1934 Lloyd Langille - Oratorical Honors
Lloyd Langille - Grade 9 -
Honors in Oratorical Contest 1934

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Tuesday, April 10, 1934 ~ The Bridgewater Bulletin


LUNENBURG, April 7 - Four selected students of grades 9, 10, 11 and 12
of the Lunenburg high school delivered their orations at the annual oratorical contest
held in the assembly hall on Friday evening,
with the resultant victory of grades 9 and 11 over grades 10 and 12
in the interesting competion which took place before a capacity audience.
Mayor A. W. Schwartz, presided;
the Board of Trade being represented by its president, W. T. Powers,
who presented the shields to the winning grades.
These had been donated by the body Mr Powers, represents.
The judges were Rev W. E. Ryder, H. R. Arenburg, C. J. Morrow, P. J. McLachlan,
Homer Zwicker and Douglas Adams.
Vocal selections by Miss Gertrude Anderson and
by a group of male singers directed by Mrs B. G. Oxner,
interspersed the address.
The pupils of grades 9 and 11 who won the coveted honors
for their classes for the next years are:
Grade 9 - Miss Sylvie Whynacht, Miss Ena Fraser, Lloyd Langille, Lloyd Crouse.
Grade 11 - Miss Dorothy Kemp, Miss Marion Geldert, Burton Shaffieburg, Frank Whynacht.

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