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A History and Genealogy
of the South Shore Langilles of Nova Scotia
by Stewart C. Langille
Published by:
H & B Langille's Print Ltd.
178 Logan Rd., Bridgewater
Nova Scotia B4V 2W9
Telephone: (902) 543-3216

Sometimes this book is available through Amazon
- subject to availability though.

The North Shore Langilles of Nova Scotia
by Gerald E. Byers
Reprinted by: Petheric Press Ltd.Halifax (1977)
Originally published in: Nova Scotia Historical Quarterly,
Vol. 7, Number 3, 1977 Book # 41

Available from:
Schooner Books Ltd.
5378 Inglis St., Halifax,NS, Canada B3H 1J5
Phone 902-423-8419 / Fax 902-423-8419
Email: [email protected]

Guarding the Goldfields
The Story of the Yukon Field Force
Introduced and Edited by Brereton Greenhous
Published by: Dundurn Press, 1987
1558 Queen St. East, Toronto, Ontario M4L 1E8
ISBN # 1-55002-028-5

At the back of this book is a write up on Robert "Bob" Langille -
interesting read!

Scoundrels, Dreamers & Second Sons
British Remittance men in the Canadian West
by Mark Zuehlke

Brief mention of a Mr. Langill a Presbyterian Minister
from the Vernon area of British Columbia.
It is also interesting reading if you are looking for information
on remittance men.

River John: It's Pastors & People

by G. Lawson Gordon, 1911

Price: This book is available by downloading
for free from the Pictou County GenWeb

The Shepherds of Markland
by Scott Winston Teal

Published in 1991.
I have this book and have used it in my research.
It is not without errors on some of the family lines.
Even so, it is worthwhile to have it as a jumping off point
in your research. The author was young when he wrote it,
and it shows in some of the exclamation marks he uses to emphasize points.
Amazon doesn't always have it in stock.
The Shepherds of Markland Cover 
by Kate Johnson

Published August 20, 1951 by Mrs. K. Johnson, Nakusp, B.C.
For the 1892-1952 Nakusp Diamond Jubliee
Two Langilles are mentioned in this book.
A Joshua Langille who was a pioneer lumberman from Nova Scotia,
and a Tracey Langille who was "stable boss of tramway horses".
This book would long be out of print.
I borrowed a copy of it from the Prince George (BC) library.

The story of the three and four-masted cargo schooners of Atlantic Canada 1859-1929
by John P. Parker, M.B.E., Master Mariner
Published 1960, Second Printing 1961
Hazell, Watson & Viney Lts., Aylesbury and Slough (Great Britain)
There are 2 references to a Langille and a C.C. Langill in this book.

Under "Schooners launched from other Yards, 1880-90", there is this passage:
"In 1882 a small tern, the Leo of 123 tons net, was launched by Langille of Mahone Bay.
This vessel had many owners during her forty years' career and latterly was registered at Charlottetown, P.E.I."

Under "The 1903 Schooners"
J.W. Cochrane also built the Hartney W.
of 271 tons net for Captain W.E. Wasson.
This vessel had a long life and several owners, including C.C. Langill,
J.G. Cochrane and J.E. George.
For a period of time she appears to have had French owners
but retained her Canadian registry.
She was broken up on the beach at Parrsboro in 1903."

I suspect this book is out of print -
I borrowed it from the Prince George (BC) library.
Descendants of William Aitchison
of Scotland & Nova Scotia, Canada
Allied families Bell, Bowron, Byers, Clark, Cooper, Edwards, Kennedy, Langille....
I can't tell you anything about this book - I have not seen it yet ~ but am hoping!
Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867
Volumes I and II
by Leonard H. Smith Jr. & Norma H. Smith

I have this set of books - lovely hardcovers.
The information is very limited for each entry,
but does list the head of the household
and which ship they arrived on.