Vital Records from Newspapers


Some Vital Records Copied from Newspapers


Fort Fairfield Aurora

(Located at Fort Fairfield Public Library.)

11 Dec 1875
Died in Andover NB Dec. 5, Mr. James FITZHERBERT about 90 years. One of earliest settlers of Fort Fairfield.

25 Dec 1875
Died in Fort Fairfield Nov. 17 Richard GORDON age 76 years 1 month 7 days

8 Jan 1876
Died in Presque Isle Dec. 30 Mr. Lorin WADE age 81 years 9 months.

29 Jan 1876
Died Fort Fairfield Jan. 22 Leonard SPOONER age 76 years. One of earliest Maple Grove settlers.

4 Mar 1876
Died Presque Isle Feb 25 Mary wife of Ephraim CLARK age 65 years.

8 Apr 1876
Died Mapleton Mar 28 Pamelia widow of M. H. STEWART of Castle Hill. Age 67 years 11 months 15 days.

15 Apr 1876
Probate Notice. Minor heirs of William BROWN late of Lyndon: Sophronia M., Phebe J., Mary E., Melinda.J., and Richard BROWN. Regarding Lot #4 in Lyndon in that part formerly Eaton Grant, known as the Elias BROWN farm.

The Loyal Sunrise, Presque Isle, Maine

(Located at Fort Fairfield Public Library.)

5 Aug 1863
Died at Portage Lake July 18 Samuel BROWN age 66 years
Died at Ashland July 14 Samuel FOLSOM age about 70 years
Died at Maysville July 16 Ann daughter of S. HILL age 12 years
Died at Mars Hill July 10 Geo. W. WILSON of Presque Isle age 18 years
Died at Battle of Gettysburg July 1 Iredell LAMSON son of Nathaniel and Martha, age 20 years 3 months.

19 Aug 1863
Married Washburn Alfred C. Bugbee and Mary S. SMITH Aug. 2
Married Letter B R2 27th ult., George A. HAYNES and I. M. HAMMOND
Died Westfield Saturday last Edwin son of Thomas G. and Philena COBURN age 6 years 4 m
Died This town May 6 Lorana age 9 years
Died This town May 9 Elvira age 8 years
Died This town May 18 Serena age 2 years 6 months
Died This town July 26 Susan age 9 months
Children of James and Mary Ann THORNCRAFT

9 Sep 1863
Married This town, 30th Ult. Chas. F. BRYANT and Maria B. SMITH
Died Limestone Plt. 27th Ult. LaFOREST Julian son of Simeon B.and Susan FOLSOM. Age 1 year 10 months 19 days.

23 Sep 1863
Died Maysville 16th inst. Julia A. CHASE wife of W. H. CHASE age 27
Died T14 R4 Sep 12 Enoch Augustus son of Hartson and Cynthia BLACKSTONE age 6 years. (Farmington papers please copy).
Died Lyndon Robert VANCE CoA 74th Maine age about 22

30 Sep 1863 
Married Mapleton Sep 24 S. McPHETERS of No.14 R4 to Isabel daughter of Rev. Wm. BELMAIN of Mapleton

7 Oct 1863 
Married in Tobique, NB Oct 2 Elliott KING and Nancy GALAGHER, both this town
Died Sept. 0th (sic) Hattie Persis child of Wm. H. and Persis HARMON age 1 year 5 months

4 Nov 1863
Died Oct 14 Mr. Jacob MAIN age 54 years. One of the early settlers of this town, came 1840, moved (?) to Chicago.

25 Nov 1863
Died in Plymouth Grant Nov 18 Wm. BISHOP age 68 years.

9 Dec 1863
Died in Maysville Sunday last Hiram B. HAM age about 47

13 Jan 1864
Died Fort Fairfield Monday last Daniel G. PALMER age about 60

27 Jan 1864
Died Washburn Sunday last S. S. BUGBEE age about 56

2 Mar 1864
Died Washburn Nov 27 Wm. PHINNEY age 63 years

27 Apr 1864 
Died Maysville Mar 26 Nancy wife of Reuben STUBBS age 71 years (Portland papers please copy)

28 Sep 1864
Died Maysville Saturday last Ernest child of Solomon PYLE age 10 years 3 months, 3rd of that family to died within few days of diptheria.

26 Oct 1864
Died Mapleton Tuesday last Beriah CLOUGH formerly of Garland age about  57 years
Died Maysville Monday last Catherine wife of John E. BUZZELL age 75  years 23 days

23 Nov 1864 
Died Lyndon Friday last Harriet wife of John HALL age 63 years

30 Nov 1864
Died Fort Fairfield Friday last William JOHNSON age 73 one of first  settlers Aroostook County.

14 Dec 1864
Married Forestville Nov 14 Charles L. HARMON and Sarah A. MORSE.

18 Jan 1865
Died Fort Fairfield Reuben LYON Jan. 5 age 63

25 Jan 1865 
Probate Notice Olive Jane COCHRAN, wife of Alexander COCHRAN, deceased. Died 6 Nov 1864. Probate Court Houlton 3rd Tues Jan 1865

26 Jul 1865
Probate Notice James C. RAFFORD late of Maysville

15 Nov 1865 
Died Ashland Warren RUSSELL formerly of Bucksport age 66 years


Presque Isle Sunrise

(Located at Fort Fairfield Public Library.)

29 Apr 1876
Died Maysville Apr 22 Henry D. PARSONS age about 50 years

15 Mar 1876
Died Fort Fairfield Mar 9 Mr. Edward DORSEY age 53 years


Aroostook Valley Sunrise

(Located at Fort Fairfield Public Library.)

4 July 1877
Died Limestone June 27 Frederick BOLSTRIDGE age 62 formerly of Fort Fairfield

12 Sep 1877
Married Aug 31 Solomon HUNTER and Nancy HAMILTON both of Grand Falls, NB


Aroostook Republican, Caribou, Maine

(George WHITNECK (1899-1966) indexed the Aroostook Republican from 1887 to 1949. The following information is taken from his index, which is housed at the Caribou Public Library. The newspapers are on microfilm and can also be viewed at the Library.)


Died Aug 19 Mrs. Rebecca WHITTIER

Married Oct 24 Patrick KELLEY of Eagle Lake, Wisconsin and Miss Minnie KELLEY of Caribou

Died Nov 3 Haskell FARNHAM age 60; survived by Mrs. William IRELAND

Died Dec 8 Washburn Robert WILDER age 85 years. Born 1 Jul 1802; married Hannah CUSHINGS of Pembroke, ME 15 Nov 1825. 5 children: Benjamin, Robert, Mrs. C.O. STODDARD, Mrs. James HOLMES, Mrs. William UMPHREY


Died Tues before Jan 25 Mrs. Louisa RUNNELS of this village, age 70.

Died Feb 10 Patrick KELLEY, Sr. age 86.

Died Feb 29 Eugene F. ELLINGWOOD. Leaves widow and two daughters.

Died Apr 12 Caribou Hazen KEECH age 83 years 8 months.

Died Apr 25 Washburn Luch H. STORY widow of R. K. STORY age 83 years. Son Aaron died during war in 1863. Surviving children, Mrs. Lewis LEARNED, Mrs. Samuel BROWN, Mrs. Boardin BLACKSTONE, Mrs. Wm. EVERETT, James STORY

Died Tuesday before July 18 Mrs. Patrick KELLEY of Eagle River, Wisconsin, Was here to visit her father Wm. KELLEY. Age 19

Married Sep 19 Caribou Israel BUBAR and Abbie LANGLEY.

Married Nov 3 in Caribou Rufus R. SANDS and Naomi BUBAR of Caribou.

Died Dec 19, by measles, only daughter of Abner BUBAR, age 4 years 4 months


Died Tuesday before Jan 30 Mrs. Dorcas V. ADAMS.

Died Monday before Mar 27 Warren HUBBARD 70 years

Died Jul 13 Mr. Benjamin BRIGGS at residence of daughter Mrs. Salmon JONES. Born 1800 in Turner, was 89 years old.

Died before Sep 4 Jonathan HOPKINSON age 87, one of early settlers of Fort Fairfield

Died Friday before Sep 4 Ephraim ROLLIN, age 89.

Died week before 1 Jan 1890 in Mapleton, Chas. R. POWERS, age 78. Formerly of Hodgdon.


Died Sunday before Jan 15 in Stevensville, a son of Richard HARMON, of typhoid. Others in family are sick with it.

Died Friday before Feb 12 Mrs. Rose KELLEY wife of William KELLEY, age 38 years. Leaves husband and 5 children, youngest 1 week.

Died Mar 28 at California Settlement David O. PARKS age 80 years 3 months. He was born Wakefield, Carleton Co., NB, CAN in 1809.

Married before Apr 23 in Fort Fairfield Geo. W. PARKS and Jennie WEAVER.

Birthday May 3 A.W. HALL's grandmother Mrs. Mary TODD will be 87 years.

Died May 18 Salmon JONES; born in Turner son of Stephen JONES. Leaves son Horace E. JONES and orphaned niece Maud HAYWOOD.

Died Jul 21 Washburn, Samuel S. BROWN age 68 years; born Fairfax, VT.

Died July 23 in Caribou, Mrs. Lucinda SUGRUE wife of Jmes SUGRUE. Age 32 years.

Married Jul 26 Israel DEAN and Mrs. Priscilla AMSDEN, both of Fort Fairfield.

Died Sep 21 at Lynn Mass David Weston ADAMS. Son of David F. ADAMS, survived by wife and son Charles.

Died Thursday before Oct 15 in Mapleton, Ari THOMPSON. Age about 70 years.

Died Sunday before Oct 15 Mrs. Sylvia BROWN mother of Mrs. Augustus HINES, Washburn. Age 85 years.

Died Oct. 19 Mrs. Zelpha (HALL) BROWN at the home of her daughter Mrs. Mary HINES of Washburn. Age 86 years.

Died Nov 7 Mrs. Mary Ann TODD at residence of son Howard P. TODD. Born Augusta, married Albert TODD.

Died Caribou Dec 21 Betsy, wife of Amos CROCKETT, age 73


Died Thursday before Mar 4 James H. BECKWITH of Fort Fairfield. Age 79 years.

Died before Apr 1 Jacob HARDISON. He was born in Winslow in 1825, married Adeline SMILEY.

Died Caribou July 21 Elizabeth WORK, age 75 years.

Died Friday before Sep 16 George O. FIELDS, one of oldest settlers in Green Ridge. He was 23 years old on 20 Dec 1861 when he enlisted in Civil War.

Died Saturday before Sep 9 in Mapleton, A. H. THOMPSON, age 78. One of pioneer settlers there.

Died Friday before Nov 4 in Fort Fairfield, Mrs. Hannah BURPEE wife of late Joseph BURPEE. Age 83 years. Interment Waterville, NB.


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