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Here is Pat and John -- Wedding Photos -- Many Moons Ago.

April 1975

WalkWed2Walker Wedding

 April, 1975

  • John's  Ship--All aboard.....

  • There have been many changes in our they are...

  •  Cardinals Baseball Game, St Louis, Missouri--1994

    WALKER Farm Happenings..
    . From a Bird's Eye View. 1997


    Notice above the Windmill is Missing--Why?            See this:  

    This is actually a tornado we encountered on I-29, July 1994, but we also had a "tornado" in June, 1993
    that took out our windmill, outhouses, and big cottonwood trees, but left our tractor, power lines,
    propane tank, gasoline tank, house and buildings untouched
    !  Believe, me there IS a God.

    But Nature is forgiving and, in South Dakota, never boring....

    Pathway of Wild Flowers 1999
    Sky on Fire 1999

    A Wintry Day after Snowstorm of Veteran's Day 1998

    Hope you enjoy sharing our interests!