Report by John G. Deane and Edward Kavanagh : following a trip authorized by the state of Maine to make a record of settlement on public lands in the Madawaska territory. 1831
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Exploration of Settlements on the Aroostook River [note: this is only a partial transcript]

No.13, 4th range, which belongs to Maine...............
Saturday, Aug. 13th, 1831. Embarked at six o'clock, a.m. In about thirty rods from where we departed, we saw an house and farm about one mile below. At first we regretted not having discovered it the night before; but after visiting it, we were satisfied with our lot.

JOSEPH ARNOLD began on the lot 7 years ago, and 5 or 6 years ago sold it to John BLACK, the President of the Province of New Brunswick and acting Governor. He has been very extensively concerned in trespasses, which they have committed on the river under the British, and 6 or 7 years ago, was concerned in the cutting of three or four thousand logs or sticks of timber in one year.

JAMES CURRIER and family live on the lot, and moved on two years ago at the request of Mr. Black. Mr. Black claims the lot next above, which was begun on 7 years ago, by Henry BRADLEY. The clearings on both lots join, and contain 40 acres. There is an house and poor barn on the lower lot. There is but one lot between this and the Eastern line of the townships. We crossed into No. 13, 3rd range, which belongs to Massachusetts.

Next, North bank, David FREEMAN, New Brunswick, has entered on the lot and is building an house. This is within a mile of Black's place and adjoining Salmon Brook. Nathaniel CHURCHILLl, who lives below on an Island, began on the place 6 or 7 years ago, and one year ago sold it to Samuel NEVERS, for an old horse. There is an Island in front of this place, which contains about 40 acres.

Next, South bank, William DALTON and family, lives there, by permission in a camp, but have been clearing and preparing to move into No.11, 5th range, which belongs to Massachusetts, near the bank of the Great Machias. John KENDALL began on the place 5 or 6 years ago, and sold it to Abraham HAMMOND, who sold to Story HOOPER. 

Next, S.B., John HICKEY, Irish, began on the place 5 years ago, has an house and barn and 32 acres cleared. He is not married. James RAND and family live in the house with him. RAND has begun on a place below this year and cut down three acres.

Next, S.B., Joshua CHRISTIE, New Brunswick, purchased of William DALTON; has an house and barn and 30 acres cleared. He has a clearing on the North bank of the river, which is in corn, wheat and grass.

Next, William MUMFORD, Nova Scotia, lives on an Island, purchased of Joshua CHRISTIE 2 years ago, who had begun on it 2 years before; has an house and 7 or 9 acres cleared. This Island was overflowed, last spring, in consequence of the jambing of the ice. The water rose to the eaves of the house, and the family were taken from the roof in the morning in canoes. His barn was swept away and his cow with it. In consequence of this misfortune, began, this season, on the South bank of the river, where he intends to build.

There are twelve Islands in this township.

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