Lambing Family Genealogy

Lambing Family Genealogy

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    This page is to make available records for use by family members and other researchers who have an interest in them.  These records are a result of many years of research, by various family members, who I wish to give thanks to, for making them available, and it is hope by posting them on the internet that they may prove to be useful to other researchers.  The following links consist of the actually records, and family histories, the records are consider to be in the public domain which means there are no copyright laws that apply to them, so feel free to download or print them and make use of them.  This is not an attempt to tie all of the branches, but to help, make available family histories, and share information.
        Most of the information below pertain to information about the descendants of Christopher Lambing, who cam to America sometime before 1766.   I  believe although I am unable to confirm, that this Christopher Lambing was born May 17, 1733, in Erfweiler Saarland Germany, right on the border of Alsace, France and was the son of Christopher Lambing and Anna Catherine Ackerman, (please click here to view German Records donated by Waltraund (Lambeng) Jesel, these records are in German, except for the letter on the first page) , however this is an assumption, due to the fact Christopher Lambing's oldest son Peter, married into a family who live in the same place in Germany before coming to America, but this is not conclusive, it is still only speculation.

Available Records

The above information is from research done by Christine Adams, in the Bucks County Pennsylvania Courthouse.  Many thanks to Christine Adams
Please try the above link, to search the Lambing Family Tree in France.  This family tree is the is the result of ongoing research by Bernadette Heringer, of departement de la Moselle, France.  Please contact Bernadette Heringer, if you wish to share information on the French family tree.