Deed 1874
John M. Kinlay to John Langille
August 22nd, 1854

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John M Kinlay to John Langille
Registered 22nd August, 1854 at 4 o'clock p.m.
on the certificate of William James Anderson, J.P.

This Indenture made the twenty-first day of August in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-four between John M Kinlay of Pictou, in the County of Pictou, Esquire, of the one part and John Langille (George's son) of River John in the county aforesaid, Yeoman, of the other part.

Witnesseth that the said John M Kinlay for and in consideration of the sum of forty-five pounds of lawful money of Nova Scotia to him in hand paid by the said John Langille at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, enfeoffed, released and confirmed and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, release, and confirmed (by way of conveyance and not for covenant of title as against the claim of the widow of William Langille hereinafter named for Dower or otherwise). unto the said John Langel, his heirs and assigns, all the estate, rightful title, interest, property, claim and demands which William Langille, late of the Tatamagouche Road in the county aforesaid deceased had at the time of his death of, in, to and upon all that lot of land in which the said William Langille resided at his death situate on the south side of the Tatamagouche Road in the County of Pictou bounded on the west by lands belonging to the heirs of Peter Matatall and lands granted to Lewis Tatterie on the south by lands granted to John Wilson on the east by lands of Alexander Langill, Lewis' son and on the north by Tatamagouche Road containing sixty-eight and three quarters acres, more or less, with the appurtenances being the same lot of lands, more particularly described by metes? And bounds in a written appraisement of the same made by Kenneth McLean, Esquire and John Gould, Surveyor, and filed in the Office of the Registrar of Probate at Pictou and being the same lot of land also described in the Deed of Conveyance thereof made by Lewis Langille and Margaret Langille, his wife to the said William Langille bearing date the ninth day of May in the year of our Lord 1840 together with all the houses, buildings, ways, waters, watercourses, privileges and appurtenances to the said lot of land belonging and all the estate, right, title, interest, claim, property and demands whatsoever of him the said John M Kinlay which he now hath, ever had or can have in, to and upon the same to have and to hold the said land and premises with the appurtenances unto him the said John Langill, his heirs and assigns forever.

In witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto their hands and seals subscribed and set the day and year first above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of George Millar John M Kinlay

Received on day of date of foregoing Deed from John Langille, forty-five pounds full consideration.
George Millar John M Kinlay

County of Pictou
George Millar, of Pictou, in the County of Pictou, Gentleman, maketh oat and saith that he is a subscribing witness to the foregoing deed and did see the same duly executed by John McKinlay, therein named.

Sworn before me at Pictou in the County of Pictou this 22nd August A.D. 1854, which I certify William James Anderson, J.P.

Source: FHL film 578982, vol. 39, p. 498
Transcribed by Lynda Minarzick
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