Langill Deed
Langill Release of Mortgage
William Langill to James Langill
August 20th, 1859

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Release Mortgage
William Langill to James Langill
Registered August 20th, 1859 at 12 o'clock noon
on the oath of James Langill

Know all men by these presents that I, William Langill, of River John, in the County of Pictou, the mortgagee named in the foregoing mortgage hereto annexed for and in consideration of the full amount of principal and interest monies due thereon to be paid by James Langill of the same place, the mortgage therein named the receipt whereby is acknowledged. Have granted, bargained, sold, released and reconveyed and by these presents do grant, sell, release and reconvey unto the said James Langill, his heirs and assigns all and singular the land and premises with the appurtenances mentioned and described to the said mortgage which has been recorded in the Registry Office for the County of Pictou in Liber 29, Folio 733 and all right, title, claim and demand in, to and upon the same and the said mortgage and all securities connected therewith. To have and to hold the same unto him the said James Langill, his heirs and assigns forever.

Witness my hand and seal this 23rd day of April AD 1855.

K. MacLean
William Langille
James Langill

Source: LDS film #0578985, vol. 46, pg. 174

Transcribed by Lynda Minarzick
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