Langill Judgement
George Smith vs. Benjamin Langill
March 9, 1844

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George Smith against Benjamin Langill.
Registered March 9th, 1844 at 11 o'clock a.m.
on the certificate of James Skinner, Deputy Proy.
Pictou, N.S.
In the Supreme Court
October forth, 1843
Fogo Plffs. Atty

Cause George Smith Plaintiff against Benjamin Langill Defen

Confession by plea on Indebitatus Assumpsit between the said George Smith and the said Benjamin Langill as well for the sum of twenty five pounds damages and costs of suit. Therefore it is considered that the said George Smith do recover against the said Benjamin Langill his damages aforesaid of Twenty pounds, and also the sum of five pounds, eleven shillings and two pence for his costs of suit, amounting in the whole 25 pounds, 11 shillings and 2 pence and the said Benjamin Langill in mercy be.

(Signed) Brenton Halliburton
Feb.19th, 1844

I James Skinner, Deputy Prothonatry of Her Majesty's Supreme Court of Judication for the County of Pictou, in the Province of Nova Scotia, do hereby certify unto all whom it doth or may concern, that the foregoing is a true and correct extract and copy of the original docket and judgment in the cause of George Smith against Benjamin Langill entered upon the Docket Book of Judgments of Her Majesty's Supreme Court at Pictou in the Province aforesaid Letter 6 Page 231 which Judgment was duly entered, Docketed and signed by the Honorable Brenton Halliburton, the chief Justice of said Supreme Court on the nineteenth day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty four, for the sum of thirty pounds thirteen shillings and seven pence. Debt and cost of suit as of the forth of October in the year last aforesaid. Given under my hand and the seal of the said Supreme Court at Pictou this forth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty four.

James Skinner Deputy Proy.

Source: FHL film # 578976, page 211
Transcribed by Bob Langill
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