1871 Judgement Henry vs. Langill
Langill-Langille Deeds
David Langill to Charles McLennan
October 25, 1877

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John Henry versus William G. Langill
Registered 3 p.m., 21 June, 1871
on the certificate of D. Matheson, Proy.

Entered in the Supreme Court - June Term - 1871
John Henry Plaintiff
William G. Langill Defendant

Judgment interest in the above cause for the Plaintiff for the sum of twenty-four dollars and cents debt and two dollars and eighty cents costs of suit amounting in all to twenty-six dollars and eighty cents.
David Matheson, Proy.

I, David Matheson, Prothonotory of H.M. Supreme Court of Judication for the County of Pictou, in Province of Nova Scotia, do certify that the foregoing is a true abstract of the original Docket of Judgment in the cause of John Henry against William G. Langill of River John in the County of Pictou, Farmer, interest upon the Docket of Judgments of said Court at Pictou, Book 14, Page 12 which judgment was duly signed by me as Prothonotary of said Court on the twentieth day of June A.D. 1871 for the sum of twenty-six dollars and eighty cents. Debt and cost of suit.

Given under the seal of said Court at Pictou this twenty-first day of
A.D. 1871.
David Matheson

LDS film # 0579181, vol. 61, pg. 439
Transcribed by Lynda Minarzick
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