Langill Release of Mortgage 1836
John McKinlay to John Langille
January 17th, 1836

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Release of mortgage of John McKinlay to John Langille
Registered 17th January 1836 at 12 o'clock on the oath of Elijah Langille

Know all men that I, John McKinlay of Pictou, Esquire,
in consideration of twenty-two pounds to me paid
by John Langille, George's son, of River John,
hereby acknowledge, have, remised, released, acquitted and discharged and do hereby remise, release, acquit and discharge to the said John Langill, his heirs and assigns the within written mortgage and all moneys, claims and demands due and secured thereby and all lieu right estate and claim which by virtue of said mortgage I have or could have unto and upon the lands described in the written mortgage registed at Pictou Liber 39 folio 506 which Registry I direct to be marked discharged and canceled by this release given under my hand and seal this seventeenth day of January A.D.1836

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of
Elijah Langille

John McKinlay
Transcribed by Linda Minarzick
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