Langill Deed
Langille Release of Mortgage
John Duffin to David Langille
October 11, 1847

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John Duffin to David Langille, Registered 11 October 1847, at 2 o'clock p.m. on the certificate of James Skinner J.P. pursuant to law

To all persons whom these presents shall come, I John Duffin of Halifax, Merchant, send greetings. Whereas by a certain Deed of Indenture bearing the date the sixth day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty two, and made between David Langille Junior, or Miller's son, of River John, Yeoman, on the one part, and Henry Hatton of Pictou, Merchant, on the other part. The said David Langille granted and conveyed in Mortgage to the said Henry Hatton, his Heirs, and Assigns all that certain lot piece or parcel of land, situate lying and being in the county of Pictou, abutted, bounded as follows:

Beginning at the river, forty five degrees, thirty two chains and fifteen links courses north west, thence south seventy seven chains and twenty links to David Perins lot, thence running east sixteen chains and forty three links, thence running to George Langille's corner, to the place of beginning. Containing 100 acres, more or less, which lot of land and Indenture of Mortgage was by Deed bearing the date the thirteenth day of January, 1845 by the said Henry Hatton, assigned and conveyed to me as a reference of this said Indenture of Mortgage and deed of Assignment thereof will more fully appear.

And Whereas also in Her Majesty's Supreme Court helden at Pictou on the forth of October A.D.1846, I the said John Duffin renounced judgment against the said David Langille for the sum of twenty five pounds damages for the balance of debt due on the said Mortgage and Promissory note therein referred to, also for the sum of five pounds fifteen shillings and eight pence costs of suit, and did also promise the clerk of the said court to foreclose said mortgage and sell the lands hereby mentioned to satisfy said judgment. And whereas the said David Langill Hath paid to me the sum of thirty pounds fifteen shillings and eight pence being the full amount of said judgment for debt or damages or costs.

Now know ye that for the consideration money paid as aforesaid, I the said John Duffin have granted, remised, released, assigned conveyed and confirmed and by these presents doth grant remise, release, assign,convey and confirm unto the said David Langille, his Heirs and Assigns the said lot of land so mortgaged and therein before described together with all the intention and all matters, agreements and covenants therein contained.

To have and to hold the said lot of land and premises to him, the said David Langille, his Heirs and Assigns and I hereby for the consideration aforesaid remise, release acquit and discharge to the said David Langille the said judgment and all the debt due, claims and demands pertaining there from.

As Witness, my hand and seal at Pictou, this twenty seventh day of July, in the year of the Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty seven.

John Duffin

In the Presence of:

John McKinlay

John McKinlay of Pictou, in the County of Pictou, Barrister at Law, maketh oath and saith that he was a subscribing witness to the foregoing deed and saw the same duly signed and delivered by John Duffin, whoms hand and seal are thereto affixed and set

John McKinlay

Sworn before me at Pictou
11 Oct. 1847
James Skinner J.P.

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