Castle Hill


Castle Hill

Also known as No.12 Range 4

The Aroostook River in Castle Hill

List of Early Settlers

1854 Report of the Commissioners

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List of Early Settlers from Land Office Field Notes at Maine State Archives

Location in Maine State Archives:2117-0109 Misc. Box #3 Folder #1 Vol. 7 p. 4 [ town names ] inserted by L.A.

We found only 4 families residing on these townships. Peter Bull in N12 3d Range [Mapleton], William Dalton in N13 of the same range [Washburn], Nathl. Churchill in N12 4th range [Castle Hill], and Daniel Hickey in N12 5th range [Portage]. I understood from Mr. Churchill, that several persons had made a beginning higher up on the river, intending to move their families to this place the present season from Somerset County, and that he, as well as the rest of the settlers were friendly to the survey, and were willing to purchase their land of the State whenever required.     Dec. 1826       (signed)  Joseph Norris   & Joseph C. Norris


Township 12 4th Range    Located in Maine State Archives: 2119-0505 Box 1

It is first rate land watered by the Aroostook river, some pine timber.

Nathl. Churchill has made a Farm. Commenced in the year 1823.




Report of the Commissioners Appointed Under Resolve of April 12, 1854 to Locate grants and determine the extent of Possessory Claims Under the Late Treaty with Great Britain Augusta: Stevens & Blaine, Printers to the State 1855

Location of Report at State of Maine Archives: Land Office Records: Webster-Ashburton Treaty 1 Archival Box 1854 Record Group Location A21R20 4-9 Box Number 1

"We have heard the statements and proofs, and have surveyed land set off by metes and bounds, to the persons whose names are here underwritten, the following described lots having been possessed and improved by them or the persons under them whom they claim, for more than six years before the date of the treaty."

[The Webster-Ashburton Treaty, signed August 9, 1842, the purpose of which was to settle the boundary lines between the United States and Great Britain, in this case, Maine and New Brunswick.]

from page 17:  

"We have examined the claims of persons who claim to be equitably entitled to land under said treaty, by reason of possession and improvement, but whose possession had not been commenced six years before the treaty, and have determined the extent of their several claims.

Many of the settlers, on said lots, have purchased or contracted for the same, since the date of the treaty, and have thereby acquired a title to their land.

Several of these lots are located on townships the title to which is not in the State. The proprietors of said townships are willing to release their title to said lots for a reasonable compensation, or exchange the same for other lands belonging to the State.

In the record hereunto annexed, we have omitted those lots set off by the former Commissioners, under the resolves of 1844, upon the St. John River, which were not improved prior to the date of the treaty."

In Township No. 12, Range 4, page 21

Name Acres Remarks
John Ransdell 200 Occupied by Daniel Chandler
John Brown 100 Improvement on the road West of Chandler's
Robert Milliken 200 Opposite Beaver Brook, including Beaver Island
Patrick Powers 100 Next lot above Milliken's


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