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1933 Confirmation of
Marguerite Langille

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Tuesday, April 11, 1933 The Bridgewater Bulletin
St. Paul's Lutheran Church

Before a large and appreciative congregation 18 persons were received
into full membership of St. Paul's morning services.
The the hymn, "Savior Like A Shepperd Lead Us,"
the pastor led the catechumens in procession to the front of the church.
The service followed, the pastor preaching from the text
Math, 21:5, "Behold Thy King Cometh Unto Thee,"
and used as his theme Brightening the Shadow of the Cross,
showing how by confessing Christ as their Savior
they were lessening the burden of Calvary.
After the prayer the following were received into the congregation.
By letter of transfer: Mr Freeman Feener from Lunenburg,
Mrs Wm. Rhodenizer from Lapland,
Mrs Noble Selig from Pleasant River,
Mrs Lydia Ramey from Camperdown.
By Adult Baptism: Miss Doria Croft.
By Confirmation: Margaret Conrad, Olive Copeland, Harold Demone,
Marguerite Langille, Mrs Stella Lohnes, William Kelley, Goldie Kelley,
Audrey Kelley, Verna Nauss, Marie Nauss, Dana Sarty, Marion Wile, Reta
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