Ethel Marie
Ethel Marie Langille &
sisters Vera, Maybelle & Stella

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Ethel Marie @40 yrs.
Ethel Marie Langille at 40 years of age.
Follow this link to view Ethel & Harley Dickie's Marriage Certificate

L-R, Robert Dickie (son of Ethel Marie),
Jack Clay & wife Vera Langille, Maybelle Langille & husband Ted Ford

Stella LangilleStella Langille

The sisters are daughters of:
Gordon Langille 1854-c1942 & Christine (nee Langille) 1864-1941.

Follow this link to see photos of the
Gravestones of Ethel Marie & Harley Dickie in Puritan Lawn Cemetery

sisters Mabel & Vera's gravestones in Beechwood Cemetery.

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These photos are courtesy of Bob & Robert Dickie.

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