1927 Bridgewater Railway News

Tuesday, June 7, 1927, Bridgewater Bulletin
from the Railway Column

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Engineer P. W. Langille relieved Engineer George Bent,
on No. 573-574 trains on Wednesday and Thursday.
Conductor A. B. Mailman was on No. 85 and 85 between Bridgewater and Yarmouth Monday
in place of Conductor Dick Grimm.
Brakeman H. C. Kelly is now running on the way-freight
between Bridgewater and Rockingham
vice brakeman Corning, who is yardsman at Bridgewater.

Roadmaster F. Pippy was in Bridgewater Tuesday on railway business.
Locomotive Foreman J. G. A. Brignell went to Halifax Wednesday on railway business.
Brakeman Chester Baker is now assigned to Nos 575-576, running between Yarmouth and Shelburne.

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This article appeared in the Tuesday, June 7, 1927, Bridgewater Bulletin.

Courtesy of George Newbury.

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