household.  By 1840, the census shows only one male age 50-59, two females age 15-19, and one female age 50-59.  Joseph’s son Madison is enumerated in the adjacent household, one male age 20-29. [ref. 58]  The 1850 census of Mercer Co., KY includes Joseph Dean, age 63 (b. 1786-87), b. PA, his wife, Rachel, age 62 (b. 1787-88), b. VA, and children Madison, age 33, and Lucinda, age 20.  He is enumerated next to the household of a John Deer/Deen, age 43 (b. 1806-07), b. VA, and seven children whom I cannot identify. [ref. 55, p. 259]  Joseph appears again in the 1860 census of Mercer Co, living alone, age 73, unaccountably born in VA. [ref. 59]



       Although the available evidence does not prove beyond some doubt that the William Dean, born about 1730-38, son of Richard Dean, was the William Dean who died leaving a will in Mercer Co., KY in 1825 or that he was the father of the eight children who are listed in the typed pages in possession of Kathryn Salyers, I believe he was!




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L. Dean   6/28/03


Reconstruction of 1790 U.S. census

This census was supposed to reflect each household as it existed on the first Monday in August (August 2), 1790


Recorded households of all Dean-s in Huntingdon County, PA

                                                                              free white males             free white    all other

                                                                              16 and up    under 16      females       free      .    slaves

  1. John Dean in Hopewell Twp. 1                              2                4                3                0              0

  2. William Dean, Hopewell Twp. 1                            2                3                4                0              0

  3. John Dean in Hopewell Twp. 2                              1                0                2                0              0

  4. Alexander Dean in Huntingdon Twp.                     1                1                2                0              1

  5. Abraham Dean in Huntingdon Twp. 3                    1                2                2                0              0

  6. James Dean in Huntingdon Twp. 3                        3                1                4                0              0

  7. John Dean in Huntingdon Twp.                             1                1                2                0              0

  8. Jacob Dean in Shirley Twp.                                 2                2                7                0              0

  9. Shusanah Dean in Shirley Twp.                           2                2                3                0              0

10. John Dean 4                                                       2                2                1                0              0



1. William and this John were enumerated next to each other and near Joseph Norris and others on the Raystown Branch

2. this John was enumerated near Thomas Lucket and others in the Little Trough Creek Valley

3. Abraham and James were enumerated next to each other, probably in the Borough of Huntingdon

4. this John Dean is not shown in the division by townships; he was enumerated near Thomas McCune who was in Frankstown Twp.


What we think we know                                                                          age when 1790 census was taken

William Dean was born about 1730-38                                                     52-60

Lucy Tatman was probably about the same age or a little younger              50+

son John was born 1763 in MD                                                                27

       he m. Jan 1785 in PA Jane Whitnel, b. 1762                                      28

       first son of John and Jane, b. bef. 1800                                             about 5 at most, maybe not born yet

       second son, John, b. 16 Aug 1800                                                   not born yet

       daughters born before 1790                                                               ?

son Daniel was born 1765                                                                       25

       he m. 1805 in KY

son William was born 1768 in MD/PA                                                      22

       he m. 1796 in KY

dau. Eleanor was born 1775 in Bedford Co., PA                                        15

       she m. 1798 in KY

son Thomas was b. Jan 1779 in PA                                                         11

dau. Lucy was b. 1782-3 in PA                                                                7-8

dau. Mary was b. 1783-4 in PA                                                               6-7

son Joseph was b. 1786-7 in PA                                                             3-4


Recorded census of William Dean of Hopewell Twp.       2             3                4                0          0

Reconstructed household of William Dean                     3             2                4                0          0

This reconstruction assumes William’s son John was not in William’s household at the time of the 1790 census.

If Daniel were born after 1775 (see the section on Daniel in the paper), the reconstructed census would exactly match the recorded census.  Several other explanations are possible.  For example, Daniel could have departed the household and a younger son for whom there is no other record could be in the household.


Recorded census of John Dean of Little Trough Cr.         1             0                2                0          0

Reconstructed household of William’s son John             1             0 or 1          1 or more    0          0

These seem to agree.



L. Dean    8/11/03



       The author of ref. 16 says she is not sure, but thinks the father of the eight children listed there was John or maybe William Dean.  But she seems quite certain that the maiden name of the mother of the eight children was Lucy Tatmon.  The author claims that Lucy Tatmon was the sister of Judge Tatmon of Cincinnati.

       The author of ref. 18 says the author thinks that the father of William Penn Dean (who died in Carroll Co., KY in 1843) was John or Job Dean, but says without reservation that the mother’s name was Lucy Tatmen.  This paper contains speculation about how Lucy Tatman might be related to some Tatman-s born about 1755 in Alleghany [sic – Allegany] Co., MD and to a Lucy Tatman born in 1852 in Perry Co., OH.  It also talks about Tatman-s who were in Brown Co., OH and a Joseph Tatman who was a judge in Clark Co., OH.  It says that one Dean descendant “has heard that she was related to Judge Tatman of Ohio.”  There are records of persons surnamed Tatman in Allegany Co., MD; also in Bourbon Co., KY.

       The History of Clark County (Ohio) contains some good information on Judge Joseph Tatman.  He was born in Virginia in 1770, and his wife Rebecca in North Carolina in 1772.  They came to Brown County, Ohio in 1798, and in 1801 to this township (Bethel Twp., Clark Co.).  He was appointed Associate Judge after the county was organized, and held that office several years.  He also represented the county in the legislature of the state.  They had thirteen children whose names and birth dates are given in the book.  He died in 1827, and his wife in 1864.

       There is an on-line genealogy which includes Joseph L. Tatman, born 1770 in VA.  It gives his siblings and parents.  It says his father was Joseph L. Tatman, born 1745 in VA, but does not give the siblings of the elder Joseph.  Since Lucy Tatman would have to have been born before about 1745 to be the mother of the eight children listed in this paper, it would seem plausible that she was an aunt of Judge Joseph Tatman, but not that she was his sister!


L. Dean    6/28/03, rev. 10/29/03


Lands in Pennsylvania, from 1767

       The following is a brief summary of the political subdivisions within which the land on the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River claimed by William Dean about 1766 was located.  Cumberland County was an original Pennsylvania county when it was  formed in 1750 from land purchased from the Indians.  Barree Township, Cumberland County was formed in 1767.  Bedford County was formed from part of Cumberland County in 1771.  Hopewell Township, Bedford County, was from part of Barree Township in 1773.  Huntingdon County was formed from part of Bedford County in 1787.  Penn Township was formed from part of Hopewell Township in 1846.

       The land once owned by William Dean is located on the west bank of the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River in Penn Township, just south of the present Penn-Juniata Township line.  This is about two miles east of the present town of Hesston, PA.

       In the 1970’s the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed the Raystown Dam, and when the reservoir behind it was filled in 1978 the reservoir inundated most of the land once owned by William Dean.  Only the top of a ridge which was part of that land remains above water and there is now a campground on the peninsula formed by the lake.  Several old cemeteries were moved by the Corps of Engineers before the reservoir was filled.  Corps of Engineers’ records show nine graves were removed from the Dean cemetery (also known as the Old Grubb Cemetery) on the property once owned by William Dean.  Those graves include a William Dean (1781-1853) who is thought to be the nephew of the William Dean who is the subject of this paper.  These nine graves were reinterred at the White Church Cemetery near Hesston, Pennsylvania.  An excellent transcription of that cemetery is available on line at  The graves removed from the Dean cemetery are at the very end of the third page of this transcription.

       This paper also mentions land claims originally made by John, Samuel and Thomas Dean in the Little Trough Creek Valley.  These lands are located on or near the Little Trough Creek in Union Township, just north of the present Cass-Union Township line.  This is virtually at the present hamlet of Calvin, PA.



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