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Welcome to the La Marca genealogy page! Should there be a connection, I would be delighted to exchange GEDCOMs (a genealogical database file that is readable by nearly all genealogy programs). Other researchers will be interested to learn that my GEDCOM file will contain the extensive source notes that I am not able to publish here.

Please note that all of the genealogical information published on these pages has been copyrighted. I have spent many years (since 1985) collecting data and, as a result, the use of this information by commercial organizations and other for-profit purposes is strictly forbidden without my express written permission. As genealogical must be shared with others, permission is granted to individuals and non-profit genealogical organizations to further their own research.

Finally, the bulk of my research, including extensive documentation, has been published (and copyrighted) in Window to the Past--Door to the Future: A Glimpse at an American Genealogy. All serious inquires for further information may be sent to: [email protected]. Thank you for your understanding!

Gateway to my Genealogy

Index of Surnames I am researching.
Index of Persons in my database: Angelina(?) (_______) to Earl David BUCHANAN
Index of Persons in my database: Earl David BUCHANAN to Daisy HAWLEY
Index of Persons in my database: George HAWLEY to Infant MESSINA
Index of Persons in my database: Jennie MESSINA to WISEHART
The La Marca Directory - E-mail addresses of family members on the Internet!
Visit my Sicilian Connection - for information on my paternal ancestral homelands!
Visit with my family.



Resources for the Genealogist

In addition to my genealogy, I am providing links to resources on the Internet that I believe will assist others interested in exploring their family histories. These include:

USGenWeb Project - This project has become a major resource for genealogists!
General Resources for the genealogist,
Genealogy Software that I have found useful,
Home Pages of other genealogists on the 'net,
Sicilian/Italian genealogical resources, and
Useless (but Fun) Web Sites for the genealogist!

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The USGenWeb Project

Genealogists will certainly want to check out this resource on the Internet. This project, which began in June 1996 is a major resource for the genealogy researcher. At this time, USGenWeb includes the following:

The Erie County USGenWeb - Seeking information on ancestors from Erie County, Pennsylvania? If so, this is the place to be!
The GenDex Index - Are you looking for one of your ancestors? Check out this outstanding resource for genealogical information. The index was created by Gene Stark (refer to GED2HTML listed below) and has the potential to become an enormous database for all to share their information. Currently, over 1.5 million individuals are listed and the number is growing daily! The data posted at this site has been indexed by GenDex.
The Online Genealogical Database Index - This page, by Tim Doyle, refers to the same database mentioned above and also provides information on the growing number of individuals who are submitting their information to the GenDex Index. Another excellent resource.
The USGenWeb Project New.gif - The USGenWeb Project, begun in June 1996, is attempting to list sources of information for, and serve as a significant resource on, EVERY COUNTY in the United States. Clearly, this has a tremendous potential to become an outstanding resource for the genealogist!
The USGenWeb Archive - The USGenWeb Archive, begun July 1996, will serve as a location for volunteers to post transcripts of public records, such as birth, cemetery, death, marriage, vital records, wills, etc.
The World GebWeb Project - The World GenWeb Project, also begun in June 1996, promises to become another major source of genealogical information!

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General Resources for the Genealogist

Everton's Guide to Genealogy on the Web - Commercial site but has many interesting places to visit.
Genealogical Journeys In Time - A massive site with many, many resources provided.
The Genealogy Home Page - Valuable links to many other genealogy related pages.
Library of Congress - Main Page.
Library of Congress - Genealogy Section (This is a gopher site.)
The Obituary Page - Yes, people are just dyin' for this one!
RAND Genealogy Club Home Page - Contains Roots-L Surname Index. Good source for finding others that are researching your surnames.
Silicon Valley PAF User's Group - An excellent source of information for those who use Personal Ancestral File - the software program that set most of the standards used today.

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 Genealogy Software

The GED2HTML - This shareware program, by Gene Stark, is a must for anyone wishing to post their genealogical data on the Internet. It will create HTML files (from a GEDCOM file that may be created with any reputable genealogy database program) with a minimal amount of effort and will also create a special index that may be used to add your data to the GENWEB Index.

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Personal Home Pages of Other Genealogists on the 'Net

Arduini and Pizzo, An Italian Genealogy - Check this one out! Probably the BEST Italian genealogy page on the 'net. This one was created by Frank Arduini, one of my oldest known cyber-buddies (who might also be a cousin)! Be sure to check out the COOL photo (you might recognize the photographer) from one of his ancestral homes - Villa Priolo, Provincia di Enna, Sicilia.
Spence "Sacco" Burton's Home Page - Be sure to check out Spence's fabulous home page! He too has many delightful treats for the Italian genealogist!
Jerry Dellasala 's Home Page - Provides several good sources for those interested in Italian genealogy!

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Sicilian (and Italian) Genealogical Resources

The Italian Genealogy Home Page - Great resource!

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Useless (but Fun) Sites for the Genealogist!

La Marca Wine - (Unfortunately, the link for La Marca wine no longer works (UGH!) - and I have been unable to locate another source for the FABULOUS stuff! PLEASE contact me if you know of a link! I had a chance to visit the winery (Ordezo, Italy) during the summer of 1995. While this fine wine is named after the local region (no family connections) of the vineyards, you've got to admit, with a name like that, it has to be a GREAT vintage!

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