Langill Deed
Ephraim Langill to Phebe Langill
June 26, 1847

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Ephraim Langill and wife to Phebe Langill and others.
Registered 26 June 1847 at 11 o'clock A.M.
on the certificate of Alex. McKenzie J.P. Pursuant to Law.

Know all men by these presents that we Ephraim Langill of River John in
the County of Pictou, Yeoman, and Elizabeth Langill, daughter of the late
Joseph Langill of River John aforesaid, deceased, and wife of the said Ephraim Langill,
for consideration of the sum of Two Shillings of lawful money of Nova Scotia
to us in hand, paid by Phebe Langill, Widow of the said Joseph Langill,
Catherine Langill, John Langill, Phebe Langill, David Langill, Joseph Langill,
and Solomon Langill, children of the said Joseph Langill, deceased.
The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged.
Have granted, bargained, sold, aliened, remised, released and quitted claim,
and by these presents Do grant, bargain, sell, alien, remise, release and quit claim
unto the said Phebe, Catherine, John, Phebe, David, Joseph, and Solomon,
their heirs and assigns, all the right, title, interest, property claim and demand of,
into and upon all the real Estate belonging to the said Joseph Langill, deceased,
at the time of his death, according to an agreement and Plan of Division
of the said real Estate by and between the said Widow and Children of the
said Joseph Langill deceased, bearing date the nineteenth day of May, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty five.

To have and to hold the same to the said Phebe the widow,
Catherine, John, Phebe, David, Joseph and Solomon,
the children aforesaid, their heirs and assigns, forever,
according to the said agreement and Division and plan thereto annexed.

In witness whereof, we have hereto our hands and seals subscribed and
set the second day of April, one thousand eight hundred and forty five.

Ephraim Langill
(X her mark) Elizabeth Langill

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of:
William Langill
George Smith

On this second day of April, in the year of our Lord
one thousand eight hundred and forty five,
before me,the subscriber, one of Her Majesty's Justice of the Peace
for the County of Pictou,
duly appointed and committed to do execute and perform all note
matters and things which the Judges of the late Superior Court of Common Plans
were confirmed to do out of Court.
Personally appeared Elizabeth Langill, party to the foregoing deed and
wife of Ephraim Langill, also party thereto, who being by me examined
separate and apart from the said husband acknowledged that the said deed
was by her signed and duly executed for the purposes therein contained,
freely and voluntarily and without any forcement and compulsion from her said husband.

George Smith J.P.

I do certify that William Langill,
one of the subscribing witnesses to the within Instrument
came personally before me and made oath that he was present at and
witnessed the execution of the same by the parties whose names and seals are
subscribed and annexed thereto.

River John 25th June 1847
Alexander McKenzie J.P.
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